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On Flickr: Goin’ To the Chapel by m_stancel

This was one of the most popular clicks for Flickr a few days ago. I just thought I would high-light it since is those love to sneakers and shoes. The real special part is that this was for a wedding. Yes the groom was wearing the adidas shell.

Photo by m_stancel


On Sale: Finishline has the Air Jordan PHLY High Basketball Shoe

For whatever reasons, I do not see this around allot. I have seen in one a few people, but no where near as many as I thought their would be. I go downtown tomorrow (a place I haven’t been in a while) and I hope to see that at least the stores are carring them.

Finishline has 3 different colorways. As far as national sneaker and sports retailers who sell online, I have only seen the Jordan PHLY on Finishline. Maybe I missed it somehow. I have seen colorways for the sneaker that is pure heat, but they are not on sale online.


The Air Jordan PHLY is a tribute to a highschool coach who got Jordan on the right track. You won’t believe that Jordan being cut from teams and not being number one for the draft, but that is what happened. Skill is a great thing to have, but you need drive too. Talk about failing and turning it into success (but isn’t that what failing is all about?)