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LeBron Does An Interview With The Life Files… and yes, theLBJ VII sneakers were mentioned

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(and this)

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So the new LeBrons have released and the world tour begins. Now an interview with young upstart lifestyle web blog The.LIFE Files. What next? parnerships with Nike, Coke? And you see how he is talking about his brand, not him making deals directly with these company. Very interesting.

Nike Air Max LeBron VII 7

(best colorway so far… I swear lol)

I give LeBron credit for this. I was not feeling how he behaved at the end of the finals but he seems to have a good head on his shoulders and I guess that was just a slip in behavior for someone who likes to win (who doesn’t like to win? lol its what you do when you lose that makes you a champion… at least thatt’s what I tell the kids). I look forward to the next season.

That Lebron first Nike contract money…
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LeBron VII Mania Sweeps The Sneaker Web – More Than A Game

More Than A Game World Tour

(wow… this may be the best LeBron ever to come out)

I am waiting to see what’s next and what people are saying about it… so I am gonna let things cool off for a minute before writing the wrap up. I have to say though, they really giving this sneaker a hollywood debut, that’s for sure. So far most of the colorways shown online look pretty good. Stay tunes tomorrow for a wrap up of the Lebron VII with all videos and colorways(so far)  and OF COURSE what people are saying… and not saying… about the sneaker.

Until then!!!!

On Sale: Nike Zoom LeBron VI Low at Eastbay

Celbrity Feet Lebron James Nike Zoom Lebron VI Low

(the internets likes… but maybe wearing your own MVP shirt was a bit much)

I am not a fan of the LBJ VI Lows but this particular colorway just makes the sneaker shine. I guess there is much to be said about a white/black with red colorway that just screams “buy me” and “wear me”.

Nike Zoom LeBron VI Low in Red

(^^^nice looking kicks… best colorway so far^^^)

As for LeBron walking around with the LBJ MVP t-shirt… I had no problem with it, but I can understand some comments made on Sneakernews post about it being “cheesy” that he was wearing his own MVP tee. Whatever… the outfit worked and I have to admit that the tee looks real nice. I like the RUN DMC reference too. Can’t go wrong with that.

LeBron VI Low in white(the white ones look pretty good too)

(but they sold out of them)

On sale for $89.99 of which isn’t a bad price. I don’t know if you can play in them like Kobe’s low tops, but its worth a shot lol

New LeBron VII! Now With Flywire!

Nike Air Max LeBron VII 7

(this has ALLOT of potential with colorways)

(and you know LeBron and Nike can come up with colorways)

You know LeBron had his down moments this year loosing to Dwight Howard’s team in the finals, and that terrible display of sportsmanship for not shaking hands for the winners and no press conference (and some crap about winners don’t like to loose… winners don’t like to wine about losing either), but this maybe his comeback sneaker.

Not only is it using flywire but it seems to also be using the new Air Max bag. What, no more Zoom? No more double stacked Zoom either? Not sure if that is a good move but I will have to wait for more info. I have to admit my Air Max 2009+ is FAR more comfortable than the Air Max 360 (and that is saying allot because the 360 was pretty comfortable).

I wonder if Brand Jordan is watching… can’t even IMAGINE  a Air Jordan line with a Air Max cushion for comfort.

And here is another strange thing that may not last too long… the LeBron branding Lion isn’t anywhere to be seen.


What If??? LeBron V’s In A New Colorway

What If? LeBron V in new colorway

(you can’t tell me that these kicks aren’t fresh!)

(BP of NikeTalke did it again!!!)

Lebron + 60 Minutes = An Hour Of Must See TV

(I’ll be at work – probably – at that time so i am setting the DVR for this)

S&S Sports Sunday: Karl Does Talk Show, Superman For MVP,

So who should get the MVP or the defensive player of the year?

(I mean… damn, Wade just keeps hittin them.. Superman?)

LT Stays A San Diego Bolt

LT Stays A Bolt

(does LT even have a sneaker deal? Too lazy to look it up)

Girlfriend helps College Player Get in NBA

Girlfirend Helps Hoopster Get Into NBA

(I think every guy needs a gal to back them in the paint like that)

(hope this don’t end up like and episode on The Game)

Yup, a week later, Vick’s house is still up for sale. Don’t expect his sneakers to ever come out. Whoever got samples of them probably got a 2000+ dollar sneaker in their hands. Anyway… Dwane Wade is STRAIGHT KILLIN THEM right now. And don’t make him mad cause you will loose your 14+ point lead in the fourth quarter (right Knicks?).  And LT man, I am not sure what all the hub-bub is about but I am glad he is still playing. Its always exciting to watch him play.

Also lets give a round of applause to the lady who is helping her boyfriend get into the NBA. I am sure that is not an easy thing to do. now that they did a whole news story on it, you know the haters and just plane jeouls ones are oing to put ideas into her head and is she and her boyfriend is not carefule, it WILL be just like an episode of The Game 9currently on the CW in NYC but moving to BTE I think this fall)

In other news… (more…)

Nike Zoom Lebron 5 Low & Soldier 2 Camo from Nickekicks

As seen on I like this. I am not a fan of the LeBron V low or the Soldier 2 but this does lok good. If you like what the LeBron Soldier 2 then you should see the LeBron V low. Its ok, but not as cool as the Soldier.