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Want A Pair Of Tennis Shoes? Nike Air Max Breathe Cage II Men’s Tennis Shoe

To me, it really looks like something from the Olympics. Its that whole Bird Cage thing I guess. Anyway, here is the scoop on these exclusive sneaker that you can only get at or at the US Open in NYC:

Nike is releasing extremely limited-edition footwear to celebrate the Flushing Meadows appearance of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, the top two players in tennis today. These shoes are expected to sell out fast and are only available at and the Nike tent at the event site.

The limited edition Nike Air Max Breathe Cage II Men’s Tennis Shoe featuring Rafael Nadal’s iconic logo and special color detailing, offers the latest in Nike’s performance technology for the elite-level player. Designed for power and intense play, this shoe delivers superior breathability, durability and support.

Source: Nike

I like them. My money is currently tied up in “The Year of Jordan” and other releases such as the Eggplant Foamposite, those hybrid Footlocker exclusive Air Max Plus Tn x Air Max 360 and those Skytops and those Creative Recreations and not to mention the grown and sexy shoe I need to go with my casual wear and suits… (ok that is a lot of footwear purchasing lol) so I don’t think I will be getting them, but i do believe they are collectibles and would be great on the court.

I should start to play tennis.

First seen on the.LIFE files and also seen on

They will cost you $200 bucks.


Olympic Sneakers and Shoes: adidas Men’s adiStar Sprint

I saw these tonight being worn by Marshevet Hooker (she is from the University of Texas) running in lane 9 for the 200M (for those who taped the games to see later). I never liked lane 9 when I was running track, but its a mental thing I guess. In lane 9 you are basically running against yourself because you can’t see anybody and when you do, it means you’re in trouble because now your running on the outside trying to catch up with someone on the inside.

LOL, you know whats funny? Lane 1 isn’t any better because now everyone is ahead of you and you feel like your last and forgetaboutit if you don’t start passing people on the curve cause you aint caching them on the straight-a-way.

Anyway, back to the track shoes, they look ok, but they looked MADDD odd out there on the field. You can’t miss them if you are looking at the womens feet for that 200M heat. They looked like they weighed a ton.

Not sure if I would run in them, but I will admit that they look pretty cool. not great, but cool.

Get yours (if you want it) at on sale for $59.99 (not bad considering the original price is 79.99) of which is a good place for sports equipment. I wouldn’t say this is a collectible, but make no mistake, as my collection of sneakers and shoes grow, there will be some alternative sneakers in the bunch and I will probably have a couple pairs of track shoes in there.

Find more about Marshevet Hooker here or just Google her.

Nike Zoom Lebron 5 Low & Soldier 2 Camo from Nickekicks

As seen on I like this. I am not a fan of the LeBron V low or the Soldier 2 but this does lok good. If you like what the LeBron Soldier 2 then you should see the LeBron V low. Its ok, but not as cool as the Soldier.

Nike Air Force 1 High Supreme 2008 – Sheed Pack

I really like this. Many thanks to sneakernews for posting WAY TOO MUCH information on it lol. They have all the picture and guess what?

I thought at first it was a bad photo, but 2 of the sneakers have 3M coating! That mean you reflect in the light. It would seem that having your whole sneaker reflect is getting popular. I don’t know if it will reach its height this year or next but having sneakers that reflect (or glow in the dark apparently) is the ish.

I still say the white and blue is the best looking ones. For places to shop for them and junk like that (and more pictures) visit

In Sneaker News: Kobe needs to embrace Jordan legacy

Is it really Micheal Vs Kobe?

Or should it be Kobe embracing being the next Micheal Jordan?

As you can read here, some people’s opinion is that Kobe should not run away from the legacy, he should embrace it.

Not an option. The idea that Bryant should be considered apart from Jordan is plainly preposterous, and now — near the conclusion of a season in which Bryant has at long last shown himself to be authentically Jordanesque — more than ever. As it happens, given Bryant’s famously voracious appetite for victory and his place in basketball history, he has but one satisfactory option. Fortunately, for him at least, it’s not only doable, but highly probable. Bryant needs two trophies here: one denoting a Lakers championship, and another commemorating his performance and the 2008 Finals MVP.

Kobe can be Kobe all he wants. But anything less will diminish his legacy.

Is it still necessary to itemize the basis for comparison? Kobe Bryant came of age in the age of Michael Jordan. For him to have idolized anyone else would’ve been setting his sights too low, a form of slumming. Their similarities were pronounced by the time Bryant announced his sneaker deal as a high school senior in 1996. They were the same size, and played the same position the same way. Bryant mimicked the mannerisms — the shrug, the finger wag, even the way in which he cradled his first championship trophy — while mastering Jordan’s real moves.

Interesting. So now what?

Snakes On A Plane… I mean.. Kobe Jumps Over A Pool Full Of Snakes

In a total boneheaded jackass type moment, Kobe jumps over a pool. Kobe got talent, that is granted, but ummm… there aint NO WAY IN HELL he actually jumped over this car pool. He is either crazy and tryingto void his contract, or its totally fake.

Either way those Hyperdunks are the real show of the video. while the Hyperdunk is NOT Kobe’s signiture sneaker, he does have a Players Edition sneaker. House of Hoops got some super exclusive colorwys of the new Hyperdunk.

Here are 2 colorways released (at 24 pair each I believe) from b.!.z // eBay as seen on

Kobe Bryant Lakers Hyperdunk PE is the black, maize and varsity purple colorway


These are especially special due the the special plexi-glass case which holds them


So there you have it! The Hyerdunk and Kobe jumping over pools with snakes (or something) in them. Does it get any better than this? Does it? No. No it doesn’t. Don’t lie to yourself. This is it. Its all down hill from here. lol

We Are All Doomed: Larry Byrd Skechers

I just saw this commercial and thought I heard wrong… but I wasn’t wrong. I was so right. I am not sure the kids will be all over this. I mean, will they even know who Larry Byrd is?

I guess time will tell. For me, this just confirms just how big the footwear market has become for the kiddies. Everybody is trying to get their foot in there. As soon as I see them online I’ll post a picture here.

Ooooooo SNAP!!! Rasheed Wallace “1World” Air Force 1’s


This is a great looking sneaker. Not that it looks any different than the other Air Force Ones EXCEPT for that Rasheed silhouette on the side of the sneaker. That right there for me does it for the sneaker. I’m not usually into bold statements like that but this looks simple, cool and BIG.

More info on where I originally seen these bad boys.



As seen on: Nike Air Force 1 High Supreme Rasheed Wallace – Black / Varsity

Cristiano Ronaldo v Bugatti Veyron – Nike Mercurial Vapor IV

I think Nike needs more people. There is no way this guy ran faster than the car. I think they photoshopped this a thousand times with a dash of after effect LMAO

If you are interested (for whatever reason) in seeing what the sneaker looks like from up close, then take a look at the Nike Mercurial Vapor IV SG Men’s Soccer Boot on They are also on Amazon and probably some sports sites and soccer (football) equipment specialists.