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Mighty Green Lion On Sale at Dr. Jays

Nice… and for 60 Bucks!

I must have been sleeping through this one… When did they start selling the Voltron Reebok pack? Well, anyway, while browsing through Dr Jay’s catalog of sneakers and shoes, I saw these and felt I should make a post on them. They are on sale for $60.00 with way more pictures of them. You can get the other lions at Dr Jays to (black, red, yellow and blue)


Get a matching t-shirt too… LOL I need this t-shirt!!!


These Little Moments lists the shoes that Make My Feet Hurt

Try to wear these Betsey Johnsons for more than a minute ladies!

Guys, now you try wearing these shoes LMAO. While I don’t plan on doing it, I feel for the brave ladies who wish to put them on just to end up feeling like someone has used a hammer on their feet after the night is through. These Little Moments (a blog I found on goes into which shoes gave her some hard foot days. This is why, gentlemen, you should drive her to and from the events lol

Get your weight up gentlemen!!!

By the way, ladies, please tell me something; what is it with women saying what shoes they are wearing? They may tell you what outfit, dress, pants and so forth (and even that is a maybe) but the shoes?

Anyway, These Little Moments runs a series of shoe lists of shoe that don’t make the cut for one reason or another. From time to time, I hope to stop by and feature on of them.

I have to say, while those shoes pictured up top look like pain, they still look good. I would be impressed if a lady (a real lady… no Ho ho ho’s allowed) was wearing these.

I wonder if Micheal Jordan will sue cause Betsey Johnson made a shoe using the word Jordan? lol

Converse Chucks x Purcells: Do A Little Something Together

Another great sneaker related post from the bloggers at I never EVER heard of Purcells put apparently its because I have no class lol. Apparently the original news came from a High Snobriety network site called Selectism.

Now I did a search on the site for them and I couldn’t find them at all and it says that they should start shipping worldwide and at a store near you. The post on Selectism was made on May 2nd so they have to be for this season. They show the low tops and the high tops as well.

Very grown and sexy. Adults ONLY lol.

Oh and guess what I found while browsing Selectism other interesting stuff on Kayne West (boy that Kayne West really trying to be the first black billionaire rapper).

You guys might also want to check out this right here too. Some real casual Perrys along with some Vans and another sneaker I don’t recognize lol For the full effect of what is called Court Legends, click here.

Sneakers and Shoes… BRINGING HEAT lol

On Sale: Puma Suede Mid Weave on

From Puma Suede Mid Weave – Price $89.99

This caught my eye while browsing for those casual shoes that I can’t remember the name of… anyway, they style is cool and I like how they made it “weave” (I can’t tell from the pictures if it really is weaved) its weaved, just saw the close up d’uh. That’s one thing I can say about Zappos is that they really take pictures of what you are getting. Front back left right bottom… LOL They could use a couple more close up shots I guess, but they pretty much got the sneaker covered.

From what I see on the site, the sneaker has 2 styles. Both pretty much stand out but have a cool quality too. I haven’t seen these on other sneaker sites so I don’t know when they first came on the scene but there here now.

On Sale: Jordan Countdown Shoe Bag on

$160.00 at

Well hawt darn this is expensive! I don’t know if i would spend that much for a bag that doesn’t do much other than hold a sneaker or 2. I have to admit, when it comes to stuff like this, FinishLine seems to give you your fix. If you want a Jordan backpack that looks allot like the Air Jordan 6, then go and get it (its 160 bucks on As for the other AJ’s in this, i can barely see them. Here is thee description from the site:

This ultimate Jordan accessory is ready for your laptop or medium sized carry items. Jordan VI shoe bottom details and a stitched, magnetic flap closure with iridescent Jumpman, rubber Jordan-XVII-style eyelets and Jordan XX1 embroidery detail. Removable shoulder straps with brushed metal clips and embroidery detail. Fully lined, with an ergonomic Jordan-VI-themed handle. 61% nylon/39% polyurethane.

AJ 16 eyelets h’uh? lol Well, whether you see it or not its still a fresh looking bag. It costs too much for me though but if my sneaker budget wasn’t exploding, I would probably get it just to have it (I can’t imagine actually taking it out the house).

Vanessa and Angela Simmons PASRTY Keeps Doing Its Thing

Well, I am impressed. When Pastry first came out I said to myself, “Dude, another freakin sneaker company?” Yes, that is exactly what I said to myself. I could not even imagine them being close to successful. I wasn’t hating on them specifically, but I sure though the market is getting a little crowded. I mean, what’s next? Reverend Run sneakers? (ok, bad example) G-Unit sneakers Sean John sneakers Gucci sneakers Apple Bottom sneakers Timberland sneakers… ok, I think you get my point.

Anyway, Pastry actually is doing it really well. Their casual sneaker line really looks good. I especially like the Fab Cookie Boot (do not know why its called a boot when it obviously is a high top or mid sneaker) and I especially like the names for the different colorways. Double Chocolate Chip? lol Just saying it makes me wanna get this for my girl, whether she likes them or not.

I also like the Cake Runner shoe but do sort of wish it didn’t have “that air thing” at the back. Every shoe and its mother has “that air thing” for cushioning in the heel area. Some sneaker companies get away with it with the design. New Balance has this thing called Abzorb with clear plastic over the cushioning thing and it looks original. I don’t know. Maybe that’s what people want and sneaker companies just give it to them, but I just think they could be more original about it sometimes.

Did I mention they have those sneaker bags, handbags and now are getting into clothing too? (more…)

Nike Womens Outbreak High Retro… now in pink

(pic from and Yoshi)

I like it. It an odd look but its still interesting enough to get if you a lady of fashion. I like the transparent gum soles. I do wonder how many will get this?

As seen on and you can also see it on with more views of the sneaker. Oh and did I mention that the tongue is see-through?

Women Get All The Luck: Nike Womens Blazer Hi This Fall

(from The Shoe and Yoshi)

This looks so good, I may, for the first time in my adult (or child) male life, get womens sneakers. I am so glad that Nike didn’t go the “pink” way with this or do the soft colors with the colorways.

It looks great all around. The gold and white laces really pop and the materials used for the rest of the sneaker work well. This is a good 8 out of 10 on the scale of 1 to 10.

See more details shot (and to get a look at those laces) head over to The Shoe If you want you can also head toward Yoshi (from

(from and nitro:licious)

You can also see more at They got great shots of the sneaker too. And for the ladies, I will really try to remember to remind you guys that this will come out. You know you will look great in them lol

LOL: Nike Air Yeezy aka the New Kanye West Sneaker

This is a incredible sneaker day! Nike and Kanye West has teamed up and has made this sneaker. Its been talked about for a while now, but this is the first time an actual picture of the sneaker showed up.

The sneaker has shown up on Nicekicks, sneakernews and Individual Sole sneaker sites.

Other than the news that Kayne is talking about his sneakers, the real news to me is what he is wearing while showing off his sneakers. Man, Kayne West can sure come up with some… interesting… outfits.

Take a close up look at this one!

Well, at any rate the sneaker look pretty good. They also look pretty odd, but nevertheless they are still good looking. Not sure about the name (Air Yeezy??? LMAO) The sneaker seems to have some elements of the Air Jordan III and some other sneakers like the Flight 89 and the Air Revolution (I personally only see the AJIII and the Flight’s but also sees the Air Revolution so I’ll put that in there too lol). I am sure this sneaker will not be for everybody but it is still history making in my mind… and yes I know it isn’t the first time an artist has gotten a sneaker deal, but for Nike to do it seems wild to me.

This is just crazy… just crazy… Oh what a world!!! lol at the name of these sneakers… Air Yeezy? Good lawd.


Guess what folks? I found out thanks to Sneakerfiles that the glow in the dark (allot of the coments are positive too)!!! Take a look at what it looks like in the dark lol Now I REALLY can’t wait to see these sneakers! Also on Individual Sole, they show the latest images from the Glow In The Dark Tour as well as what some of the artists are wearing on stage.

On Sale: Nike Air Force 1 Low at BNYC Online (Most Popular in NYC)

Part of the series of AF1 x Barkley sneaker from 2007

Out of all the AIR Force One and Sir Charles Barkley combinations that occurred during the course of 2007, one sneaker stood out from the pack in NYC and that is the one pictured above (and its still available at BNYC in limited sizes for $80 bucks… and no I never shopped there so buyer beware but they seem on the up and up).

I will see these sneakers on at least 2 people every other day LITERALLY. This is almost as high a number as the Air Jordan Aqua 8 release last year.

Not sure why they are more popular than any of the other AF1 x Barkley combinations but the are. Possibly the colors. NYC tends toward solid colors earth tones as well as reds’, greens and blues.

So just to let ya’ll know if you are wondering what footwear trends out out right now that this is one of them. Currently on sale at BNYC Online for 80.00

So incredible! lol

These are definitely  collectibles (mostly because of their popularity, not for their incredible looks LOL) and will bring back memories for those who knew people who wore them as well as those who actually bought them (or wish they did and now want them). If your in NYC they may have some around in some shops in the Bronx (like Burnside Ave, E. Tremont Ave. or Fordham Rd.) or in Brooklyn at Fulton Street Mall otherwise you will have to head over to BNYC Online.

Pony back In The Game

I don’t understand it at all. I guess Pony is back in the game… but what game are they back into? Casual sneakers or are they gonna get into sports? Are they already into sport and have sport sneakers? Too lazy to look so I’ll just say i don’t know. The video is interesting though. Hope no one was hurt in the filming of this video LOL

In Sneaker News: Controversy Over Vogue Cover

Cover for Vogue with Lebron and Gisele

Yes I know this news is old… in fact it mad old. But anyway, here we have a cover that shows Lebron and Gisele “posing together” for the front of the magazine. LeBron seems to be in Basketball mode while Gisele is in model mode. LeBron, who just happens to be Black, is in his aggressive “fighting warrior” stance looking like he is “taking”  Gisele, a white Brazillian model, by the waist. Some how this image as a whole brings up th stereotypes of black men wanting to steal (and eventually rape) the white woman.

If that stereotype isn’t good enough, then what about LeBron being presented as a “threat” and over aggressive? Some say he is being represented as the stereotypical black male who doesn’t smile (LOL) and is always hyper aggressive especially in sports (and I guess dancing and sex). has an article about the situation. For me, the cover looked funny for 3 reasons:

  1. They don’t really look like they are together in the shot. It just looks like 2 separate shots Photoshopped together to work.
  2. LeBron just looks off for the cover of Vogue magazine. He just looks so out of place. It doesn’t even seem to be a picture, more like a moment in the game totally divorce from it original background What is with the hyper-aggressive looks?
  3. Why does the ball look like its about to hit his foot? LMAO

What did Vogue have to say?  They were looking to, “celebrate two superstars at the top of their game” so I am guessing that the concept is 2 people at the top of their game, doing what they do for a living, “posng” wit each other while they are doing their thing.

A great concpet if that is what it is, but I think it wasn’t carried out very well. Even without the controversy, the shot looks forced. Here is Vogue’s video feature explaining the focus of the issue.

No word on how feminists feel about this. Giselle looks like she is totally in some other plane of existence.

I don’t really see all of this and only saw something when others pointed out that they looks like there is more going on here than a bad detached cover.

There are plenty of comments on this subject.  More than 100 comments. Many of them are insightful and very interesting. You should take a look.

So is this cover racist? Does it bring the steroetype of the black man being the wild ape animal wanting the beautiful white woman? Here is a picture of what people are talking about:

Vogue Comparision To King Kong

Your thoughts? I think its really not there and its is really being forced. I can say that with all the controversy, I do wonder what’s up… Oh and can anybody figure out what sneakers LeBron is wearing? Looks more like the IV ‘s than the V’s

Go to for more about this issue.

In Sneaker News: Nike Strike Ends But There Is Violence

 Nike strike ends in Vietnam, contract factory remains closed after worker brawl – Yahoo! Malaysia News

Monty Python Rabbit with Pointy Teeth Slippers

Can the title be more misleading? Well as the story goes the workers at a Nike factory went on strike for about 2 days. The strike ended but as the workers wre on their way back to work, there was a fight.

About 17,000 of the Ching Luh plant’s 21,000 employees reported to work Wednesday morning after the labor union and management of the Taiwanese-owned plant reached an agreement to increase monthly wages by 100,000 dong (US$6) amid record-high inflation, said Pham Thi Lap, head of the labor union of southern Long An province in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, where the plant is located.

But after a brawl broke out following a spat between a former worker and a security guard, police were called in and the plant was closed, Lap said. No one was seriously injured, but several workers were beaten during the melee, she added.

I found somewhere how much it costs for Nike to make its sneakers and it seemed legit. It was something like 10 dollars a shoe. If I find a link or a video about it, I’ll post it here. The workers and their union managed to get a raise and now get 65 dollars an hour week month. I don’t know how much 65 dollars a month goes in Vietnam but in NYC it would get you 2 slices of pizza and a drink. Damn sure wont get you a 184.99 pair of Jordans. But they do get free lunches according to the article (and according to the workers the lunches before the deal sucked lol).