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A Classic Returns – Air Jordan Countdown Pack Carmines

So I didn’t get them. That’s right, you heard me correctly. I didn’t get what could be the most wanted retro-sneaker this year. I am trying so hard to stay on budget and I just couldn’t see them fitting in my already bloated Jordan sneaker budget. 310 dollars for 2 pair of sneakers (when you really only want one pair LOL) is a but much THIS YEAR. Now next year I won’t have to many problems paying 600+ for the one sneaker, but this year its a no-no.

What is funny about what I just wrote is that if Finishline gets more (and they usually do) I might be inclined to get them, but then again I just don’t know.

Anyway, has a nice mini-comparison of the old retro and the original Carmines. I still remember back in the day when I got them on the sales rack at Kings Plaza for 79.99 (and yes they were real cause I got them from a national retail sneaker/sports wear chain) and I really liked them because they were so original and not too many people rocked them (from what I remember). I took them home but since I was getting them for fashion and not play, I ended up taking them back. Why? Because I didn’t have anything that went with them lol. My first pair of Jordans I ever owned taken back because I felt Mama couldn’t really afford to buy them and she could use the money for something else.

Well, anyway, that is my sob story. For those who got the pack, congratulations. Next weekend is the Air Jordan 23 White and Red (the next sneaker holy grail LOL)


OMG: Air Jordan Countdown Pack 6 + 17 = Carmines Takin’ Over

SneakerNews Just Posted This On There Blog! Go See It NOW

Release Date: 05/24/08

The AJ Countdown Pack next to be released this month has the holy grail Air Jordan Carmines as part of the pack. Many sneaker head want this sneaker. Some of you may have never seen them before because the last time they came out, you were not born yet lol The original Carmine was released in 1991 so being that its 2007 that makes 16 years. That is a real long time, no?

I remember buying these when it originally came out and taking it back to Kings Plaza (the same day no less) because it just didn’t match anything I had. The sneaker were on sale and from what I remember, in NYC they were not as popular as they are now. I liked them because they just seemed out there and different. I didn’t know at the time that Jordan played in them during the playoffs. has all the shots you will need of oth sneakers included in the pack. Here is another shot:

I’ll admit that I didn’t like the 17 black suede but these pictures make them look way better. They actually look cool and not too flashy. Its not a smooth look, but it is very close to smooth.

I don’t know if I will get them cause my sneaker budget just can’t handle getting expended… again. I know I’ll pay for it later when I DO get them and they cost 1000 Dollars (but what’s money anyway?)

I have to say one thing… The Carmines have the word AIR in the back, so tell me why so far in all the pictures we have seen of the AJ Countdown Pack 4 + 18 (more specifically the AJ 4 of course) why the AJ 4 does NOT at least have the work AIR on the back of the sneaker? Well, the AJ 4’s have other problems then that I guess so maybe not having AIR underneath the Jumpman logo isn’t the worst thing but it sure looks odd.

In Sneaker News: Business Week Writes An Article On Sneaker Culture

Business Week has written an article on what it means to be a sneakerhead. Long lines, people accusing you of wearing fakes, lots of money spent and so forth. At least people who are well into being sneaker head (unlike myself, I’m a beginner lol), at least they know that according to another article written here that they are leaders as well.

Tell them I sent ya.

In Sneaker News: Is Apparel Doomed? Whats Goning On? And Why Did Mariah Marry Nick Cannon? LOL

With the economy going down… and then up… and then a little up… and then down again, people don’t have as much money to buy those sneakers, shoes, 22’s, suits shirts and pants. Apparel easily becomes the bastard child when it comes to peoples wallets. I mean, come on; if food prices go up, you still got to each and if gas goes up you still got to go to work and have hot water. So while this may be the Year of the Jordan, maybe, just maybe businesses in the world of clothes and footwear might take a hit.

After reading this article here on how apparel business might have a hard time this year, it looks like analysts are counting out businesses in retail and clothing due to all the reasons mentioned above and then some.

Say Good Bye to the 30 and 45 dollar t-shirt?

As you may or may not know last year was the year of color when it came to sneakers and in order to match, all you really had to do was get a t-shirt. In NYC the hottest t-shirt of 07 was the I Love NY t-shirt. You could get any color even though officially there are only 3 (black, white and pink off the official NYC Visitors site). You also still had the left over Brooklyn t-shirts from 06 still around as well in assorted colors. The question I have is what will happen this year? What will happen to the smaller cothing companies and niche brands? If Mariah married Nick Cannon, owner of PNB, will she be in the poor house? What happens to ALIFE, Todd Smith, Creative Recreation and other clothing and footwear lines?

When will it get better? Maybe after taxes come in for 2009. I do think though, that niche brands might not be in too much trouble cause of brand loyalty and he people they focus on has more discretionary money, but who knows. PNB Nation used to be a brand you could get everywhere, but now it is a highly focused clothing brand. Maybe all brands should think about that.

But it looks like Linens ‘n Things won’t make it that far.

For those getting that 300, 600 and 1200 dollar stimulus package rebates, there are PLENTY of businesses setting up to GET AT THAT PAPER offering 300, 600 and 1200 dollar gift certificates… WOWWOW.

Better Pictures of the Air Jordan 23 White and Red ON put up some great close up shots of the next Air Jordan 23 to release and I have to say it is one of the best colorways to come out for AJ23. Well, ok, I actually rather liked the Titaniums and the Black Stealths but this colorway does take second place in the battle of the AJ23 colorways.

The white and red AJ23 is set to release May 31 2008. Make sure you have you budgets set because this will be a limited release. Not sure how limited of a release, but it will be limited.

Also, I can’t tell from any of the pictures if this sneaker has patent leather on it or not.
I hope it does have patent leather… I’m tired of patent leather. Give me suede or give me regular Italian leather (hey, I am paying 185 dollars for this thing so it better be real leather… Italian preferred) not patent leather, please. Their killing me with the patent leather!!!

Nike Urban Jungle Pack… NOW WITH AIR RAID!!!

Thank You!!!!

Saw this sneaker fist on and I was one happy camper when I saw them. This Air Raid sneaker is part of the Urban Jungle Pack that also includes the Court Force, Air Bound, Hurache Runner, Vandal and Sky Force.

The only thing is missing on the Air Raids is the Peace sign as far as I am concerned. I am not as upset as others with the sneaker missing the words LIVE TOGETHER PLAY TOGETHER. I guess Nike is going for something different here… but i still wish they had that peace sign on the strap.

I used to have the OG version of the Air Raids in black… I wonder what I did with those?