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On Flickr: Goin’ To the Chapel by m_stancel

This was one of the most popular clicks for Flickr a few days ago. I just thought I would high-light it since is those love to sneakers and shoes. The real special part is that this was for a wedding. Yes the groom was wearing the adidas shell.

Photo by m_stancel


Gucci Got Some New Stuff for 2008

It looks like Gucci wants to get into your wallet… in a big way… sometime this year. This is seen on the.LIFE Files. Looks pretty good and it is something I would consider them as grown and sexy. this is not for the teen and such. Grown people only! lol

Nike Womens Blazer Hi and Low in Canvas or Tweed

A bunch of sneaker sites including sneakernews and sneakerfiles posted that these sneakers are coming out for the ladies. Check out the posts:

Plenty of pictures to take a look at so you ladies (and maybe some guys) can check out what is next for the Nike Blazer family of sneakers. I like the canvas olive khaki but I am more into tweed these days, so why can’t my woman have tweed too?

Based off of work done by the artist Piet Mondrian. I like Mondrian… I actually based some of my work off of his paintings including Broadway Boogie Woogie. Heck, I even have a Windowblinds skin based off of “Broadway” but explaining that is for another time.

EDIT says that some of these Mondrian sneaker have been released. More info here.

On Sale: Puma Suede Mid Weave on

From Puma Suede Mid Weave – Price $89.99

This caught my eye while browsing for those casual shoes that I can’t remember the name of… anyway, they style is cool and I like how they made it “weave” (I can’t tell from the pictures if it really is weaved) its weaved, just saw the close up d’uh. That’s one thing I can say about Zappos is that they really take pictures of what you are getting. Front back left right bottom… LOL They could use a couple more close up shots I guess, but they pretty much got the sneaker covered.

From what I see on the site, the sneaker has 2 styles. Both pretty much stand out but have a cool quality too. I haven’t seen these on other sneaker sites so I don’t know when they first came on the scene but there here now.

Vanessa and Angela Simmons PASRTY Keeps Doing Its Thing

Well, I am impressed. When Pastry first came out I said to myself, “Dude, another freakin sneaker company?” Yes, that is exactly what I said to myself. I could not even imagine them being close to successful. I wasn’t hating on them specifically, but I sure though the market is getting a little crowded. I mean, what’s next? Reverend Run sneakers? (ok, bad example) G-Unit sneakers Sean John sneakers Gucci sneakers Apple Bottom sneakers Timberland sneakers… ok, I think you get my point.

Anyway, Pastry actually is doing it really well. Their casual sneaker line really looks good. I especially like the Fab Cookie Boot (do not know why its called a boot when it obviously is a high top or mid sneaker) and I especially like the names for the different colorways. Double Chocolate Chip? lol Just saying it makes me wanna get this for my girl, whether she likes them or not.

I also like the Cake Runner shoe but do sort of wish it didn’t have “that air thing” at the back. Every shoe and its mother has “that air thing” for cushioning in the heel area. Some sneaker companies get away with it with the design. New Balance has this thing called Abzorb with clear plastic over the cushioning thing and it looks original. I don’t know. Maybe that’s what people want and sneaker companies just give it to them, but I just think they could be more original about it sometimes.

Did I mention they have those sneaker bags, handbags and now are getting into clothing too? (more…)

On Sale: Air Force One x Air Jordan – Air Jordan Fusion V on

Air Jordan Fusion Force V Black/Varsity Red/White  on

The Air Jordan V’s are now on sale at Finishline and on Eastbay. What is on sale is the Black/Varsity Red/White on both sites. What is only available (seemingly) on is the crazy looking but still fly Black/Cactus/Anthracite of which look like this:

Air Jordan Fusion Force V Black/Cactus/Anthracite on

I actually seen these on people’s feet for the past week (don’t know how they got them a week before they were supposed to release lol) and I have to say they look pretty good. I was wondering if they would look good and in fact stated that Jordan was out of his mind for doing most of the colorways for the Fusion V, but they do look good. I’ll admit I was wrong. I though the ONLY color way that would look good was the white red and black that come out in June.

What I thought was also going to release today was the black-blue but I guess I was wrong because I don’t see them anywhere except BNYC Online.

Air Jordan Fusion Force V Black/Blue Ribbon on

Anyway, if you are also looking for clothing that goes with these particular sneakers, Eastbay has some matching clothes that is produced by Jordan Brand.

Oh and don’t forget the kiddies!!! They get their own colorway much like what has happened with the other Fusions that have come out so far.

What are the other color ways that are supposed to come out you say???


LOL: Nike Air Yeezy aka the New Kanye West Sneaker

This is a incredible sneaker day! Nike and Kanye West has teamed up and has made this sneaker. Its been talked about for a while now, but this is the first time an actual picture of the sneaker showed up.

The sneaker has shown up on Nicekicks, sneakernews and Individual Sole sneaker sites.

Other than the news that Kayne is talking about his sneakers, the real news to me is what he is wearing while showing off his sneakers. Man, Kayne West can sure come up with some… interesting… outfits.

Take a close up look at this one!

Well, at any rate the sneaker look pretty good. They also look pretty odd, but nevertheless they are still good looking. Not sure about the name (Air Yeezy??? LMAO) The sneaker seems to have some elements of the Air Jordan III and some other sneakers like the Flight 89 and the Air Revolution (I personally only see the AJIII and the Flight’s but also sees the Air Revolution so I’ll put that in there too lol). I am sure this sneaker will not be for everybody but it is still history making in my mind… and yes I know it isn’t the first time an artist has gotten a sneaker deal, but for Nike to do it seems wild to me.

This is just crazy… just crazy… Oh what a world!!! lol at the name of these sneakers… Air Yeezy? Good lawd.


Guess what folks? I found out thanks to Sneakerfiles that the glow in the dark (allot of the coments are positive too)!!! Take a look at what it looks like in the dark lol Now I REALLY can’t wait to see these sneakers! Also on Individual Sole, they show the latest images from the Glow In The Dark Tour as well as what some of the artists are wearing on stage.