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What’s Out Now: Girls Air Jordan 4 at Finishline

Why do the kids get the dope sneakers? Then again maybe its dope because its for the kids? Either way if the kids (or the parents of the kids) like Jordan’s, then these will definitely make them happy. Usually I don’t like denim on sneakers. It takes allot to make it work for me, but these work.

Currently at Finishline HERE

The Air Jordan Retro IV Basketball Shoe is an iconic shoe with a proven track record. In order to keep up with Jordan’s championship caliber play, the Air Jordan 4 debuted in 1989. The shoe matched his stellar season in which he achieved NBA All-Star, All Defense, and First Team honors.

I wonder why they didn’t release this before Christmas or before the start of the school year? Oh well… for the biggest sizes the price tops out at $139.99 and drops from their depending on what smaller size you end up getting.


At Finishline: Air Jordan 2 “Radio Raheem”


Personally I hate hate hate the Air Jordan 2 in almost every colorway (originals and retro’s) and I can’t say I like these either but I will say that this colorway give these kicks some hope. They also have a historical point to them harking back to the movie “Do The Right Thing”. It also gets nostalgia points for those old head (like me) who watched the movie when it originally came out.

Considering these released sometime last week I guess I’m not the only one who is just not that into the Air Jordan 2.

If you want them Finishline has them currently for $189.99 HERE


More pics of the Radio Raheem AJ2 HERE

On Sale: Air Jordan Nelly Spiz’ike at Finishline

Air Jordan Spizike Nelly

(they wild but cool… still at 175 Bucks)

I you were wondering if you could get a pair of these (I don’twant them lol) then here is your chance. Finishline still has plenty of sizes left.

As for the soon to be holy grail (my prediction) of the fusion/monster series of sneakers, the Cool Grey has some sizes left also. So if you wear a size 11 then you are in luck.

I really wanted these but  I told myself this year that I would lay low when it comes to my sneaker purchasing (I must have spent like 2000 on sneakers last year… and I am just getting into the game lol). Lets see if I hold true to this lol

They got more if you want them. The Cool Grey too.

On Sale: greedy Genius Men’s Cool Breeze on

greedy is a Genius hen it comes to these sneaker designs… LMAO ok, that was really corny, but I couldn’t help myself. Man, I’m telling you, I still remember back in the days when new sneaker brands couldn’t come anywhere near Nike, Reebok or adidas (especially Nike) and now look around. All kinds of different sneaker companies (some owned by Nike, Reebok, adidas and others) are out there demanding that you change your style up. I’m guessing (don’t really know) that this all came about due to the scateboard community shying away from the major brands and wanting the “real” small companies. These companies responded to what they wanted and they bough what they sold.

I’ll admit that I don’t know if these are skate sneakers or not (looks like they would make nice skate shoes… hey, I’m new to the shoe game give me a break!!! lol) , but they do look good. It comes in another colorway if you like (I don’t like the other color but hey, everybody likes what they like).

Air Jordan Countdown Pack 7 + 16 = EASTBAY SHUTDOWN!!!

OMG!!! Either mad people were buying the same sneaker or there was some other system error (which I doubt). Everybody and their Momma (literally) is trying to buy these things. Eastbay is the first spot I think of to ensure I get what I want (even though I like Finishline better) and I guess many people feel the same way cause that is where they went.

I tried to submit my order twice and I got the scariest error or my online shopping life (don’t mess with my bank account man… I don’t want to see no 3 THOUSAND dollar charge ANYWHERE). I finally got to the point where they said that  they are not sure if they actually have it in their inventory due to the volume of people currently ordering the product. I was not going to try that again. I went to Finishline (of which usually is sold out by now) and bought it there (along with the Puma Bode… grey and white… yeah I know that is the plainest of the 4 sneakers, but that is what I wanted).

I tell you guys, I love Finishline and I love Eastbay, but they do have their problems. Finishline will be sold out before the actual date they are supposed to start selling it, and Eastbay will tell you that they have it, and then you go to order it and they don’t actually have it LOL!!! But I still love them.