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Sooooo Where Is It: Air Jordan 14.5 Not Seen On Jordan’s 2009 Release Schedule

From sneakerfiles and kenlu - Air Jordan 14.5 Renders

(as seen back in 2007 on

So far I have not heard to much about thiscool looking sneaker that I thought would have been released already (guess I was wrong lol). I haven’t searched the forums and sneaker sites about it yet but from what I have seen so far from the Fab Four (of sneaker sites), I have heard no mention of them.

Anyway, I know this is like the second or third time I been wondering about this sneaker, but I really want it. At least from what I can see so far, it looks pretty cool.



When Will The Nike Air Yeezy Release???

(from and some other sources… as you can see lol)

So far I have not read when they will come out. I have been getting well over 100 hits a day on this subject and at many times its has been the most popular subject being searched for… so when they coming out? I know somebody has to know.

This is a sneaker that I was totally LOL when I first heard about it. Another rapper trying to do what Jay-Z did with those classic S. Carters from Reebok that sold out in days (and no one since has really matched that appeal), but I have grown to love (and sort of hate) these sneakers. I know one thing: I will be getting a pair, no question about that.

If you wanna see what the sneaker blogs are saying about this, then see what I consider the Fab Four of Sneaker Sites are saying about the sneaker.


(lots of info and pictures)


(even more info and pictures including the sneaker breakdown)


The Shoe

(these guys are really into Jordans and SB’s and anything sneaker including Yeezy’s)



(where to go for anything sneaker and maybe you can catch a Yeezy or 2)


Yup, this is is the year of Yeezy (LMAO at the name for the sneaker… that is still funny to me). I do wonder how much they will cost? There will obviously be multiple colorways so there will be choices available in case the first colorway that comes out isn’t a favorite of yours.

From Nicekicks: Virtual Mo Gets Political… sort of… With Sneakers: Mo-Boma + MoCain

Oh you have the read the info on these sneakers. And just when you think you can’t take “no mo”, he hits you with the other side of things:

LOL @ Mo Cain!!! And the idea to put Mc Cain on “old people shoes” because that is a shoe of his time is just funny (and cool at the same time). If you are wondering who the maker of this shoe is, let me make you feel oh so much better: San Antonio Shoes (made in America)

And you know Nader has to get in the mix and Virtual Mo put him on some green clogs by Birkenstock (I guess its hard to get the word Mo in Nader…  MoNader?) . I’mma gonna let you be surprised and just let you click the link to see that one.

All made by Virtual Mo and are “one off pairs” which means no one else has them and they are not released for public consumption. None of the shoes mentioned or the companies named endorsed making these footwear items and are a artist creation of Virtual Mo (read that on Nicekicks…. I didn’t think they were but I guess you gotta add this type of stuff)

On Sale: Vandal Hi Supreme… the furry like ones

Looks like the Sesame Street Cookie Monster got to these. I know I seen these on one of the Fab Four sneakers sites I always visit, but I don’t remember where. Anyway, limited sizes left on Eastbay for $89.99

Sneakerhead Raps Air Jordan… and Sneaker Blogs Listen

I’m back!!! And look at all the stuff I missed!

This video has been everywhere, including on the sites I consider the Fab Four of sneaker sites (if you aint going to Sneakerfiles, Sneakernews, The Shoe Game or Nicekicks, then you are mis-informed on whats happening on kicks… heck, I might make it The Furious Five but I’m still checking out one of the sites to add to the list of coolest sneaker sites), and this video gets allot of love in the comments (except for… I don’t know why but people don’t comment too much on Sneakernews).

As a person who is just getting into being a sneaker collector and wanting the latest and greatest to add to my collection, I learned a few things from this video rap. I don’t pretend to know everything about sneaker culture (even though I am still going to be opinionated so deal with it lol) but I do want to learn more (and I have a long way to go). I hope more people get creative and school us newbies.

First seen from The Shoe

Pretty Cool: Nike SB x Concepts Lobster Dunks Release… for the rest of us lol

Well, you won’t be able to get what you see in the picture up there, but if you still would like to try to get the Lobster’s, get more info on The Shoe about it.

I don’t know if you still get that rubber crab thing at the toe. Oh and if you like this, wait for the Space Tiger Dunks… whatever that is. As seen on The Shoe Game and (2 of the Fab Four of sneaker sites)