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Nike Sunray Protect (2c-10c) Girls’ Sandal… save the kids!!!

(I don’t think it has air though… lol)

NikeStore stikes again… this time with a kiddie sneaker/sandal combo. Just for $30 bucks. More info HERE


Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez’s Son Got Nice Shoes

Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez’s Son Max Out and About

(yall recognize those AJ’s?)

Shape-Changing Shoe Design Grows as Your Feet Grow

Shape-Changing Shoe Design Grows as Your Feet Grow

(why not have a shoe tht shape changes??? lol)

I Have Such a backlog in sneaker and shoe posts that its crazy! While browsing the net in search of some cool kicks to post about, I find these bad boys on

What is it called,  you ask? Inchworm.


How Come The Kids Get All The Good Stuff? Skechers Damager – Police

Now how many kids a day do I see wearing these? Allot. If its not this or some Heely’s, is some other sort of lite-up sneakers. The Skechers cost 40 dollars. Not allot of sizes left (in fact there is just one size left on the Skechers site)

Lookee What I Found: UP Streetdance Club Skechers 3 Champions

Nice… While searching for a video commercial on Skechers flashing light kids sneakers (more on that later), I found this. Pretty nice. It is from a year or so ago but its still cool. Video posted by c2apple01

We Are All Doomed: Larry Byrd Skechers

I just saw this commercial and thought I heard wrong… but I wasn’t wrong. I was so right. I am not sure the kids will be all over this. I mean, will they even know who Larry Byrd is?

I guess time will tell. For me, this just confirms just how big the footwear market has become for the kiddies. Everybody is trying to get their foot in there. As soon as I see them online I’ll post a picture here.