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HighSnob has Video Of Kanye West x Louis Vuitton

(they still to expensive for me lol)

Nice. More info here – Kanye West for Louis Vuitton


Now These I Want: Nike Air Yeezy in Black-Black and Pink Interior

Nike Air Yeezy in Black with Grey and Pink

(these sneakers are just amazing to look at… why are they limited???)

(a little crouded and bulky but still amazing)

When the whole idea of this sneaker came out, I was thinking to myself, yeah right this will work. I sure thought the name Air Yeezy was a crazy name to come up with (for better or worst). After a while the whole concept has grown on me. I am loving the materials, the shape and form, the colors are pretty on point and finally THE SOLES GLOW IN THE DARK. A nice touch to a nice sneaker.

Not too sure about the release of this colorway, but the  Zen Grey Air Yeezy’s release this Saturday so if your going to get them, give it a shot then.

In Case You Wasn’t Sure – Nike Air Yeezy Does Glow In The Dark

Nike Air Yeezy GLOWS!!!

(man, I was laughing at these sneakers at first… now I may have to eat my words)

Nike Air Yeezy in black and silver with pink

(damn you Yeezy!!!!)

Where Are You Yeezy?

As seen on Kayne Blog via Nicekicks (check those comments on Nicekicks lol too much)  and High Snob

Air Yeezy: The Colors… Colors Colors Colors

Nike Air Yeezy in black and silver with pink

(lets give another sneaker blog some shine – Simply Sneakers)

I am going to post more on this cause I think this is a history making sneaker even though it may not be for everybody. Personally the only colorway I would get is the one pictured above (yeah it has pink in it… why Kayne, why?) . The other colorways that you can see all over the net from The Shoe Game to Sneakernews and Nicekicks are pretty cool and all, but its just not my style color wise.

Oh and don’t foget that these sneakers glow in the dark.

By the way, the colors reference is from the Ice T song Colors… lol you aint get that stop frontin

When Will The Nike Air Yeezy Release???

(from and some other sources… as you can see lol)

So far I have not read when they will come out. I have been getting well over 100 hits a day on this subject and at many times its has been the most popular subject being searched for… so when they coming out? I know somebody has to know.

This is a sneaker that I was totally LOL when I first heard about it. Another rapper trying to do what Jay-Z did with those classic S. Carters from Reebok that sold out in days (and no one since has really matched that appeal), but I have grown to love (and sort of hate) these sneakers. I know one thing: I will be getting a pair, no question about that.

If you wanna see what the sneaker blogs are saying about this, then see what I consider the Fab Four of Sneaker Sites are saying about the sneaker.


(lots of info and pictures)


(even more info and pictures including the sneaker breakdown)


The Shoe

(these guys are really into Jordans and SB’s and anything sneaker including Yeezy’s)



(where to go for anything sneaker and maybe you can catch a Yeezy or 2)


Yup, this is is the year of Yeezy (LMAO at the name for the sneaker… that is still funny to me). I do wonder how much they will cost? There will obviously be multiple colorways so there will be choices available in case the first colorway that comes out isn’t a favorite of yours.