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The Legend of MJ… scanned

(I wonder how this ends up… lol)

Slam Magazine special on Micheal Jordan issued many moons ago. Nothing more for me to say right now other than that.

Does it mean that I have a problem if the first thing I did was look at his footwear? LMAO


Aubrey O’Day On The Cover of Playboy Magazine

Aubrey O'Day Covers Playboy

(bookmark this post cause I may add more photos… of shoes)

(ya’ll got some dirty minds)

So my question is “what does she have on her feet?” I guess I will have to buy the magazine to find out.

Yeah, I am serious.

If someone knows, speak up!!! Otherwise I will be forced to buy the magazine and hope they have a list of what she is wearing… lol I made a funny.

First seen on (hottest blog on

Push It To The Limit!!! Air Jordans Taking Over… the cover of XXL

Check out this comment from Why was Rick Ross go shirt-less for this cover shoot? It looks like the air in the AJ9’s is about to blow up. Khaled’s face says it all. He looks scared and puzzled. BTW, he has the Chinese 1’s on.

Why was Rick Ross go shirt-less for this cover shoot? It looks like the air in the AJ9’s is about to blow up. Khaled’s face says it all. He looks scared and puzzled. BTW, he has the Chinese 1’s on.

Comment by TASJ7045 — June 6, 2008 @ 11:07 am

LOL I haven’t had a featured comment in a while, but that is pretty close to one (hell, I think it is one). Nicekicks says that the countdown Pack 14/9 are back at Finishline. As many stated in the comments, the AJ9 is pretty popular… the 14 not so much. This might be the reason why you can still get this pack while the Countdown Pack 6/17 is nowhere to be found.

This was also a “Check Out My Footwork” post on The Shoe While everybody named all the sneakers, no one said a word about what Trina was wearing. I do not know if its part of her new clothing line that is coming out or something she was just wearing. At any rate, it is interesting.

Anyone know what shoe Trina (the only woman in the picture) is wearing????

I Wish I Got That Sole Collector Issue 22 From Footlocker…

I feel like a dumbass for not getting it when the Air Jordan 23 came out over 2 months ago. I could have easily gone to Footlocker and just picked it up. I bet they had plenty of them at the time. When i first saw this on Nicekicks, I said to myself I needed this. I wouldn’t have even known it existed if it wasn’t on Nicekicks (not sure if it was on the other Fab Four of sneaker sites… ummm in case you don’t know the Fab Four is sneaker sites is Nicekicks, Sneakernews, The Shoe Game, and Sneakerfiles).

Now my only hope is to buy back issues of the magazine from the Sole Collector site itself. I won’t be able to order it until this weekend.

Just thought I would rant about that… maybe I’m not the only one who didn’t pick this up.

In Sneaker News: Controversy Over Vogue Cover

Cover for Vogue with Lebron and Gisele

Yes I know this news is old… in fact it mad old. But anyway, here we have a cover that shows Lebron and Gisele “posing together” for the front of the magazine. LeBron seems to be in Basketball mode while Gisele is in model mode. LeBron, who just happens to be Black, is in his aggressive “fighting warrior” stance looking like he is “taking”  Gisele, a white Brazillian model, by the waist. Some how this image as a whole brings up th stereotypes of black men wanting to steal (and eventually rape) the white woman.

If that stereotype isn’t good enough, then what about LeBron being presented as a “threat” and over aggressive? Some say he is being represented as the stereotypical black male who doesn’t smile (LOL) and is always hyper aggressive especially in sports (and I guess dancing and sex). has an article about the situation. For me, the cover looked funny for 3 reasons:

  1. They don’t really look like they are together in the shot. It just looks like 2 separate shots Photoshopped together to work.
  2. LeBron just looks off for the cover of Vogue magazine. He just looks so out of place. It doesn’t even seem to be a picture, more like a moment in the game totally divorce from it original background What is with the hyper-aggressive looks?
  3. Why does the ball look like its about to hit his foot? LMAO

What did Vogue have to say?  They were looking to, “celebrate two superstars at the top of their game” so I am guessing that the concept is 2 people at the top of their game, doing what they do for a living, “posng” wit each other while they are doing their thing.

A great concpet if that is what it is, but I think it wasn’t carried out very well. Even without the controversy, the shot looks forced. Here is Vogue’s video feature explaining the focus of the issue.

No word on how feminists feel about this. Giselle looks like she is totally in some other plane of existence.

I don’t really see all of this and only saw something when others pointed out that they looks like there is more going on here than a bad detached cover.

There are plenty of comments on this subject.  More than 100 comments. Many of them are insightful and very interesting. You should take a look.

So is this cover racist? Does it bring the steroetype of the black man being the wild ape animal wanting the beautiful white woman? Here is a picture of what people are talking about:

Vogue Comparision To King Kong

Your thoughts? I think its really not there and its is really being forced. I can say that with all the controversy, I do wonder what’s up… Oh and can anybody figure out what sneakers LeBron is wearing? Looks more like the IV ‘s than the V’s

Go to for more about this issue.