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NBA All Time Buzzer Beaters… As Selected By The NBA

(woweee that some good stuff… I think I see Jordan in there somewhere)


Team USA at Rockerfeller Plaza Event


Nicekicks was their and all I can say is that I wish I remembered that this was going down. I would have went and took a few pictures of my own. Anyway, unless for some reason you don’t go to Nicekicks on the daily like I do, you probably saw all the pictures. Nike represents, but adidas is also represented (as well as Superman lol)

One thing I have to say is, why is Nicekicks being stingy? Let all of us have that wallpaper:

1280×1024 and 1024×768 (I think its 768) please lol.


Complex interviews Team USA (with video). Check it out.

Air Jordan Countdown Pack 7 + 16 = EASTBAY SHUTDOWN!!!

OMG!!! Either mad people were buying the same sneaker or there was some other system error (which I doubt). Everybody and their Momma (literally) is trying to buy these things. Eastbay is the first spot I think of to ensure I get what I want (even though I like Finishline better) and I guess many people feel the same way cause that is where they went.

I tried to submit my order twice and I got the scariest error or my online shopping life (don’t mess with my bank account man… I don’t want to see no 3 THOUSAND dollar charge ANYWHERE). I finally got to the point where they said that  they are not sure if they actually have it in their inventory due to the volume of people currently ordering the product. I was not going to try that again. I went to Finishline (of which usually is sold out by now) and bought it there (along with the Puma Bode… grey and white… yeah I know that is the plainest of the 4 sneakers, but that is what I wanted).

I tell you guys, I love Finishline and I love Eastbay, but they do have their problems. Finishline will be sold out before the actual date they are supposed to start selling it, and Eastbay will tell you that they have it, and then you go to order it and they don’t actually have it LOL!!! But I still love them.

In Sports News: Celtics hold off Lakers

In the battle of teams (and sneakers) who will win?

I really think the Lakers will win, but they are sure making it tough for themselves right now. If they lose the third one… no more HyperFlight car/pool jumping?

Celtics hold off furious Lakers’ comeback – NBA – Yahoo! Sports

Nike Air Force 1 High Supreme 2008 – Sheed Pack

I really like this. Many thanks to sneakernews for posting WAY TOO MUCH information on it lol. They have all the picture and guess what?

I thought at first it was a bad photo, but 2 of the sneakers have 3M coating! That mean you reflect in the light. It would seem that having your whole sneaker reflect is getting popular. I don’t know if it will reach its height this year or next but having sneakers that reflect (or glow in the dark apparently) is the ish.

I still say the white and blue is the best looking ones. For places to shop for them and junk like that (and more pictures) visit

Rainbow Bright Air Jordan 6 Olympic RELEASED

Not only does the rainbow lead to a Air Jordan 6, but when you get there you will only find limited sizes left. There may be allot of people (including me) who did not like this sneaker too much (although I will admit, thanks to SneakGeekz, after seeing the video they do look pretty good), but they sure are selling out.

Could be those same speculators (who cause the housing mess) who think people will buy these for more than the store asking price so they bought 10 each and went straight to eBay. Anyway, while Finishline is almost sold out, Eastbay has the usual suspects left (sizes 7 – 13).

Wanna see the video? Here it is:

More Pictures

So the choice is yours. do you want to get this? I am not going to get it, but if you are a real Jordan Head then I would highly advise you get this sneaker. Hell, even I should get them considering that I am supposed to be starting my massive sneaker collection (and diecast cars too, but that is another story)

Here is the description from Eastbay (since they currently have the most sneakers available):

Taking inspiration from the heritage of the AJ X, the Jordan Olympic 6 will provide the ultimate experience in a player’s quest for perfection. Named after one of the greatest events worldwide, this pair of kicks is made with a combination of rich leathers and suede, plus a foam-backed internal booty system that provides a snug, high-performance fit. The midsole is comprised of full-length Phylon™ with Zoom Air™ units for superior cushioning. The outsole is solid rubber with anatomically correct flex grooves for excellent traction.

So will you get history? Lawd knows June 2008 is gonna be a hot month for Jordan releases. My wallet is gonna be screaming at me.


Message to Brand Jordan… you are killin’ me with the patent leather. Please don’t put it on everything and everywhere LOL

In Sneaker News: Kobe needs to embrace Jordan legacy

Is it really Micheal Vs Kobe?

Or should it be Kobe embracing being the next Micheal Jordan?

As you can read here, some people’s opinion is that Kobe should not run away from the legacy, he should embrace it.

Not an option. The idea that Bryant should be considered apart from Jordan is plainly preposterous, and now — near the conclusion of a season in which Bryant has at long last shown himself to be authentically Jordanesque — more than ever. As it happens, given Bryant’s famously voracious appetite for victory and his place in basketball history, he has but one satisfactory option. Fortunately, for him at least, it’s not only doable, but highly probable. Bryant needs two trophies here: one denoting a Lakers championship, and another commemorating his performance and the 2008 Finals MVP.

Kobe can be Kobe all he wants. But anything less will diminish his legacy.

Is it still necessary to itemize the basis for comparison? Kobe Bryant came of age in the age of Michael Jordan. For him to have idolized anyone else would’ve been setting his sights too low, a form of slumming. Their similarities were pronounced by the time Bryant announced his sneaker deal as a high school senior in 1996. They were the same size, and played the same position the same way. Bryant mimicked the mannerisms — the shrug, the finger wag, even the way in which he cradled his first championship trophy — while mastering Jordan’s real moves.

Interesting. So now what?

NBA Finals adidas KG Team Signature Commander LE

So will this do better than this:

Your thoughts? My thoughts is yes. If you want to see the Air Jordan Alpha Omega pack (and other things), take a look at it here.

The Omega part of the pack was not that popular in NYC and considering how long it sat on the sales racks at the brick and mortar places as well as online, I have to think it wasn’t very popular anywhere else. The alphas did very well thought.

Anyway, I like the KG’s and I think the image part was handled much better than the Omegas on the Air Jordan 22’s.

NBA Greatest Players In Motion

This is a nice video. jyman198 put together some very VERY nice video of the NBA’s great moments. Check it out.

It will take some research on my part to find out what some of the players were wearing in the video so bookmark this post!

We Are All Doomed: Larry Byrd Skechers

I just saw this commercial and thought I heard wrong… but I wasn’t wrong. I was so right. I am not sure the kids will be all over this. I mean, will they even know who Larry Byrd is?

I guess time will tell. For me, this just confirms just how big the footwear market has become for the kiddies. Everybody is trying to get their foot in there. As soon as I see them online I’ll post a picture here.

Ooooooo SNAP!!! Rasheed Wallace “1World” Air Force 1’s


This is a great looking sneaker. Not that it looks any different than the other Air Force Ones EXCEPT for that Rasheed silhouette on the side of the sneaker. That right there for me does it for the sneaker. I’m not usually into bold statements like that but this looks simple, cool and BIG.

More info on where I originally seen these bad boys.



As seen on: Nike Air Force 1 High Supreme Rasheed Wallace – Black / Varsity