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Funny… Just Funny lol

(reminds me of the time I showed up in school with Hi-Tech boots)

(don’t remember Hi-Tech? they were popular for one year in NYC)


(seen this first on


Why Wait Till 2015 For The McFly’s? Just Build It Yourself

(or you can just buy it from this dude)

(and no the auto laces don’t work lol)

Why Is This So Popular On My Blog? Sneaker Night – Vanessa Hudgens

(wow… and what the hell is One True Media???)

Anyway, starting sometime next month (depending on my workload with school, work and a few things I am doing that is related to self education on my own), I will start dedicating one post (or maybe 2-3 depending on what I can find that works) on Music. I will call it Music Mondays. The videos, links and so forth will be either old school stuff or totally sneaker or shoe related videos (or somehow relating to sneakers or shoes).

So who is going to be fly’er than the rest of them? Vanessa step your game up girl!

There Was A Music Group Called SneakerPimps???? LMAO

(why wasn’t I made aware of this?)

SneakGeekZ Done It Again!!! Video of the Air Yeezy and Raging Bull Pack

(ok, now its just getting a little scary… how does he do it?)

(and I still don’t like the Air Yeezy colorway)

SneakGeekZ got the video of the Air Yeezy. if you want to see what the limited sneaker looks like in 3D (sort of 3D lol more angles than a picture) then you gotta watch the vid. Plus a little sneaker peak at the Air Jordan V’ Raging Bull Pack.

I swear this is just getting too serious right now. By 2011 then sneaker game would have taken over the planet. Now if we can only get stuff like this for shoes and we would be straight lol

SneakGeekZ Done It Again: Air Jordan 2009 S23

(lol not sure why he did this from his car)

(and man those eggplant Penny One’s look fresh)

(…and yes, the Air Jordan 2009 is still on my Save-A-Sneaker program)

Lebron + 60 Minutes = An Hour Of Must See TV

(I’ll be at work – probably – at that time so i am setting the DVR for this)

HD Nike sneaker commercial featuring Jim Larer

(those sneakers at the end should look familiar… right?)

Color Change Puma???? When did This come Out?

(while I am no crazy about the particular colorway, the idea is fresh)

The video was done in 2007 so I will have to do a search and see what the deal is…

This might be one of those Diggin In The Sneaker Crates posts… stay tuned

Its Not What You Think… I Am just Buffing My…

(ladies, please keep in mind that we do this from time to time)

PUMA Introduces The L.I.F.T. Sneaker

(need a l.i.f.t.?)

Don’t exactly get what Puma is trying to achieve here… flexibility maybe? Fun? Dancing? People somehow sliding across the stage (aka life)? Nice. Well, IF YOU BELIEVE THE NEXT COMMERCIAL, of which I don’t… for now… then I guess Lift will be the lightest thing you ever put on your foot.

(I need someone to confirm this one lol)

LOL This Is Pretty Good: Riley Lets Them Know

(oh this is real nice indeed)

(LMAO @ broken ankle/leg… Kobe better wear more socks to protect  himself)

OMG!!! Old Skoooool LA Gear Commercial

(man I thought I was watching Saved By Bell for a second there)

(damn, Footlocker and Macy*s was all on LA Gear’s jock back then weren’t they lol)

New Balance Commercial – Cotton Candy

(interesting… never saw it on tv but it looks good)

adidas Originals House Party – Full Length

(looks like fun)

NBA Starting To Promote The Playoffs

Who will take over the finals? I am guessing Dwayne Wade

NBA All Time Buzzer Beaters… As Selected By The NBA

(woweee that some good stuff… I think I see Jordan in there somewhere)

Stunt Dunk Goes Wrong For NBA

It would seem that he is ok according to what I read here but it still looks painful.

A Future Possibility Wish – Air Jordan “Flu”: The Legendary Flu Game

Since MJ is planning on trying to release more retro packs based off of some history of his play including the 60+ points pack, it makes me wonder, why not release something based off of a game that shows just how hard he worked to get what he got… not to mention the risk he took playing with the flu… should be inspiring.

How many of us give up when we are hurting instead of playing (working) through the pain? Through the drama? It’s a judgment call for sure because he certainly put himself at risk of death playing at that level… but it should make all of us think; what makes a champion? What is the DNA of a winner?

You can not make this up. What makes you a champion? My personal belief, its not the wins that count, it’s all the times you fall (aka FAIL) and get up to try again. Jordan didn’t get to where he is because it came easy. An Air Jordan “Flu” would most certainly show what makes a champion.

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Video: Banned Skechers commercial from Israel – Clothing

Why would you have a sub teen  or pre-18 year old doing all that suductive looking stuff? crazy. Apparently Skechers has lost there got-damn minds… and speaking of Sketcher, I saw a commercial that has these girls sneakers in them and they look awefully ALLOT like Pastry’s Cookie sneaker… talk about stealing a look.

Video: Space Jam/Quad City DJs

SPACE JAM!!!! Space Jam/Quad City DJs

(as seen on BlackBook Mag)

Video: Air Jordan I commercial – Banned

Doesn’t that bring back memories? Well, doesn’t it? Do you think Air Jordan should bring back the AJ1’s that ORIGINALLY released way back when (no patent leather please, spank you very much). I know he said (or some people in his team said) that there will be no more retros for a while (although they seem to be breaking that rule already… mad AJ1’s releasing this year in crazy colorways much like the Air Force One of many years past) but I would love to get a true Old Love Pack out to the masses.

I call it the TRUE Old Love Pack (with original colorways from the original release).

Video: Air Jordan I commercial – Christmas


Video: Air Jordan 11 “Concord” Commercial

If only the Concords were released for the countdown pack that released this December ’08 (more on the recap of that later… it was crazy cause everybody got a story). Anyway, take a look at what could have been.