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I am REALLY liking Nike Sports + Hipstamatic

(and you wonder how I did these photos…)

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Flickr Foto Focus: Happy Valentines Day

(valentines day by amba_fatima)

Flickr Feature: IMG_2444 (what a name lol) by amba_fatima

(can’t have too much pink)

As seen from the Sneaker Pimps group. Picture by by amba_fatima. Chek the photo out (its large enough for a nice wallpaper if you wish) and other pics HERE.

OG Air Carnivore… in puple and black??? No way!

(ok seriously… is this the real deal?)

Ok you guys, listen up cause I got a problem right now. I have a pair of these original release Air Carnivores but here is the problem… there are no pictures of the Air Carnivore in this colorway ANYWHERE online.

Yup. If you are looking at these kicks right now, then it is the first time you have seen it in this colorway since its release.

But here is the problem… and some of yall might be mad at me for even asking but here it goes; are these real or fake?

Got them from a franchise store (not sure if it was Footlocker, Dr Jays, or what…) and they have all the tags and junk but the fact that there are no pictures of these in this colorway NOR does anyone even MENTION this colorway in any of the Air Carnivore posts… man its got me thinking twice, no thrice, about these kicks being real.

Hands down though, this is the best freakin colorway of the original 3 that were made. More pics coming up and will be featured on the main site.

Puma Bode on a hardwood floor

(its got stars)

Custom Kicks And Half Naked Chicks… From Casey Customs

(so what do you think about the custom kicks in the pic?)

These are some interesting custom kicks. The company was founded in 2007 out of Philly. You can visit the site HERE if you want to take a look at what they got. They got music on the site so watch yourself if you are at work.

As for the face… well, I bumped into this while playing around with a app maker website while looking up flash screens for the app… I searched sneakers and this is what I got.

The young lady’s site is HERE and be careful cause its NOT SAFE FOR WORK… lets just put it that way lol

Flickr Foto: zoom kobe IV Beijing by jn19831211

zoom kobe IV Beijing by jn19831211

(what a beautiful shot by jn19831211 from the Sneaker Pimps Flickr Group)

On Flickr: ATHLETE Director Dave’s Pics – Michael Jordan by ATHLETE Director Dave

ATHLETE Director Dave's Pics - Michael Jordan by ATHLETE Director Dave

(there is a story behind this one)

This is a scale stutue of Jordan doing what Jordan does. But of course Athlete Director Dave has more info behind the picture.

Here are the details of the statue: (more…)

On Flickr: LIVESTRONG Nike Air Max 180 by champlooo702

LIVESTRONG Nike Air Max 180 by champlooo702

Pretty nice looking photo. It would make a nice wallpaper for my desktop (you see I am obsessed with desktop customization AKA skinning… lets hope I can spread that obsession with the sneaker and shoe culture).

Rest assured that there is a small wallpaper size of this shot avaiable on Flickr. Oh and did you here about the Flickr2Twitter deal? Will TwitPic fall under the shear weight of FlickrTwitter?

Does this mean no more pics of La La’s and Solanges shoes? We will soon see.

Featured Flickr Foto: Neon 1995 by Adammmmmmmmm

Neon 1995 by adammmmmmmmm

(holy cow this is a great shot!)

(and it makes a GREAT wallpaper)