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More Olympic Sneakers: Reebok Omni Pump Olympics “Yao Ming”

Ummmm… these just look crazy. I don’t have any words for this look. I certinly did not see this at the Olympics 2008 and if I am not mistaken, Yao Ming was wearing the Nike Hyperdunk… not sure about that.

More info at HighSnob.


Olympic Sneakers And Shoes: UPDATE – What Usain Bolt Wears – Fastest Man Alive

The Puma Men’s Complete Theseus II Croc $99.99

(I don’t think that this is the sneaker This is not the sneaker because I think the shoe is all gold, but it sure looks like it… I’m sure we will know in a few days)

Pictured above is Bolt winning and Puma grinning with the Jamaica Puma Cell Meio saves the day and may show the sneaker he wears soon

If you want to watch a commercial (that doesn’t even show the sneaker lol what’s up with that?) then click here (why it is on AOL website I don’t know). Here is another teaser video on

Puma commercials from 2006… funny!!! Bolt is in some of them

You can also find out more about what Bolt wears here at Pumas website (

The sneaker looks ok (if it is the Puma Men’s Complete Theseus II Croc). Not great but ok. He also has a more causal sneaker that you can actually wear on the streets. There is a sneaker for Bolt based off the new Puma Cell Meio “street style” sneakers that are pretty interesting to me but I have not seen too many people wearing them.

Special Edition Puma Cell Meio

See More Pictures Here At Freshness Magazine

Oh and yeah, Usain Bolt holds the 100M world record.

The question is, just how fast is he? So far I, nor anyone else, has seen him push it to the limit. He has, so far, let up just before he reaches the finish line (sometimes way before). I’m not too into his show boating either, but hey I remember what I was like when I was 21… and it wasn’t grown and sexy (more like brash and reckless… ok, ok, I was a nerd but you get the point).

I hope he looses some of the show boating otherwise I think he will become the fastest and most disliked man alive.

Most Popular Sneaker In New York: Nike Air Force One “Beijing Olympic Games”

Nike Air Force One Bejing Olympics

I have seen this sneaker almost 3 to 5 times a day and have been for a while now (and no there were not the same people lol). I am not sure why they are so hot considering that I am sure there have been white and red Air Force One lows before, but I do have to admit they do look really good.

I have not seen them online anywhere except for a couple of sites (like sneakerhead BTW: I never shopped there so buyer beware) and it has only been in grade school (GS) sizes. I know for a FACT that this sneaker is sold in stores such as Footlocker, Finishline and Foot Action in adult sizes in NYC. I may get me a pair since I like them so much and the fact that I don’t have a pair of Air Force Ones (gasp!!! I should close my blog for saying such blasphemy!!! lol).

I don’t know if this is a regional released or a national release in stores only but it is in NYC and I have only seen it in stores. Prices I have seen have been in the betweens the 80 and 90 Bucks.

New Balance Gets Into The Olympics: NB 576 Limited Edition Medal Series

These look so hot. I am not one of those people who likes solid color sneakers unless they are black or white, but these are nice. My Mom is into New Balance (because they make sneakers that have widths) so I think if I show her these, she will flip for them.

For more info, visit (and see more shots too)

NYC Parks Pack: The Huarache 08 gets The NY Treatment

Nike Huarache 08 – NYC Parks Pack – West 4th & Dyckman

I don’t know… I like the idea of them making something that represents all those outdoor courts (like West 4th Street) and such, but I guess I expected them to look a bit more hard. I like the part that looks like the fence that sometimes surrounds the parks in NYC.

Anyway, more shots available at You can see for yourself whether they do it for you.

Everybody Wants To be A Star: The Puma Bode and Nike Trickstar

It looks like Nike and Puma are seeing stars. Infor on the Bode:

This casual Puma features the cartoon creation of late artist Vaughn Bodé. Comes laced with three colors of shoelaces with the star pattern of the Cheech Wizard’s hat. The interior of the shoe features the star print and Cheech Wizard sits on the tongue replacing the Puma cat logo.

Source: Finishline

As for the Nike Trackstar style, is all about bicycle riding becoming a new Olympic sport:


Source: The Shoe

Now that is hot. The Shoe Game as even more shots of what will be an obvious collectible for the ages. I may be just getting into the sneaker game, but I know that these will be something to have in the sneaker collection.

By the way, I bought these:

For those who want lots of pictures of them, be sure to come back here. While the color I bought may not be the most popular, but I like them and its fits my style lol

In Sports News: Celtics Win, Lakers Lose 131 to 92… but you knew that already


It looks like Kobe and the Hyperflight will have to wait until next year. Nevertheless Nike gets the big win (but so does adidas and Reebok) because they cover both teams and their leaders. The sneaker winners are Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen aka Brand Jordan (Nike), adidas and Reebok

Here is some more info on the Ray Allen sneaker angle… and Paul Pierce… and so forth.

Here is a video from YouTube from the NBA.


Remember to look at the sneakers!!! I hope does a picture post of the finals. if they don’t, I’ll be sure to ask them when they will.

In Sports News: Celtics hold off Lakers

In the battle of teams (and sneakers) who will win?

I really think the Lakers will win, but they are sure making it tough for themselves right now. If they lose the third one… no more HyperFlight car/pool jumping?

Celtics hold off furious Lakers’ comeback – NBA – Yahoo! Sports

In Sneaker News: On Your Feet by the

On Your Feet –

How do shoes affect your feet? Is there a good way to walk in heels? Want to know about Morton’s neuroma? How about hammertoe and pump bumps?

Yeah, you want to wear those Jordans, but your foot is a little wide. Yeah, you want to wear that High Heel DKNY shoe, but now you got hammer toe

NBA Finals adidas KG Team Signature Commander LE

So will this do better than this:

Your thoughts? My thoughts is yes. If you want to see the Air Jordan Alpha Omega pack (and other things), take a look at it here.

The Omega part of the pack was not that popular in NYC and considering how long it sat on the sales racks at the brick and mortar places as well as online, I have to think it wasn’t very popular anywhere else. The alphas did very well thought.

Anyway, I like the KG’s and I think the image part was handled much better than the Omegas on the Air Jordan 22’s.

Attack of the Sharkley’s!!! – Carlos Boozer, Ben Gordan, Tayshun Prince PE’s

Finishline got a couple of cool Sharkleys (Price 84.99)

(Will the Sharkleys be the hit of the Summer 2008?)

I wish there was one place that showed all the Sharkleys… Oh wait, seems to be doing just that LOL (at least from what I can see). You can see as many Sharkleys as you want over there. I’ll tell you what; I need a pair of these (I’m sure family members will understand)

Straight shiny heat!!! Damn you House of Hoops!!! Harlem is a long way from where I live (NYC is a big place… that is allot of sidewalk). I never heard of LTD Online but Sneakernews says you can get them from there.

Here are some more links from

> Nike Sharkley – Ben Gordon PE
> Nike Sharkley – Tayshaun Prince PE
> Nike Sharkley – Zach Randolph PE
> Nikestore: Nike Men’s Zoom Sharkley Now Available
> NBA Feet – Week of April 7th

Now that is allot of Sharkleys!!! All with many angles of what the sneaker looks like. Head over to Sneakernews for more (links above).


The Shoe has some more pictures of the Sharkleys so check them out also.

Pictures of the Jordan Jaq Trainer… looks pretty interesting

I am willing to admit that these look pretty good. I do not think I would wear them for any reason, but I would add them to my Jordan collection of sneakers. The Grey One looks better than the other colorway shown on but that is just my opinion.

It very dramatic. When I first saw the shots of these in concept, I really just didn’t like it. I am glad to see that the soon to be released version looks way better. Can’t wait to see more angles of the sneaker.

Private Basketball League Bans 12 y/o Girl Phenom… Good Grief

What has the world come to? The first question that comes to mind is that if this was a boy, would he be banned because of some rule that was obviously not enforced until some parent complained about their kids loosing? So much for playing for fun and learning good sportsmanship. Is our society so obsessed with winning that all we want to teach our kids is that winning is the only way? Do you know how many shots Micheal Jordan missed or what seed he was coming out of college? Bill Gates is a drop out, LeBron wanted to play Football, and Warren Buffet, the richest man alive (until I came along 20 years from now) started his multi-billion dollar investment business as a shirt company (in other words, he failed to get that shirt business going… must have been a hard lesson in loosing to make him a winner, h’uh?).

Ok, I was ranting about something else just then. Anyway, I don’t think they should have banned her, but I do think she should probably play with another group who is more advanced in BBall. Its too bad though cause I am sure some of the other players who want to win or play against her will not get the chance to step their game up. And her team mates also won’t be able to do the same.

I think this whole thing is a loose – loose situation. She seems to have a good attitude about it though and to me, that means she really did win anyway. Ever heard the phrase I will Not Loose? It doesn’t mean you actually don’t ever loose, it means you can’t loose if you learn from the situation and become better for it. How can you loose when everything thrown at you makes you better (and richer)?

I wish her the best!!! Hope to see her at a college game in 6 years. Ohio State maybe?

As seen on Digg and Yahoo. Lots of comments on Digg about this.

Snakes On A Plane… I mean.. Kobe Jumps Over A Pool Full Of Snakes

In a total boneheaded jackass type moment, Kobe jumps over a pool. Kobe got talent, that is granted, but ummm… there aint NO WAY IN HELL he actually jumped over this car pool. He is either crazy and tryingto void his contract, or its totally fake.

Either way those Hyperdunks are the real show of the video. while the Hyperdunk is NOT Kobe’s signiture sneaker, he does have a Players Edition sneaker. House of Hoops got some super exclusive colorwys of the new Hyperdunk.

Here are 2 colorways released (at 24 pair each I believe) from b.!.z // eBay as seen on

Kobe Bryant Lakers Hyperdunk PE is the black, maize and varsity purple colorway


These are especially special due the the special plexi-glass case which holds them


So there you have it! The Hyerdunk and Kobe jumping over pools with snakes (or something) in them. Does it get any better than this? Does it? No. No it doesn’t. Don’t lie to yourself. This is it. Its all down hill from here. lol

NBA Greatest Players In Motion

This is a nice video. jyman198 put together some very VERY nice video of the NBA’s great moments. Check it out.

It will take some research on my part to find out what some of the players were wearing in the video so bookmark this post!

We Are All Doomed: Larry Byrd Skechers

I just saw this commercial and thought I heard wrong… but I wasn’t wrong. I was so right. I am not sure the kids will be all over this. I mean, will they even know who Larry Byrd is?

I guess time will tell. For me, this just confirms just how big the footwear market has become for the kiddies. Everybody is trying to get their foot in there. As soon as I see them online I’ll post a picture here.

A Classic Returns – Air Jordan Countdown Pack Carmines

So I didn’t get them. That’s right, you heard me correctly. I didn’t get what could be the most wanted retro-sneaker this year. I am trying so hard to stay on budget and I just couldn’t see them fitting in my already bloated Jordan sneaker budget. 310 dollars for 2 pair of sneakers (when you really only want one pair LOL) is a but much THIS YEAR. Now next year I won’t have to many problems paying 600+ for the one sneaker, but this year its a no-no.

What is funny about what I just wrote is that if Finishline gets more (and they usually do) I might be inclined to get them, but then again I just don’t know.

Anyway, has a nice mini-comparison of the old retro and the original Carmines. I still remember back in the day when I got them on the sales rack at Kings Plaza for 79.99 (and yes they were real cause I got them from a national retail sneaker/sports wear chain) and I really liked them because they were so original and not too many people rocked them (from what I remember). I took them home but since I was getting them for fashion and not play, I ended up taking them back. Why? Because I didn’t have anything that went with them lol. My first pair of Jordans I ever owned taken back because I felt Mama couldn’t really afford to buy them and she could use the money for something else.

Well, anyway, that is my sob story. For those who got the pack, congratulations. Next weekend is the Air Jordan 23 White and Red (the next sneaker holy grail LOL)

On Sale Air Jordan Countdown Pack 17 + 6 (Of Which Includes Carmines)

For more pics, click here for

Ladies and gentlmen, here it is. Quite possibly the most wanted Countdown pack of the year, the Air Jordan 6 and the Air Jordan 17’s. Already sold out on Finishline (then again sometimes they get more after like 4-5 am at their online site) and currently still available on Eastbay and Nikestore (as per

For me, I never really planned on truely getting them, but since so many sneaker heads are calling this the re-release of the holy grail of sneakers (this is the first retro of the Carmines) and I do want to start a real sneaker collection, I was thinking maybe I’m wrong and I should pony up the money while its still avialable. yeah, I know; that sounds so lame that I am getting something cause everybody else wants it, but I seriously want my collection to be stuff I like while also having a high value that others would want too. getting all these sneakers is sort of a investment (only if the value of my sneakers increases of course)

Great video of the sneakers from Sneakgeekz on YouTube

As you can see, this is a very special year for Air Jordan and those who know this are buying Jordans like crazy. I already spent about 1000 Dollars on Jordans alone this year and will definality be spending another 640 AT LEAST before the year is out.

So much for getting a Alienware computer this year! lol I better settle for a Dell XPS or something to hold me over until next year (I just hate the idea of buying a computer and then the next year buying another one when I know how to put one together myself… but I really want an Alienware and I really need a new computer… Damn, I am going to be poor this year!). If Air Jordan had its own stock quote, I would have defiantly bought some stock cause they must be rolling in money.

Anyway, The pack has release and is popular. I actually saw 2 people wearing them today and totally expect many more sightings tomorrow. Much like in the past when the Carmines originally released, it will be hard to find something that will go with these sneakers. I suggest light blue jeans or shorts and a white tee. A black or white and red tee shirt will work too. Also what will work are some light tan pants. Everybody I saw wearing them today was wearing light tan pants.

T-Shirt Examples (sold on Eastbay by Jordan)

Jordan Men’s Countdown 6/17 Tee


Jordan Men’s Countdown 6/17 Tee


Jordan Men’s Countdown 6/17 Tee


Real smooth. I am willing to bet that I see the AJ6’s way more than the AJ17’s. Being that this is the holiday weekend, I also suspect that there will be a whole bunch of people out. Lets see what they will be wearing.

Its Gotta Be The Shoes: NASCAR’s Limited Editon Motorcycle

You don’t think NASCAR and then think old school bike, but here we are. Many thanks for Luxist for letting the interwebz knowing about this.

And yes, its the shoes that make this bike work. If it wasn’t for the bike rims and the white wall tires (I think white walls are going to be very hot next year on cars) this thing would look as plain as hell. As usual, its the shoe that make the man… bike.

Only 60 bikes will be made.

Are These Fakes? All Sorts Of Colorways For The AJ Fusion V’s

As far as I know, there are only a few official colors for the Fusiion V and these shots above are not one of them. And I really don’t think brand new Jordan Fusions V’s would cost 59.99 (hey, what happened to the well over used 79.99? lol) but nevertheless the question is Are These Fakes?

I actually don’t know if Jordan will come out with this colorway for the ladies and for grade school… but selling these Fusions for 54.99 makes me think this 150 dollar shoe is actually fake. I am not good at picking out fakes. I look for simple things like tags, numbers and quality. But I guess even that can be faked too but most fakers don’t even bother to do that stuff.

So anyway the question is Are These Fakes? (as if you don’t already know).

Ooooooo SNAP!!! Rasheed Wallace “1World” Air Force 1’s


This is a great looking sneaker. Not that it looks any different than the other Air Force Ones EXCEPT for that Rasheed silhouette on the side of the sneaker. That right there for me does it for the sneaker. I’m not usually into bold statements like that but this looks simple, cool and BIG.

More info on where I originally seen these bad boys.



As seen on: Nike Air Force 1 High Supreme Rasheed Wallace – Black / Varsity

Hybrid Nike Air Max 97 x Air Max Plus (The Tn’s) Pics On

Sneakernews got pictures of both colorways of the new hybrid between the Air Max 97 and Air Max Plus aka Tuned Air aka Tn’s. While Air Tuned aka Tn’s did not do to well on the market and officially you just do not see them any more on any Nike sneaker, Nike has, at least, brought back the best style and colorways of the Tn series.

I loved the Air Tuned aka Tn’s (I’ll admit I do not know how they preformed on the track… I hear people just didn’t like it for what ever reason… more research on that later) and I really loved the Tn’s that came out back in the day. Now they are mixing the 2 and using WAY better colorways for the men. Personally I think the womens Tn’s looked way better as far as colorway was concerned.

When it comes to the air pillow, it seems to be all Air Max and no Tuned Air (but I am not sure yet). This would be in line with other hybrids that only slap on the bottoms of one sneaker line to the upper of another.

I tell you boy, these look good. And the blue and white, while not as flashy, is for the more understated gentleman type lol.

These would seem to be Footlocker Exclusives but I have yet to see them online so I guess you have to go to the stores to get them for now. Footlocker is a national chain so it shouldn’t be hard to find one close to you.


NIKE I wish you would combine the Tn’s with Air Max 360 please. You know how to do it! 360 on the bottom and the Tn’s on the top (upper) and make those colorways HOT thank you. Don’t forget to bring back some of the classic colorways that actually did well.

Cristiano Ronaldo v Bugatti Veyron – Nike Mercurial Vapor IV

I think Nike needs more people. There is no way this guy ran faster than the car. I think they photoshopped this a thousand times with a dash of after effect LMAO

If you are interested (for whatever reason) in seeing what the sneaker looks like from up close, then take a look at the Nike Mercurial Vapor IV SG Men’s Soccer Boot on They are also on Amazon and probably some sports sites and soccer (football) equipment specialists.

I Was Just Thinking About This!!! – Nike Air Max x Nike Air Max Plus TN

Air Max 97-Tn aka The Air Max Combo

HAWT!!! Only available at Footlocker

Guess what I saw on Funny cause I was just wondering a few weeks ago when Nike would do one of those combo jobs with the Nike TN. Do you remember the Nike Air Max TN aka Air Max Plus? I remember the TN’s being a very popular sneaker. Maybe it was the way the colors just popped on most of the colorways or maybe it was because it was another take on the Air Max 95’s… either way, they were popular and the ladies especially loved these sneakers.

Well, it looks like Nike will come up with a nice combo of the Nike Air Max 98 and the Air Max Plus TN’s and I have to say it looks great! But you know what I wish? I really want them to make a combo of the Nike Air Max Plus TN and the Nike Air Max 360. Now THAT would be interesting.

I read somewhere though… not sure where… that the 360’s were not doing too well for whatever reason. I got my pair and they ARE FREAKIN GREAT but I guess that didn’t matter for some reason. I’ll admit that many of the designs for the 360 don’t inspire too much and comes no where NEAR the style of the Air Max TN’s or the Air Max 98’s. If its true that the 360 was not too popular, maybe they won’t do a merge between the 360 and the TN (please use the TN’s upper and the 360 “midsole” thank you lol) but I hope they do.

I don’t know if they are out yet or not. They are certainly not on Footlockers site although hints that it probably just a store release (by hint I mean all they say is that you should search for store locations). I haven’t been to the store yet, so I don’t know if they are actually there now or they will be soon.

Either way, I look forward to seeing this up close. For more pictures of the combination of Air Max 97 and Tn sneakers, visit