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Aubrey O’Day On The Cover of Playboy Magazine

Aubrey O'Day Covers Playboy

(bookmark this post cause I may add more photos… of shoes)

(ya’ll got some dirty minds)

So my question is “what does she have on her feet?” I guess I will have to buy the magazine to find out.

Yeah, I am serious.

If someone knows, speak up!!! Otherwise I will be forced to buy the magazine and hope they have a list of what she is wearing… lol I made a funny.

First seen on (hottest blog on


Kelly Rowland In Nike Commercial For Human Race

I love me some Kelly Rowland. I am sure if we were to meet, that she would fall in love with me… in fact all the DC women would fall for my incredible charm and poise.

So anyway, here is Kelly doing her thing for the Human Race, something Nike thought up to promote health and well being… and to push its Nike Plus product of which I actually would like to try. I’m not sure if there is a fit here, but I was too busy watching Kelly to notice. First seen on the.LIFE Files


You won’t see this commercial in the US. it would seem to be a Europe exclusive lol

DJ Clark Kent GIVAWAY At Vinnie Styles

As seen on and, it looks like DJ Clark Kent is giving away originally designed sneakers. Now I know this will be an event, no question. I wish I could go. I hope someone reports on how it went once he started giving away.

See? Looks like whole parts of sneakers being reflective is the thing for ’08

In Fashion News: Trina Is Creating a Fashion Line – Pink Diamond Couture

I’m guessing she is wearing them in the picture cause I don’t recognize the pants. I’m looking at her butt for some signs of what will be the jeans signature look will be (yes, I said I am looking at her butt… purely for discovery reasons) but I am not sure what I’m looking at.

Using my Google-ti-quan-do, I found the Trina shopping site (I guess its official) and some of her offerings.

I am guessing she is targeting the high end market being that the word Couture is in there. I think that is a great idea and I think she should keep it marketed to those individuals. Do not mass produce this ish please. Nothing like fat profits on clothing that costs 60 dollars to make but your selling it for 120 (I’m looking at you Coogi LMAO)

Just in case you forgot who Trina is… she is the baddest chick… and she is Smooth (I’M SO MAD AT SMOOTH FOR SHOWING A PIECE OF ASS AND THEN HAVE “The Black History Issue” ON THE SIDE!!!)

And there it is… Shop Trina now if you want it. I tell you, there is a whole lot of hustle going on in the music industry. I think everybody sees what’s coming. By the way, she also has some perfumes coming out too. Read all about it on Dr. Jays blog.