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High Heels: Upward Trend Alarms Docs

This is for the ladies in the house. If you are thinking about wearing the 8″ heel next summer, maybe you will think twice about them.

Take care of those feet.


So Cal Air Force ones: Most Expensive Sneaker

I must have missed this one somehow, but here it is. Its pretty cool. not sure about putting gems on my sneaker just for me to walk around in them and loosing all those crystals.

Anyway, just thought I would post it to let you guys know its out there. As seen on Street Knowledge.

A sneaker customization company called Laced Up started a program called Solitaire Kicks made them.

Fall Preview of the New Balance MT580 – Sneakers and Information » New Balance MT580 Fall ‘08 Preview

I think my Mom would like these. She is just WAY into new Balance. The only problem I think is that these things are so tough. I think Mamma need more cushioning than walking on Cross Trainers made for… well, running Cross Country (I used to do that and believe me, I wish I had a pair of these… stepping on rocks, tree roots and branches throws you off AND it hurts). All my Mom is doing is walking in them.

Well, anyway the different styles is shown on The Shoe I’m not sure why many sneaker blogs talk about these New Balance sneakers, but I guess the old school NB have more history.

So What’s Up With The Cool Grey Spiz’ikes?

One of the best colorways for the Spiz’ike (not the best, but close to it) has been released in Europe and seems to continue to be released in more countries that are NOT the US lol. So when will these release here? I don’t know and it sure hasn’t shown up on any of the other sneaker blogs (they have been in the mix for years longer than I have).

Anyway, Sneakerfiles has way more shots of the sneakers and below Sneakgeekz has a video of the sneaker too. I’m telling you, this thins is real good looking. Plus it will go with everything i got (almost). Can’t go wrong with grey lol

Nice, h’uh? You get to see the Cool Grey and what I call the African red and white Spizikes. I’m telling you its all good. 2008 is gonna be so hot!!!

On Sale Air Jordan Countdown Pack 17 + 6 (Of Which Includes Carmines)

For more pics, click here for

Ladies and gentlmen, here it is. Quite possibly the most wanted Countdown pack of the year, the Air Jordan 6 and the Air Jordan 17’s. Already sold out on Finishline (then again sometimes they get more after like 4-5 am at their online site) and currently still available on Eastbay and Nikestore (as per

For me, I never really planned on truely getting them, but since so many sneaker heads are calling this the re-release of the holy grail of sneakers (this is the first retro of the Carmines) and I do want to start a real sneaker collection, I was thinking maybe I’m wrong and I should pony up the money while its still avialable. yeah, I know; that sounds so lame that I am getting something cause everybody else wants it, but I seriously want my collection to be stuff I like while also having a high value that others would want too. getting all these sneakers is sort of a investment (only if the value of my sneakers increases of course)

Great video of the sneakers from Sneakgeekz on YouTube

As you can see, this is a very special year for Air Jordan and those who know this are buying Jordans like crazy. I already spent about 1000 Dollars on Jordans alone this year and will definality be spending another 640 AT LEAST before the year is out.

So much for getting a Alienware computer this year! lol I better settle for a Dell XPS or something to hold me over until next year (I just hate the idea of buying a computer and then the next year buying another one when I know how to put one together myself… but I really want an Alienware and I really need a new computer… Damn, I am going to be poor this year!). If Air Jordan had its own stock quote, I would have defiantly bought some stock cause they must be rolling in money.

Anyway, The pack has release and is popular. I actually saw 2 people wearing them today and totally expect many more sightings tomorrow. Much like in the past when the Carmines originally released, it will be hard to find something that will go with these sneakers. I suggest light blue jeans or shorts and a white tee. A black or white and red tee shirt will work too. Also what will work are some light tan pants. Everybody I saw wearing them today was wearing light tan pants.

T-Shirt Examples (sold on Eastbay by Jordan)

Jordan Men’s Countdown 6/17 Tee


Jordan Men’s Countdown 6/17 Tee


Jordan Men’s Countdown 6/17 Tee


Real smooth. I am willing to bet that I see the AJ6’s way more than the AJ17’s. Being that this is the holiday weekend, I also suspect that there will be a whole bunch of people out. Lets see what they will be wearing.

Air Jordan Retro VI (6) Olympic Video and Pictures

Call it the Rainbow Jordan, or call it Gay pride… whatever, the bottom line is that after seeing the video from SneakGeekz aka MaplewoodBootCamp made this look good. I’m telling you for real, these sneakers looked like colorful crap from almost every picture I saw. The Shoe Game showed some pictures that look better but then I saw that thing on the toe and wondered why in the hell did Jordan put it on there.

You see that thing on the toe? what is that? Imma goona have ta look that up. someone has got to explain why this thing is there and what it means. There has to be some meaning behind it.

Also, in case you didn’t see, this thing has so much patent leather that it will literally will turn into one big wrinkle after wearing it LOL.

Ok, ok, the sneaker does look good, I’m just very upset at this emblem at the toe. The video makes it look like it won’t be so bad when its on your feet, but I guess I will have to see for myself.

Yeah, ok it looks good…. see more on


Did you here him talk about the Cool Grey Spiz’ikes? did he say they wanted 4000 for it or 400? Either is pretty steap (but 400 is at least a item that can be fit into someones budget… but not 4000!!! That’s a trip for 4 to Florida!!!)

Madfoot Idolator Hi Looks Good in Plaid

As seen on High

I think that just like the Air Jordan Fusion V’s that are coming out with that summer plaid look, these Madfoot Idolator’s look great. I think its only for the summer as it would look very odd in the summer to me.

High Snobriety has more shots of these sneakers and believe me they all (mostly) look good. They also tell you were to get it. Tell me why I thought one of them had a side pocket lol!!!

On Flickr: Giant Converse by Converse and Company

Its a giant converse! Look OUT!!!

Converse and company has some very interesting shots of an old classic. He (she or they) have a set called Converse Giant with 6 shots. I like the shots and will try to follow the photo set if it gets updated.

If you wanna see all the Flickr shots I like (from sneaker, shoes, cars, rims, architecture and other interesting photography) then check my account on Flickr. If you guys don’t have a Flickr account, you should get one.

Air Jordan 1 Mid Premium looking a little sweet!!!

Air Jordan 1 Mid Premium – GS – Grey Violet – Sunburst – White on

This is for the ladies!!! I would wear them ONLY at a sneaker meet and greet just to show off lol. First seen on, the site says this sneaker is for the ladies.

Nothing else to say about this for me. I like it and that’s that. Check out for more info and pictures.

On Sale: Puma Suede Mid Weave on

From Puma Suede Mid Weave – Price $89.99

This caught my eye while browsing for those casual shoes that I can’t remember the name of… anyway, they style is cool and I like how they made it “weave” (I can’t tell from the pictures if it really is weaved) its weaved, just saw the close up d’uh. That’s one thing I can say about Zappos is that they really take pictures of what you are getting. Front back left right bottom… LOL They could use a couple more close up shots I guess, but they pretty much got the sneaker covered.

From what I see on the site, the sneaker has 2 styles. Both pretty much stand out but have a cool quality too. I haven’t seen these on other sneaker sites so I don’t know when they first came on the scene but there here now.

On Sale: Nike Mad Jibe on

As seen on, you can get these quite nice casual sneakers at (it is also available at Proper too). Not bad for $89.99

I think they look pretty nice. My Mom commented on them and was wondering if they came in a wide, but OF COURSE NIKE doesn’t make sneaker with widths (watch for a rant on this in the coming weeks) so she probably won’t be able to fit in them comfortably. As for me,I have been looking for a casual sneaker/shoe that I can chill in while still looking grown AND sexy and these might be it. They sort of look like those… man I can’t remember what they are called. Well, anyway, they are smooth and you can go to work in them and it won’t be a problem.

The Mad Jibe will have to wait for next year for me though, I already have those Vans for my chillin set and a pair of Creative Recreations will round out my sexy casual look. Although I do need a pair of sneaker shoes like these Mad Jibe’s though… I’ll have to think about it (probably get a mid-top timbo dress casual sneaker/shoe).

Rockwell x Alife x Patta RAP Everybody Mid on Individual Sole

Videos and pictures thanks to Individual Sole!

I have to put Alife on my sneaker budget somehow. I don’t know how since its pretty tight with all those Jordans (this is the year of the Jordan after all) but I have to try. I really like the Everybody Mid.

Vanessa and Angela Simmons PASRTY Keeps Doing Its Thing

Well, I am impressed. When Pastry first came out I said to myself, “Dude, another freakin sneaker company?” Yes, that is exactly what I said to myself. I could not even imagine them being close to successful. I wasn’t hating on them specifically, but I sure though the market is getting a little crowded. I mean, what’s next? Reverend Run sneakers? (ok, bad example) G-Unit sneakers Sean John sneakers Gucci sneakers Apple Bottom sneakers Timberland sneakers… ok, I think you get my point.

Anyway, Pastry actually is doing it really well. Their casual sneaker line really looks good. I especially like the Fab Cookie Boot (do not know why its called a boot when it obviously is a high top or mid sneaker) and I especially like the names for the different colorways. Double Chocolate Chip? lol Just saying it makes me wanna get this for my girl, whether she likes them or not.

I also like the Cake Runner shoe but do sort of wish it didn’t have “that air thing” at the back. Every shoe and its mother has “that air thing” for cushioning in the heel area. Some sneaker companies get away with it with the design. New Balance has this thing called Abzorb with clear plastic over the cushioning thing and it looks original. I don’t know. Maybe that’s what people want and sneaker companies just give it to them, but I just think they could be more original about it sometimes.

Did I mention they have those sneaker bags, handbags and now are getting into clothing too? (more…)

Nike Womens Outbreak High Retro… now in pink

(pic from and Yoshi)

I like it. It an odd look but its still interesting enough to get if you a lady of fashion. I like the transparent gum soles. I do wonder how many will get this?

As seen on and you can also see it on with more views of the sneaker. Oh and did I mention that the tongue is see-through?

Women Get All The Luck: Nike Womens Blazer Hi This Fall

(from The Shoe and Yoshi)

This looks so good, I may, for the first time in my adult (or child) male life, get womens sneakers. I am so glad that Nike didn’t go the “pink” way with this or do the soft colors with the colorways.

It looks great all around. The gold and white laces really pop and the materials used for the rest of the sneaker work well. This is a good 8 out of 10 on the scale of 1 to 10.

See more details shot (and to get a look at those laces) head over to The Shoe If you want you can also head toward Yoshi (from

(from and nitro:licious)

You can also see more at They got great shots of the sneaker too. And for the ladies, I will really try to remember to remind you guys that this will come out. You know you will look great in them lol

Maybe It’s My Fault – New Brand Jordan Commercial

I think the video says allot. I’ll admit, as corny as it sounds, I find myself a little (ok allot) inspired. When you are trying to get to a place in your life where you are doing what you want, how you want it and where you want it, sometimes you forget that on your way to success there WILL be many failures and non-goal reaching. Heck, those failures had BETTER be something you learned from otherwise it is a real failure rather than a set-back.

Yeah, you got to work hard, get up in the morning, exercise, read, write, study and so forth. Most importantly, you got to recover from those failures setbacks, learn from them and keep going toward your finish line.

It sure does look easy when you see some of those rich and famous people; those sports stars and rock stars, but the truly successful work real hard at it.

How many shots did Jordan miss? How many turnovers? Didn’t he want to play baseball really bad? How many business ventures did he go into? Does anybody here remember Micheal Jordan restaurant? Is that even around anymore (there is still one in Grand Central Station in NYC)?

First saw this video on The Shoe

Become Legendary!!!

PS: Being legendary doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody knows your name. You can be legendary to your friends, your family, and your community.

I Was Just Thinking About This!!! – Nike Air Max x Nike Air Max Plus TN

Air Max 97-Tn aka The Air Max Combo

HAWT!!! Only available at Footlocker

Guess what I saw on Funny cause I was just wondering a few weeks ago when Nike would do one of those combo jobs with the Nike TN. Do you remember the Nike Air Max TN aka Air Max Plus? I remember the TN’s being a very popular sneaker. Maybe it was the way the colors just popped on most of the colorways or maybe it was because it was another take on the Air Max 95’s… either way, they were popular and the ladies especially loved these sneakers.

Well, it looks like Nike will come up with a nice combo of the Nike Air Max 98 and the Air Max Plus TN’s and I have to say it looks great! But you know what I wish? I really want them to make a combo of the Nike Air Max Plus TN and the Nike Air Max 360. Now THAT would be interesting.

I read somewhere though… not sure where… that the 360’s were not doing too well for whatever reason. I got my pair and they ARE FREAKIN GREAT but I guess that didn’t matter for some reason. I’ll admit that many of the designs for the 360 don’t inspire too much and comes no where NEAR the style of the Air Max TN’s or the Air Max 98’s. If its true that the 360 was not too popular, maybe they won’t do a merge between the 360 and the TN (please use the TN’s upper and the 360 “midsole” thank you lol) but I hope they do.

I don’t know if they are out yet or not. They are certainly not on Footlockers site although hints that it probably just a store release (by hint I mean all they say is that you should search for store locations). I haven’t been to the store yet, so I don’t know if they are actually there now or they will be soon.

Either way, I look forward to seeing this up close. For more pictures of the combination of Air Max 97 and Tn sneakers, visit

OMG!!! Blast from the Past – Patrick Ewing Rogue II

Man, I totally forgot that Patrick Ewing had his own sneaker line (and yet for some reason I remember that Shaq had his own sneaker line lol). Does anybody here remember the Ewing? I think that he even had other players wearing them too much like how Nike signs up players to wear specific sneakers. has some GREAT SHOTS of the sneaker from plenty of angles so if you want to take a look, be my guess. I don’t mind people leaving my little ole blog to go somewhere else… just make sure you come back! Who else gives you snarky remarks on these sneakers and shoes? LMAO!!!

On Sale: Nike Air Force 1 Low at BNYC Online (Most Popular in NYC)

Part of the series of AF1 x Barkley sneaker from 2007

Out of all the AIR Force One and Sir Charles Barkley combinations that occurred during the course of 2007, one sneaker stood out from the pack in NYC and that is the one pictured above (and its still available at BNYC in limited sizes for $80 bucks… and no I never shopped there so buyer beware but they seem on the up and up).

I will see these sneakers on at least 2 people every other day LITERALLY. This is almost as high a number as the Air Jordan Aqua 8 release last year.

Not sure why they are more popular than any of the other AF1 x Barkley combinations but the are. Possibly the colors. NYC tends toward solid colors earth tones as well as reds’, greens and blues.

So just to let ya’ll know if you are wondering what footwear trends out out right now that this is one of them. Currently on sale at BNYC Online for 80.00

So incredible! lol

These are definitely  collectibles (mostly because of their popularity, not for their incredible looks LOL) and will bring back memories for those who knew people who wore them as well as those who actually bought them (or wish they did and now want them). If your in NYC they may have some around in some shops in the Bronx (like Burnside Ave, E. Tremont Ave. or Fordham Rd.) or in Brooklyn at Fulton Street Mall otherwise you will have to head over to BNYC Online.

Nike Urban Jungle Pack… NOW WITH AIR RAID!!!

Thank You!!!!

Saw this sneaker fist on and I was one happy camper when I saw them. This Air Raid sneaker is part of the Urban Jungle Pack that also includes the Court Force, Air Bound, Hurache Runner, Vandal and Sky Force.

The only thing is missing on the Air Raids is the Peace sign as far as I am concerned. I am not as upset as others with the sneaker missing the words LIVE TOGETHER PLAY TOGETHER. I guess Nike is going for something different here… but i still wish they had that peace sign on the strap.

I used to have the OG version of the Air Raids in black… I wonder what I did with those?

As Seen Everywhere: Kobe Jumps Over Moving Car in Nike Hyperdunks

How fast is that car going anyway? lol

You can see this video on gossip sites, hip hop sites, rap sites, and (you guessed it) sneaker sites. I am sure some people believe that he actually jumped over the car and maybe even had to do a second take of the jump after not quite making the first try… LMAO

Plenty of comments on this video on sneaker sites including Again, while I am sure someone believes he actually jumped over a car, I truly doubt it. There is no way he would risk his own health, the heart break of his family if he actually got hurt or killed, and his chances to continue playing basketball due to some serious injury.

Not to mention that it is possible that his contract could have been null and void due to him risking his life like that. Not to sure how true that would be but i am almost sure there is a clause in anyones sports contract that states they much with due diligence, keep themselves out of harms way.

Oh and by the way, you ask, what is the Hyperdunk?

More info on SneakerFreaker

Here is a small quote from SneakerFreaker about the sneaker:

Nike Hyperdunk’s designer Eric Avar did far more than that. He created a shoe with the style of Nike’s classic basketball footwear from the original Air Flight Huarache in the early ‘90s to the Huarache 2K4. The Nike Hyperdunk’s upper is encased in a web of Flywire filaments. As work on it evolved, so did the outsole. The design and research team saw that with a more flexible midsole and outsole, a Flywire upper has a more dynamic fit. The shoe now marries Flywire with Nike’s other new cutting-edge technology, Lunarlite foam, the super light springy cushioning in the forefoot, and Zoom Air in the heel.

Kobe played in a pair recently and I have to say they look alright. It obviously has great technology in them and I’m gonna bet that they work well on the court. The problem usually is that the highly functional sneaker look ugly as hell. Nevertheless, this sneaker looks rather good. I can’t wait to actually see them and see just how light they are.

Oh and I do not think these sneakers are officially the next Kobe sneaker. I think Nike just wants Kobe to promote it but its not his signature shoe. I think they want this to be a general release for anyone to wear. If anything there will be players editions (PE) of which have team colors.

They are supposed to release sometime during the 2008 Olympics.

Reebok on Yahoo: Reebok Framed

The New Design Look of Reebok?

…do you notice the new design look…

Soooooooo… Reebok has created a form of advertising and art promo for what seems to be a new design feel for the future of Reebok. From what I have seen so far, I do like it. I am not too much of a fan of Reebok so that does mean allot.

You should see… and I mean this… I am sending a email to A Hot Mess right now… the people who are in these films. Oh my goodness great day in the morning! I was DYING LAUGHING at some of the people they put together. Some will be ok I am sure… but the one with Regina King/Vince Young and Allen Iverson/Nelly are just classic to me. I don’t care if its good or not… there are classic just because of who is directing and staring in these short films.

What’s worst is that I would post it here…. but they didn’t YouTube it. They do allow embeding, but that is a little hard to do here on wordpress unless you are using 1 of like 3 services… they should have YouTubed it like adidas did… I wonder if I can VodPod it????

Another bad part of this promo is that when you try to see the sneakers they are sort of telling you about, you can’t. Everyone pretty much knows the Reebok Answer, but the other sneakers are a mystery to me.

If Reebok goes with this new look (I’ll admit that I don’t follow Reebok enough to really know if this is a new look, but it seems new to me) I think they will go far. I am sure some will not like the look though, but I think it works well especially for those who want to stand out a little.

Oh and by the way, there are some pics of this Reebok project… it just makes everything even more interesting.

On Sale: Timberland Irina Brigade Ankle Boot

Irina Brigade Ankle Boot Price: $89.99

This is one fine looking boot from Timberland. Very stylish and sexy. In fact, I give it grown AND sexy approaval (I need to come up with a grown and sexy symbol lol). The leather is real (LOL), the fur is faux (but looks good) and the color is favulous. Yes I wrote favulous. It means fabulous and… oh whatever, I made up the word anyway.

It helps that it is now on sale too. Its original price was 119.99 so it going down to 89.99 is a big drop. Its not a Super Sale or anything, but its still a 30 dollar drop.

If I saw my girl in this, I would really just flip out (especially if she looked nice all around). I’ll admit that I am into womens feet. I’m not crazy about it like some people, but I do likes the feet. She can look like crack, but if her feet are nice and she know how to dress up (and knows that the shoe makes the outfit) then we will be alright. also has another interesting color of the same style. I’m not so into that color, but its just an option for you ladies out there.

On Sale: Dereon Women’s Diva at

Dereon Diva on Finishline at $79.99

I like it. Not a girl, but I can see a girl wearing them. I was totally surprised to see that Dereon is making a sneaker. I can see them making shoes, but sneakers never entered into my mind.  It also comes in a lime green color too for those nights you want to do the neon thing.

Here is the description from Finishline:

Diva in Dereon sneaks. Perforated front toe and stitching on sides accents this bold high top sneaker that lets you make a move with a fleur de lis at ankle, logo name on side and lace up detail along front. Padded footbed and cushioned tongue provide comfort and support. Slip resistant rubber outsole.

Not really sure what “fleur de lis” is and my spell check doesn’t know either… I guess it is the Dereon logo (I am so un-cultured lol).