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zoe&zac Gets It – Women Has Footwear On Top Of Head


(lets get more ladies doing that)

Now this is just interesting, don’t you think? Is the sneaker culture slowly (but at a quicker pace) penetrating the ass minds of society? Are we going to see more articles on sneakerheads? Maybe some articles exposing someone wearing fakes thinking that they are real (I’m looking at you Big Boi LMAO)? ladies, anybody a little more interested in zoe&zac because of this picture? Would you buy this:



On Sale: JUMP Shangai Shoe on Zappos

JUMP Shangai Shoe

Price of Admission: $100.50

(.50 cents added to the flat $100 price seems odd lol)

On Sale: Sweet Life By Dolce Vita Lace Heel

Sweet Life By Dolce Vita Lace Heel

Admission Price $128

On Sale: Sam Edelman Lombard Bootie on Urban Outfitters

Sam Edelman Lombard Bootie

Admission Price: $99.99 (on super sale from $168)

On Sale: Christian Louboutin Robot 120 Ankle Boots

Christian Louboutin Robot 120 ankle boots

Price of Admission: $1,295

(a nice look for the ladies, right guys?)

Oh man, I have been so slacking in posts. Trying to work out school life, my new schedule, taking a break from school and how it will effect my finish time… but anyway, you aint come here to read all of that, you came to see sneakers and shoes (and other related items). Well, I have been ignoring the ladies in the shoe department for a while now, so here you go.

And guys are complaining about Kayne West Lious V sneakers??? Ladies, tell us guys what prices you pay for footwear LOL What’s even funnier is that I don’t see these shoe makers tell you ANYTHING about some technology that went into the shoe to make them comfortable. Just because women have a higher tolerance for pain doesn’t mean they don’t want “Zoom Air” in there 6″ high heels.

But hey… that’s they way things are I guess. For now. First seen on Roc4Life (they got a social website now too??? can’t stop the social movement I guess lol)

Christian Louboutin Wants To Make Sneaker… Apparently

Christian Louboutin Sneakers

(would you buy?)

(possible look at first ever sneaker from the shoe maker)

(what kind of shoes does Christian Louboutin make? video below)

(wonder if the bottom is red?)

High Heels: Upward Trend Alarms Docs

This is for the ladies in the house. If you are thinking about wearing the 8″ heel next summer, maybe you will think twice about them.

Take care of those feet.

Paris Hilton Puts Out… A Shoe Collection

I wasn’t sure if I should post this considering that this is old news… and the shoes don’t look particularly good… but I figure, “hey maybe someone who wants to know about it, didn’t know they came out”.

Again, looking for a video on Yahoo Video, I came across the Paris collection. I sort of wished it was showing what she has in her closet as opposed to what shoe she was pushing, but hey you can’t win them all.

Paris Hilton Flair ($93.00 at

You can get the Paris Hilton Collection at I like the Flair and the Chico… but what do I know, I’m a guy.

Interesting… House Of Nassat Crochet Boots

I have no words for this… as seen on Highsnobette.

On Sale: Nicholas Kirkwood Lattice Front Shoe with Buckle

Nicholas Kirkwood strikes again!!! These are some nice shoes right here. Browns has them for sale for 470.00. these are some straight grown and sexy shoes for the ladies. I have no idea of what you can wear with these cause the shoes seem very detailed, but you would defiantly would catch my eye if you were earing them.

As seen on the website Browns.

Let It Rain!!! Swims City Slippers

This is pretty cool. Something to cover your ladies high heel work shoes. You can’t go wrong here if its raining lightly (I doubt these will help much in a normal rain or down pour). These rain proof slip on cover your ladies shoes at the cost of… 90 dollars? Wait let me look at that again… yes 90 bucks. I’m a little lost as to why they cost so much, but they look good. They come in different colors and such so you can match. First seen on Trashbag

Incredible!!! And its not even raining and she is wearing them! But that doesn’t stop men from wearing basketball sneakers off the court.

Swims also has umbrellas, mens shows and such. Check out Swims site for more.

Streetwear Tees For The Ladies: Dangerously Beautiful

HELLO!!! What pair of sneaker would you wear with this ladies?

As seen on Trashbag Aesthetics, Dangerously Beautiful is making sure the ladies gets there t-shirt game on. All I am waiting to see is some sneaker shirts for the ladies. I mean if you can have lady rappers talking about Jordan history, I think there is a market for ladies sneaker t-shirts.

I am going to try to follow the trend (or fad… depending on how long it lasts) of lady sneaker tees. This could be interesting.

On Sale: Nicholas Kirkwood EXCLUSIVE Lizard Skin Shoe at Browns

Never heard of Nicholas Kirkwood before EVER but I will be following the company from now on. This shoe is fabulous and I will be blogging about it on my other more grown and sexy blog for professional gentlemen (once I do the grand re-opening LOL).

These shoes cost $550 dollars of which is pretty high but considering the cost of most couture shoes, the price is pretty low. The detail of this shoe is great and the colors work well to me. Here a link to more of Kirkwood’s creations. Description of the shoe as follows:

Grey lizard skin shoe. Square toe. Metal straps and the panels of lizard skin sits across the front of the shoe. A zip fastening runs up the back. High heel. 100% Leather 100% Lizard skin, Zip fastening. Square toe, Italian sizes and 5 Inch heels.

So what do you think ladies? Is this something you would wear?

Puma x Sergio Rossi Capsule Collection… Interesting!!!

(this one is the best looking one out of all of them)

I wanted to say “WOW” considering that this is a sneaker company making high heel shoes that have a sort of sneaker quality but they are sort of more “interesting” than “wow”. Nevertheless it is defiantly noteworthy and is DEFIANTLY a collectible if you are into all footwear like I am.

Set to release next year (unless the world goes into the Great Depression II) spring/summer ’09. As seen on Trashbag Aesthetics via

As Seen On High Sbobette: Martin Margiela Does It Agian… With Mirrors

I don’t have too many words for this other than this looks nice. A real calm shoe for the ladies. Not to flashy… except for the mirror finish on the heels LOL Ladies I do not know how you will pull this off but maybe Ms Rice can help you out with that… you have to read about it at Snobette (but I am sure some of you already seen it)

On Sale: Baby Phat Women’s Cat Duchess on Eastbay

WOOOOOW what a find while browsing the casual gear for men and women on Eastbay (I have to remind myself to do the same thing with Finishline and Nordstrom next week). I said it before and I’ll say it again, I love Baby Phat. These shoes look real nice and I can’t imagine why one of my lady friends wouldn’t want to wear these fabulous shoes.

There are plenty of sizes left and they are on sale for 79.99 of which I think is pretty good.

Description of the Baby Phat Women Cat Duchess

Get your feet ready for the cooler weather without compromising your feminine style. The Baby Phat Cat Duchess is a sleek ankle boot made with a patent PU uppper and a softly pointed closed toe with subdued center seam detail. There is a faux leather lining and cushioned faux-leather-topped insole. The 1/4″ midsole has a shiny gleam that complements the 4.5″ thin heel and smooth textile sole.

Nice, real nice.

Tory Bursh Gemma Peep Toe – Wow

This one is for the ladies. I do not know how harsh this one will be on your feet, but that is what good footcare is for LOL. I like the way it looks, but I am not sure I would notice a lady wearing them. I think a lady wearing these would have to make sure that her legs are showing (YES!!! LET ME SEE THOSE LEGS).

You used be able to find them on eLuxury (I forget the price but it was up there in the 500+ range) but they are gone. I guess they didn’t make too many pairs of them or they were quite popular.

LMAO they are not Maisons, they are from Tory Bursh and are called Gemma Peep Toe and they cost 350.00. Plenty of sizes left from 6 to 11

You can still check out Maison Martin Margiela shoes on

Just keep in mind the shoe pictured above are from Tory Bursh LOL


I may be wrong about the name of the shoe… I was wrong, sorry Tory Bursh! I told yall I’m backed up in sneakers and shoes LMAO I don’t even remember where I saw this at.

Lisa Leslie First Team Player To Have 4 Golds Plays Her Last Olympics

I somehow missed the ladies games and in particular the gold metal game. I would have loved to see that for the last time. Lisa Leslie, along with her team, keeps Olympic gold for Team USA and for her final ceremony she wears all four golds on the podiam.

Some of the other players on the team include Tina Thomson, Candace Parker, and Kara Lawson.

Lisa Leslie: First team sport athlete (male or female) in Olympic history to win gold metals in 4 consecutive Olympic games. What an accomplishment.

On Sale: Baby Phat Women’s City Cat Vulcanized High at Finishline

Ladies, you need this! Price $44.99 (not bad)

Owe man this looks pretty good. I do wonder how it looks with the sides not all rolled up.  Anyway, this sneaker really looks nice. Its sort of plain but detailed at the same time. I can’t put my finger on it but these just looks so fashionable to me. I know I’m a guy (at least I think I should know that by now) but I am sure that some lady out there must agree with me.

I LOVE Baby Phat on a woman!!!

A Pastry Party (from 2007)


Don’t know if you are interested, but i figured I post it. Sandra Rose got lots of pictures of a Pastry 2007 Event. If you want to check them out the click here. This is for the ladies who come to my little ole blog.

Oh and by the way, if you want to see some video action, Pastry released a music video (recently) so click here to watch it.

Oh and if you are interested, there is a super sale on a very nice looking (in my opinion) sneaker. I like the colorway. See below:

For $48.99 (was 70 Dollars) with sizes 6 – 11 left

On Sale: Honduras Python Ballet

I sort of get the idea of the cutesy shoes. You are in your ballet shoes and your trying to be the lady who walks on their tippy toes and who are as skinny as hell, you should probably get these. Theyscream, “look at me and how dainty I am!” How did these things get popular anyway?

What cracks me up even more is that I will see women walking in these things in the rain or on their way to work. Are they that comfortable that they can be worn all day and in the rain too?

Well, here is a pair that I like. Look like gators with the  daintiness of a petite woman flinging herself around the air.

They come in 3 different designs and the cost, get this: $95 Dollars 100% leather, from Italy. High class ladies. If your going for the light and airy look, you might as well take it there and get these.

Trying To Understan How It Works: MBT Women’s Chapa GTX

Weird and expensive sneakers for the ladies… 230 Bucks!!!!

This is an awkward looking sneaker. I do wonder how exactly this works. If it does work so well, why hasn’t anybody thought of it before? And for 240 bucks, its a really expensive experiment to find out if it really works for you or not. I’m not in a position (not yet… but I’m getting there) to buy it and then tell you about it so I guess I’m just going to have to leave it there.

They are interesting. Here is the description from

Every step you take in the MBT Chapa GTX helps tone and trim your legs while reducing strain on your feet, knees, back and entire body. Developed with extensive research, this is not your typical shoe. They are a completely new concept… the first ever physiological footwear. Essentially, they activate your body’s support and postural muscles, which means that your muscles will work more, you’ll have less strain on your joints, and you’ll just plain feel better! The rounded outsole features a key pivot point that generates natural rolling movement in the foot for even weight distribution. The MBT Chapa GTX features a rich nubuck leather and single-layer mesh upper with Dry & Cool mesh inserts for structured yet breathable support. Special antimicrobial treatment on the foam sockliner reduces odor, prolonging the life of the shoe. Glass-fiber shank provides firm support overlaid with an EVA midsole that molds to your foot. Durable, rubber outsole with lightweight cushion and traction.

Gore-Tex is part of the deal too. Weatherproof baby! I have a feeling that these work out and/or casual type sneakers will be popular. Made for walking folks.

Oh and I don’t know who is MBT… research that later.

On Sale: The Chinese Laundry A-List at

Not too sure about the name of the company, but the ladies shoe looks real nice. It also looks painful, but its still nice. Besides, you can always use the toe spreader if your toes end up being crushed by the shoe.

It comes in 3 different colors and they seem to have the standard sizes left. As a guy, I think I would love to see my lady in this. Again, I don’t know how bad this will hurt your toe-toes, but how long are you going to wear them anyway? lol

Chinese Laundry A-List at Zappos for $100.00 (not too bad). For more from Chinese Laundry (who decided to call their company this? lol) click here.

On Sale: Converse Bliss Canvas in Green on My Shoe Store

Keds Bliss Canvas Hi Wedge on sale at My Shoe Store

Wow, I didn’t know Keds made heeled womens shoes. I was sort of amazed when I saw the picture and the description of the shoe (of which is a cross between a sneaker and a dress shoe). It looks really nice. I can’t front on it/ I think the ladies should consider getting this. I can’t tell how comfortable it is by looking at it though, but then again, I don’t wear heels lol

You know what I need to do next? I need to find out what exactly is the different between Pro Keds and Keds. Is there a difference? Are they the same sneaker company? I think it would have to be the same sneaker company but they seem totally separated from what I see. anyway, I will have to look into that one.