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So What’s Up With The Cool Grey Spiz’ikes?

One of the best colorways for the Spiz’ike (not the best, but close to it) has been released in Europe and seems to continue to be released in more countries that are NOT the US lol. So when will these release here? I don’t know and it sure hasn’t shown up on any of the other sneaker blogs (they have been in the mix for years longer than I have).

Anyway, Sneakerfiles has way more shots of the sneakers and below Sneakgeekz has a video of the sneaker too. I’m telling you, this thins is real good looking. Plus it will go with everything i got (almost). Can’t go wrong with grey lol

Nice, h’uh? You get to see the Cool Grey and what I call the African red and white Spizikes. I’m telling you its all good. 2008 is gonna be so hot!!!


Air Jordan Retro VI (6) Olympic Video and Pictures

Call it the Rainbow Jordan, or call it Gay pride… whatever, the bottom line is that after seeing the video from SneakGeekz aka MaplewoodBootCamp made this look good. I’m telling you for real, these sneakers looked like colorful crap from almost every picture I saw. The Shoe Game showed some pictures that look better but then I saw that thing on the toe and wondered why in the hell did Jordan put it on there.

You see that thing on the toe? what is that? Imma goona have ta look that up. someone has got to explain why this thing is there and what it means. There has to be some meaning behind it.

Also, in case you didn’t see, this thing has so much patent leather that it will literally will turn into one big wrinkle after wearing it LOL.

Ok, ok, the sneaker does look good, I’m just very upset at this emblem at the toe. The video makes it look like it won’t be so bad when its on your feet, but I guess I will have to see for myself.

Yeah, ok it looks good…. see more on


Did you here him talk about the Cool Grey Spiz’ikes? did he say they wanted 4000 for it or 400? Either is pretty steap (but 400 is at least a item that can be fit into someones budget… but not 4000!!! That’s a trip for 4 to Florida!!!)

Stuff White People Like says – White People LOVES New balance Sneakers lol

So on this site that I occasionally browse every day or so says, tongue in cheek of course, that white people love New Balance sneakers.

Now, of course you can’t go up to a white person and talk to them about their sneakers. Ohhh noooo. The footwear wear world of white people are fo fickle. Uggs, Birkenstocks, Earth Shoes… Uggs, (did I mention that already? lol) come and go, but New Balance running shoes??? Always hot. Here is a quote from the blog (this blog has been one of to p 10 blogs) Stuff White People Like:

There is, however, one exception: New Balance running shoes. All white people own a pair! Seriously, next time you are at a casual party where guests are encouraged to take off their shoes take a look by the door at the veritable rainbow of New Balance sneakers.

But why do white people love them so uniformly? It is pretty simple really. A few years ago it came out that Nike (and other manufacturers) were producing their shoes in Asian sweatshops and then selling them for a very high profit margin. White people were outraged, they generally prefer that children in developing nations first finish high school before working in shoe-producing sweatshops. Otherwise they might look foolish when their co-workers are talking about Catcher in the Rye.

If this site wasn’t so funny and almost obviously poking fun at racism, I don’t think it would be so popular or hilarious. So stuff like #94 Free Healthcare and #84 T-Shirts are think you need to know if you want to be in the world of upper class white people. Here is a list of my favorites:


Good lawd, fun times. Stuff White people Like is a very funny site and I can only hope and pray it is being done in comedy because stuff like this can not be for real LMAO.

How Do You Create A Nike Rejuven8?

How Do You Go From The Picture Above To the Picture Below


High wrote an article about how Nike came about making this sneaker that just freakin looks like comfort (I’ll admit I never tried it on so I have no idea). I think the overall look is very cool and stylish. Its something i would walk around in at work to stay comfortable or maybe to just chill in when I am going somewhere just to relax.

I usually don’t like expensive slippers, but I can like those Mules (more…)

OMG: Air Jordan Countdown Pack 6 + 17 = Carmines Takin’ Over

SneakerNews Just Posted This On There Blog! Go See It NOW

Release Date: 05/24/08

The AJ Countdown Pack next to be released this month has the holy grail Air Jordan Carmines as part of the pack. Many sneaker head want this sneaker. Some of you may have never seen them before because the last time they came out, you were not born yet lol The original Carmine was released in 1991 so being that its 2007 that makes 16 years. That is a real long time, no?

I remember buying these when it originally came out and taking it back to Kings Plaza (the same day no less) because it just didn’t match anything I had. The sneaker were on sale and from what I remember, in NYC they were not as popular as they are now. I liked them because they just seemed out there and different. I didn’t know at the time that Jordan played in them during the playoffs. has all the shots you will need of oth sneakers included in the pack. Here is another shot:

I’ll admit that I didn’t like the 17 black suede but these pictures make them look way better. They actually look cool and not too flashy. Its not a smooth look, but it is very close to smooth.

I don’t know if I will get them cause my sneaker budget just can’t handle getting expended… again. I know I’ll pay for it later when I DO get them and they cost 1000 Dollars (but what’s money anyway?)

I have to say one thing… The Carmines have the word AIR in the back, so tell me why so far in all the pictures we have seen of the AJ Countdown Pack 4 + 18 (more specifically the AJ 4 of course) why the AJ 4 does NOT at least have the work AIR on the back of the sneaker? Well, the AJ 4’s have other problems then that I guess so maybe not having AIR underneath the Jumpman logo isn’t the worst thing but it sure looks odd.

Are These Fakes? Air Jordan 23 Bronze and Black

If you want to get a pair of 220 dollar Jordans for 79.99 (ON SALE lol) you can get them! Why? Because the come from a warehouse and as you know, stuff that comes out of a warehouse is bargain basement cheap!

Ok, most likely these are faker than anything I know of… so the real question is, if Brand Jordan came out with this color officially, would you buy it?