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Diggin in the Sneaker Crates: Diesel Don’t Make Running Sneakers


(wow, really?)

This actually happened… it was over 5 years ago but it still happened. Deal with it.

As seen first on Ad Rant


DAMN those Reverse Denim Bespokes is nice!!!

(totally worth the time and bucks to make it)

Its got style, its smooth, not too flashy but will easily be notice. That is what I like about good design. These are the best  pair of Bespokes I have seen in a while.

And there is a video too???

Oh and did anybody notice those “Air 2 The Throne” boxes in the back? Hmmmmm….



Hey what’s this? Nike Air Max 97 and Kobe Mamba Fusion?

(looks interesting)

Copper Penny… SneakGeekz done it again

(I love the concept… not sure about the look)

That copper Penny foamposite is going to be one hot ass sneaker when it releases. I expect khaki sales to run a muck when these come out… I mean what else will go with them? Expect some famous person to wear them try to teach people how to do it (or how not to do it… depending on the outfit).

Whatever… these are collectibles for sure. Maybe you can frame them when your not wearing them (by the way, did I tell you guys that I am going to make a frame for my Air Yeezy’s I won from Nicekicks?)

Thanks to Sneak Geeks.comfor the video

Infrared Vs. Varsity Red = Which Is The True Classic AJ6

Air Jordan 6 Black Varsity Red  Retro

And just when you thought you could shout to the heavens above that the Air Jordan VI in the Bulls colorway was going to be released, they give us shocking news: the AJ VI will not be infrared but varsity red.

“So what?”,  says some… “dude, what the hell?”, says others… Make no mistake though, according to those who have picked up the pair of kicks early, varsity red is brighter than infrared.

Expect a full report on what was said by the sneakernets, any videos,  and lots of opinions and pics when the sneaker is about to release.

There is a video out from SneakGeekz so take a look

“Compulsive Sneaker Disorder” persists in NY despite crisis

wow… Russia wants to know what makes a sneakerhead purchase in a recession

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3468865&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Somebody tell them that sneakerheads are natural leaders and that’s why they do what they do. Sneakerheads will find a way!

How to walk during in high heels – Fashion Week

[-so how do you walk in those heels ladies?-]

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3468724&w=425&h=350&]

Russian model Anastassia Khokissova runs an online high-heel ‘boot camp’ for fellow models to help them look elegant when walking down fashion week catwalks.

Here is a video (amongst many) on how to walk in those high heels. I have seen some women walk in heels and wondered why wear them and end up walking like something is wrong with your legs? And ladies, they do the how to walk down  the stairs bit too.

You may want to also check out High Heel boot camp where things get… interesting…

Its Football Season Again…. time for some Under Armour

(ahhh… me thinks its time to start looking at football cleats)

So Just What Would A Jordan Sneaker From adidas Look Like?

(I think this would be an interesting contest… yes?)

I would love to know what a adidad version of the Air Jordan (well, I guess it wouldn’t be “Air”… maybe “bounce” or something) would look like. The Shoe Game posted the video first and the comments on the video is crazy, but the one thing really left out was what WOULD it really look like.

So I was thinking of doing some of my own doodles and come up with a adidas line for Micheal Jordan…. but then I was thinking why not also ask the Shoe Game communitty to come up with some concepts? Heck, why not also ask some of those artists at the Kicks On Fire community and maybe NikeTalk  too and see what they come up with.

So I am going to ask, and then post it. I  guess people can vote on which adidas Jordan is the best or most likely to have happened. Until then, enjoy your holiday weekend! I am sure most of the sneakernets and the shoelovers are away for the weekend so it will be a slow weekend, but take heart because Tuesday is when it all starts all over again!

Space Jam Air Jordan 11 VIDEO by SneakGeekZ

(freaking WOW dude… lol at SneakGeekZ for the sniff test comment)

Oh man these things look freakin fantastic. The video got everything including a mini review of the sneaker and some comparisons to the older Space Jams and other Air Jordan 11’s. Just watch!

Space Jams Releasing… in December?

You know I just love reading comments and seeing videos from people who love (or no love) what they get. Nightwing2303 gave us a look at a pair of sneakers he purchased from VMV Inc online. It is a good video of the sneaker if you wanted even more views of them.

Nightwing2303 did a follow up comment on The Shoe Game:

Sorry about my lack of enthusiasm lol! That is what I sound like when I am excited… Im just real laid back. If I saw MJ himself in the flesh, on the inside I would be acting like an Nsync fan who just had Timberlake’s sweat drip on their shirt but on the outside I stay fairly reserved. I was excited however but also slightly disappointed the more I had inspected them. There are quite a few things that didnt sit right with me, the warped ankle area was just the most obvious. There were glue marks on the patent area, the leather on the heal had been put on a little sloppy AND the side panel of one of the shoes already had a fat crease on the patent leather?!?! How do you crease the SIDE of the damn shoe? Anyways, I am happy I got them since I had spent all my hard earned savings for the concords back in ‘01 (I was in high school so I was broke) so I missed the Jams… and I still “miss” them now like someone else said on here, they arent really space jam XIs they are retro XIs in a black varsity royal and white makeup. But F-it I just love shoes.

So that’s that.

I was going to get 2 pair of these Space Jams but I agree that quality is down with JB. Now its true that not every sneaker is going to be made perfectly (they must make thousands of these so a pair or 2 will  be messed up), I do think there is a consistent quality (or lack thereof) that has been going on with Jordans (retros specifically).

Space Jams releasing in December?

I hoe to see a confirmation of this. Otherwise I think they are coming out on Black Friday in November. But Nike has surprised us in the past (black on black Half Cent Penny’s anyone?) so i guess its a wait and see.

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LeBron Does An Interview With The Life Files… and yes, theLBJ VII sneakers were mentioned

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3243638&w=425&h=350&fv=]

more about “the.LIFE Files Talks Nike Sneakers, J…“, posted with vodpod

(and this)

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3243468&w=425&h=350&fv=]

So the new LeBrons have released and the world tour begins. Now an interview with young upstart lifestyle web blog The.LIFE Files. What next? parnerships with Nike, Coke? And you see how he is talking about his brand, not him making deals directly with these company. Very interesting.

Nike Air Max LeBron VII 7

(best colorway so far… I swear lol)

I give LeBron credit for this. I was not feeling how he behaved at the end of the finals but he seems to have a good head on his shoulders and I guess that was just a slip in behavior for someone who likes to win (who doesn’t like to win? lol its what you do when you lose that makes you a champion… at least thatt’s what I tell the kids). I look forward to the next season.

That Lebron first Nike contract money…
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Cole Haan Air Infinity from The Shoe Review

Cole Haan Air Infinity Oxford

(this is getting more interesting)

If you want to get them, you can. Its on Zappos for $128.15 and they have a few colorways.

Video is from ShoeVideoReview

SneakGeekZ Got A New Video: Nike SC Trainer Bo Jackson OG Colorway

(and it has a little hybrid Penny action in their too)

One Womans Shoe Collection

(did you catch all the names and stores?)

Sales, whats comfortable and lots of store name drops. I am sure most ladies already know this, but hey I figured I post it anyway. Was looking for video and opinions on Cole Haan shoes. I was told by one person on Twitter than they are quite comfortable so it may be an option for those women who are tired of the hard shoe heel  feel.

Video by blackrraine


If you have a video of your shoe or sneaker collection, add a link here and I will be sure to pick the best and post it online. when you make the video try to also put as much info as possible in the Youtube info area.

In the future there will be contests so get your shoe game (and sneaker game) on!

As The Rips Turn: Shape Ups Shoes From Skechers – Fitness Footwear

I swear they say “buttocks” like 10+ times

Women's Shape Ups - Jump Start From Skechers

(and the video is a must watch… BUTTOCKS!!!)

Skechers has a new fitness sneaker that looks allot like MBT walking shoes (that cost more). So far I ave not seen anything that says that Skechers has bought a license to use the technology or that they created it on their own so I have to say that Skechers is continuing to do the rip jobs that they are more and more seem to be known for (remember those kicks that are for young girls that look strangely like Pastry sneakers? hmmmm…)

I don’t mind copying as it is sort of a way of saying someone is doing a good job and it so good that I want to copy it, but how many times are you going to do it?

I will be going further into this and may even get someone to help right up a review on which one is better… but in the mean time, you have to watch the video on the sneaker that Skechers made:


Hybrid Penny Half Cent Black and Green… And other sneakers including OG AJ6 Infrared

(SneekGeekz is a beast… but dude, where is the website?)

(like I should talk lol, still working on mine)

SneakGeekz has done it again. this time coming out with the video of not only the black and green half cent Penny’s, but also showing off the Hyperdunk Player Exclusives, the Air Jordan IV (6) Infrared – not the Varsity Red – and all 3 Air Yeezy’s. The video has some sound issues, but lets face it, your looking for pics of sneakers, not sound lol

Oh and he also gives a shout out to one of the places he shops for kicks so listen for that too.

Gatorade x Lots of Sneakers = Perfect Commercial

(yes the ladies look great… but THE SNEAKERS, look at the sneakers)

(I think I have a problem lol)

Straight from

It’s been a while since I’ve seen anything from The Niceguys, so it’s nice to know that they’ll be dropping new music in the upcoming future. In the meanwhile, enjoy this Gatorade-sponsored event known as the Tipping Point in Houston.

I swear, you got to be everywhere now-a-days to see all the stuff that is coming out when it comes to sneakers. Its like if it aint a new video, its a new feature, sneaker line, technology or something. something is on sale somewhere, and there is always some new sneaker or shoe that is coming out that no one is paying attention to until it comes out… hiw do you keep upp with all this stuff? lol

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Footlocker Europe Promoting Sneaker Violence???

(there not even Jordans lol)

You can scuff my Tim’s and my Nikes, but you better not step on my Mikes… all jokes aside, stepping on someones feet is a touchy subject. Its like the wild west and you drop you hat and someone steps on it.

If someone steps on your brand new kicks by accident, be an adult and forget about it. But what if it is done on purpose?… Well, violence is not the way, but I am sure some yelling may incur.

So is this video too much? Over the top?

New Nike Air Trainer I

(was that Bo Jackson in the video???)

Vid is just one of the videos posted on HighSnob’s YouTube channel. Details below:

Get a detailed look at the latest from Nike – the Nike Trainer 1. The Nike Trainer 1 looks back at the original Air Trainer and creates even more ways to give the athlete the ultimate training advantages. Dynamic and innovative, the Nike Trainer 1 was designed to provide todays athletes with lightweight comfort and support as they prepare for competition.

Its nice to see what went behind making the next generation kicks. Nothing like seeing a sneaker sliced in half to see how it is put together.

I tried to do that when I was younger… Mom did not approve lol

S & S Sports EXTRA – Micheal Jordan Cries, Freshmen Step Up, And Superman Has A Baby

Look what happened by the time some of us went to bed 9or was still at work):

Freshman steps in, Mizzou beats Marquette 83-79 (with video!!!)

The Missouri freshman was brilliant through all of it—and never more clutch than when he came off the bench to “pinch shoot” for the injured J.T. Tiller with 5.5 seconds left Sunday.

English made both free throws to give the Tigers the go-ahead points in an 83-79 victory over Marquette.

Yes, folks, this is how stars are born in the NCAA tournament.

“He was sitting there auditioning for it,” Missouri coach Mike Anderson said. “Kim, he just gave me that look, and sometimes you just have that feeling and he went up and shot the ball well.”

Source: via Yahoo Sports

Griffin show storms into Sweet 16 (also WITH VIDEO lol)

Late in Saturday’s game, as Oklahoma’s Blake Griffin stepped to the free-throw line, a heckler began taunting the nation’s best player.

“Hey Griffin!” the fan said. “Guess what! You’re not Superman!”

Zack Novak may have a different opinion. He, after all, was the Michigan player who Griffin soared over for a posterizing dunk that’s sure to be replayed thousands of times on YouTube, “SportsCenter” – and in Novak’s nightmares.

“Honestly, I’m kind of numb to that stuff now,” said Taylor Griffin, Blake’s brother and teammate. “That’s just what he does. It’s always something big. It can’t just be a normal dunk. He has to bring the house down.”

The Sprint Center crowd went bananas when Griffin flexed his muscles after the slam – and things really got loud about 10 minutes later, when the final horn sounded in Oklahoma’s 73-63 victory.

Source: via Yahoo Sports

And yes, this is another video that you must watch. Man these play offs this year just seems to be the best in the lst few years to me for some reason. could be wrong though…

Jordan’s son wins state championship

And finally and probably will be the most talked about story on the sneaker blogs, Micheal Jordan’s son (and team of course) wins the state championship. I guess his sneaker credit just went up.

The Nike Vandal High Michigan-72

(looks like a sneaker got hurt in the fight)

One sneaker harmed, no shoes hurt… those Wolverine sneakers that are suppossed to come out later this year will feel the pinch. No doubt it would have had more value if the Wolverines went all the way or close to it.

NIKEiD, The NCAA Jerseys, and The Hyperdunks

Oh man, Nike is taking the NCAA custom look for the colleges to an extreme. Jersey’s, Hyperdunks, and NIKEiD that match and a video to help you figure out just how cool you WOULDN’T be if you don’t get this stuff.

Imagine having all three and stepping out on the streets or on the court… bananas

Oh No He Didn’t!!! Patrick Ewing Makes A Commercial

So what is Partick wearing on his feet? I couldn’t tell.

They look nice though… as first seen on Dime Magazine

I Guess This Should Be A Twitter Post: Karl Malone On Hanitty

(a video tat has NOTHING to do with what I’m saying lol)

No pictures (GASP) of Karl Malone sneakers or anything like that. I just want to point out that Karl Malone is on Hannity, a show on Fox.  And just like he played, he is makings his presence known.

I was thinking of adding this to S&S Sports Sunday but I figured I post it now. By the way, yes I have a twitter account for Sneakers and Shoes for those posts that are just too short to put here but still important non-the-less.