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Jezign Bubble Cloud… not as bad as I thought PART 2

(looks REAL good at night coming off a motorcycle)

I think its about time this sneaker got a freaking review… don’t you think? It came out last year and it was… well, it just seemed like a bad idea, but a few celebs signed on and they got some attention.

Now that I got them in my hands i have to say they are a pretty decent pair of kicks (but boy are they bulcky lol). Review piece coming right up on the main website Sneaker and Shoes (yes I have a master plan for all of this 2 website thing lol)


Jezign Bubble Cloud… not as bad as I thought

(its actually not that bad)

I thought this was really not going to work, but I bought a pair on what I would call a “SUPER SALE” price at 30 bucks. Anyway to make a long story (soon to be posted/featured on the main site) they did not disapoint and if I knew they would be this cool, I would have had no problem paying the original price.

Featured Flickr Foto: Neon 1995 by Adammmmmmmmm

Neon 1995 by adammmmmmmmm

(holy cow this is a great shot!)

(and it makes a GREAT wallpaper)

On Flickr: Kari In Carmines by by reformadigital

carmines kari by reformadigital

Ment to post this many moons ago when I first saw it. I forget where I see shots of women and kicks together… or is it kicks and *ss (not safe for the kiddies… or work LOL)? Anyway, this is a nice shot and I am always for promoting artists so here is a post.

Check out more stuff from by reformadigital. There are more girl on sneaker shots there too as well as some other cool shots.

As found on Flickr sneaker group Sneaker Pimps.

On Flickr: Giant Converse by Converse and Company

Its a giant converse! Look OUT!!!

Converse and company has some very interesting shots of an old classic. He (she or they) have a set called Converse Giant with 6 shots. I like the shots and will try to follow the photo set if it gets updated.

If you wanna see all the Flickr shots I like (from sneaker, shoes, cars, rims, architecture and other interesting photography) then check my account on Flickr. If you guys don’t have a Flickr account, you should get one.

On Flickr: Guns n Roses – Appetite for Destruction Dunk SB by neal_b

Guns n Roses - Appetite for Destruction Dunk SB by neal_b

Guns n Roses – Appetite for Destruction Dunk SB by neal_b

A picture that seems everybody is clicking from my Flickr feed here is also somewhat liked on Flickr also. While I disagree that its a “awesome shot” I will admit that its a great sneaker and a pretty good subject for a photo. I also like the angle and that it can easily be made into a wallpaper with a little bit of photo shop work.

This shot was part of the Sneaker Pimps Group collection of sneaker shots. Be sure to check out neal_b who also has a pro account so you know he is serious. I especially like this shot!