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At Finishline: Air Jordan 2 “Radio Raheem”


Personally I hate hate hate the Air Jordan 2 in almost every colorway (originals and retro’s) and I can’t say I like these either but I will say that this colorway give these kicks some hope. They also have a historical point to them harking back to the movie “Do The Right Thing”. It also gets nostalgia points for those old head (like me) who watched the movie when it originally came out.

Considering these released sometime last week I guess I’m not the only one who is just not that into the Air Jordan 2.

If you want them Finishline has them currently for $189.99 HERE


More pics of the Radio Raheem AJ2 HERE


Space Jam Air Jordan 11 VIDEO by SneakGeekZ

(freaking WOW dude… lol at SneakGeekZ for the sniff test comment)

Oh man these things look freakin fantastic. The video got everything including a mini review of the sneaker and some comparisons to the older Space Jams and other Air Jordan 11’s. Just watch!

Space Jams Releasing… in December?

You know I just love reading comments and seeing videos from people who love (or no love) what they get. Nightwing2303 gave us a look at a pair of sneakers he purchased from VMV Inc online. It is a good video of the sneaker if you wanted even more views of them.

Nightwing2303 did a follow up comment on The Shoe Game:

Sorry about my lack of enthusiasm lol! That is what I sound like when I am excited… Im just real laid back. If I saw MJ himself in the flesh, on the inside I would be acting like an Nsync fan who just had Timberlake’s sweat drip on their shirt but on the outside I stay fairly reserved. I was excited however but also slightly disappointed the more I had inspected them. There are quite a few things that didnt sit right with me, the warped ankle area was just the most obvious. There were glue marks on the patent area, the leather on the heal had been put on a little sloppy AND the side panel of one of the shoes already had a fat crease on the patent leather?!?! How do you crease the SIDE of the damn shoe? Anyways, I am happy I got them since I had spent all my hard earned savings for the concords back in ‘01 (I was in high school so I was broke) so I missed the Jams… and I still “miss” them now like someone else said on here, they arent really space jam XIs they are retro XIs in a black varsity royal and white makeup. But F-it I just love shoes.

So that’s that.

I was going to get 2 pair of these Space Jams but I agree that quality is down with JB. Now its true that not every sneaker is going to be made perfectly (they must make thousands of these so a pair or 2 will  be messed up), I do think there is a consistent quality (or lack thereof) that has been going on with Jordans (retros specifically).

Space Jams releasing in December?

I hoe to see a confirmation of this. Otherwise I think they are coming out on Black Friday in November. But Nike has surprised us in the past (black on black Half Cent Penny’s anyone?) so i guess its a wait and see.

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WOW Nice Kicks! Nike Hyperize “Sidney Deane”


(these are crazy nice)

I wasn’t too sure about the Hyperize sneaker. I knew it is a performance sneaker and it used FlyWire (the 21 Centry equivlant to the late 1980’s “its got air”) but other than being on the court with them, I saw no reason to buy (other than being a very unique person).

(yes I know it won’t play lol just click on it to see movie clip)

But this colorway (and the other colorway) makes me change my mind. (more…)

Nicekicks Got Shots of The Marty McFly in Detail

You must have seen them already, but I figure I post it again. Man a few days ago the whole internet was going crazy looking for these sneakers. I don’t know about other sneaker sites but my little ole footwear site got a 2000 person per day bump from the usual 4000 (plus or minus) people who visit here.

If all the pictures you seen so far isn’t enough, go take a look at what Nicekicks did. Glow in the dark indeed.

More on

See the shots and understand your future in 2015!!! And look at how much they are selling for on eBay LOL

Marty McFly Hyperdunks Release To Much… Hype lol

This is so big that even Autoblog made a post on it. And guess who was the surprise guest? Kobe Bryant.

I was actually expecting Micheal J Fox or the Doc but I guess he will due. He signed about 10 sneakers so you know we should see at least one of them on eBay for 10 thousand dollars or something. Those guys in the front of the line who got the first ten sneakers must feel lucky.

As seen on, you can see just how big the even was. Now that is allot of people.. and allot of security (on a side note, I do wonder what celebrity will be caught wearing the McFly’s?):

Man, Undftd got game for getting these sneakers. I would love to own a boutique store that has props like that… then again I think I will stick to opinionated comments on sneakers and shoes lol I don’t know if I could handle having a hop that popular.

If you want to see more pictures of the Mcfly take a look at this or click on the link or look below:

Original Vs Hperdunk Veriation

Lights in the dark (who stole Jezign idea? lol)

Glows in the dark (Kayne West is upset this came out before his glowing the dark sneakers)

McFly original details (details? LMAO I’m still waiting for the sneaker Nike. I bet they release it in 2015)

McFly Commercial “What If” lol

Kobe explains the Hyperdunk

EDIT: (When someone uploads the video of the Undftd Event, I’ll post it)

Here is a video covering on of the McFly Events

This is really crazy. Its funny too. I wonder if Nike is planning on McFly’erfiing any other sneakers? McFly retro Foamposites? Back To The Future 360’s?

In Fashion News: New Era “The Dark Knight” Fitteds

Man, New Era just keeps hitting them left and right. Are there any other hat companies out there? I remember back in the da when i first sw New Era. I said to myself, “What kinda name is that?” Well, look at them now.

As I said before, I don’t really wear hats unless its a gasby or something like that. With that said, I think New Era could have done better with the image layout. The best looking ones are the police/swat fitteds. I would think the Batman fitted would be the best but not today lol

I’m sure there will be plenty of people getting them though, I just think they could look better. You can get them at Dr.

As Seen On Nicekicks: More McFly Hyperdunk News

As Seen On

You know, I wasn’t as into the sneaker when the info first came out about it, but I have to admit I am swayed by the history and the picture above. Now if Nike would use some of Jezign technology to light up the midsole, then we would have a sneaker lol But you know what: (more…)

It Must Be 2015 Cause Everybody Wants The Marty McFly’s

From and

Boy, when I say I’m green in the sneaker game, I mean it. I never heard or even remember seeing the special sneakers that Nike made for Marty McFly in the movie Back To The Future II. Hell, I am thinking of actually renting the movie just to see where/when he is wearing the McFly’s and why they are so popular.

They look ok. I hope they make it a general release. For more pictures, check out


Ok, I decided to do a search on these sneakers… OMG!!!! If they make these, either they will cost 400 dollars each (general release), or they will be given out so limited that people will try to kill to get them.

You can see WAY MORE PICTURES than you would ever want to on Sneaker

Plus, there are whole sites dedicated to bringing these sneaker to life. Even more pictures of the sneaker here as well.