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Even TechCrunch (a technology blog) Loves Vibram Five Finger Shoes

Vibram FiveFingers Flow

(well, I first seen it on TechCrunch but its really on CrunchGear…. big difference lol)

And how did such a post do on a technology and gadget blog? It did very well (191 comments so far) and it spurred a second post as well on running later on here. I almost think that the one person I saw wearing them after the post was made was wearing them because of the post on CrunchGear… but I didn’t get a chance to ask him so I will never know.

I guess I gota make a list of these new wave footwear that has been coming out as of late. Between MBT, Skechers (and their MTB look alike), and Vibram “feet you wear… literally” sneakers, it looks like technology for the feet is still moving forward.

I know I am going to give that Vibram a shot. $70+ dollars seems a little expensive for something that you just want to try out, but I will give them a shot and report back.

(remember we weren’t born with shoes… its true lol)

(don’t expect me to do any of that type of testing though)

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On Sale: Nike Lunarlite Trainer Plus+ on EASTBAY

Nike Lunarlite Trainer + - Men's

(I bet this is one smooth runner)

Nice. I need to give these a try. Details below:

The Lunar Lite Trainer+ running shoe features the Nike Free last that provides anatomical fit. Breathable mesh upper, padded tongue offers additional comfort. Reinforced lateral metatarsal area. Lunar Lite foam (blend of unique elastomer with modified synthetic rubber compound) is very cushioned, yet incredibly lightweight. Injected unisole carrier construction sets the Lunar Lite foam under additional tension providing responsive ride and additional stability. Geometry and placement of outsole lugs adds mechanical cushioning properties. BRS 1000™ rubber in high abrasion areas. Wt. 8.8 oz.

Bananas…. but on a size 12 foot, this thing must look like a boat.

Kelly Rowland In Nike Commercial For Human Race

I love me some Kelly Rowland. I am sure if we were to meet, that she would fall in love with me… in fact all the DC women would fall for my incredible charm and poise.

So anyway, here is Kelly doing her thing for the Human Race, something Nike thought up to promote health and well being… and to push its Nike Plus product of which I actually would like to try. I’m not sure if there is a fit here, but I was too busy watching Kelly to notice. First seen on the.LIFE Files


You won’t see this commercial in the US. it would seem to be a Europe exclusive lol

On Sale: adidas Men’s Mega Spectrum Running Shoe on Finishline

a wild look for running in… for $109.99 (not bad)

Wow, I like this… but not for just chillin in spank you very much, but to run in? Yes I would run in these. The Magabounces I have now work very well so far. I mean I haven’t ran  in them too long or too often, but they feel great. I am mad that I haven’t really done anything in them but i think that will change in the next couple of weeks.

I think this is for the serious runner (jogging) or someone who is interested in comfort while running or going for long walks. I think the price is good and there is no way that if you run during the twilight hours that a car won’t see you cause these things reflect.