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Olympics T-Shirts: 2008 Basketball Tees

I would like to go back-to-school with this! lol

This t-shirt looks AWESOME!!! I may even buy a couple of them even though I still feel that t-shirts should only cost 15 or 20 bucks, not 30 to 70 dollars, but it looks good enough to pay the amount they want. $39.99 and it won’t be available until the Olympics is over/almost over (08/22/08)

3 different styles available. And you may wanna look at this too. Nice.


You Like The Puma Bode (Like I Do), Then Maybe You Like This…

Man, I gotta put Karmaloop on my list of sites to visit. They got all the cool stuff. While I am not sure if I would go for the bright yellow with starts look myself, it does match the sneakers.

So if you want the t-shirt, go and get it. If you want the sneakers, go and get it (4 different flavors).

I Love NY T-shirts Are Back

I don’t know if it will be as popular as last year, but they are back. I have already seen the t-shirt many times since June. I am thinking that the people who bough probably like 5 different colors of the t-shirt don’t want to just not wear them anymore, so they are putting them on faithfully much like last year.

If you want to be slightly different, you can get a t-shirt designed by Irak (yes, this is a interesting name for any company lol). Their t-shirt (well, its not a t-shirt… its along sleeve t-shirt) looks pretty good and will match any sneaker/shoe you decide to go out in (because its black).

Lots of sizes left, most likely because it costs 45 Dollars. As seen on

If you want more I Love NY but slightly different t-shirt then check this out here.

By the way, I like Karmaloops models. They actually look like they wear what they are modeling in.

I NEED This T-Shirt Right NOW: Capital Brand “Ba Dunk A Dunks” Shirt

I don’t know how/when I am going to get this t-shirt, but I am going to get it and I will wear it proudly (even though it may not be considered grown and sexy). I must have it!!! These are the same guys who gave us the Nike Head t-shirts.

Available at Karmaloop. As seen on

In Fashion News: Would You Buy A 20 Dollar White Tee?

Lot29, a clothing company of which I believe is related to Warner brothers in some way, thinks so. Just add a little just above the heart and BAM!!! 20 Dollars. At least it is safe for the environment. No problem making it or throwing it away.

Luckily, this shirt is on sale… well its actually a SUPER SALE where the shirt now is $3.99. Comes in other colors too.

On Sale on Finsihline: Jordan Men’s Sneakerhead Tee

Jordan Men’s Sneakerhead Tee for $32.00

With all the Jordan’s coming out today May 24 2008, I figured that you may want to look at this t-shirt specifically made for those sneakerheads who stand on line for those kicks and who always know when something comes out WAY before the public does.

Here’s a t-shirt for us! Do you recognize all the Jordans on the shirt? lol