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Mighty Green Lion On Sale at Dr. Jays

Nice… and for 60 Bucks!

I must have been sleeping through this one… When did they start selling the Voltron Reebok pack? Well, anyway, while browsing through Dr Jay’s catalog of sneakers and shoes, I saw these and felt I should make a post on them. They are on sale for $60.00 with way more pictures of them. You can get the other lions at Dr Jays to (black, red, yellow and blue)


Get a matching t-shirt too… LOL I need this t-shirt!!!


In Sneaker News: Babylon collecting sneakers for Nike to recycle

It looks like the town of Babylon has decided to do something for Earth Day many day ago. Hey I don’t think its to late to blog about something like this.

As part of the Earth Day celebration, the town of Babylon employees (all the employees of the town??? are we talking about city workers or everyone who works there?) have collected what would have just gone to the trash and taken it to the Refuse A Shoe program. I never heard of this program so I am glad to have found out about it. Anyway they took the shoes to an area Nike store and Nike will turn it into what they call Nike Grind.

Here is a quote from the story:

As part of this year’s Earth Day celebration, town employees are collecting old sneakers that otherwise would go into landfills for donation to Nike‘s Reuse-A-Shoe program, which uses the recycled material in different parts of sport surfaces in communities across the United States and around the world.

Babylon will deliver the donated sneakers to Nike’s store in Bellport, which will ship them to the company’s processing plant in Beaverton, Ore. That’s where the shoes are ground up into a material called Nike Grind.

According to Nike’s Web site, most of their synthetic surfaces include 10-to-20 percent recycled material – rubber from the outsole, foam from the midsole and fabric from the upper.Source:

This is good news for everyone. I am glad that companies are at least trying to do something about what is happening to our environment. Whether you believe in global warming or not, the bottom line is that we can NOT continue to treat our environment the way we do and thing NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. That, my felly sneakers and shoe fans, is just plain ignorant.


Get Your HighLine Chalk Shoes!!! From the High Line Blog

(from The High Line Blog)

Just when you think that the Nike 360 and the Air Jordan 23 is as far as technology gets (don’t forget the New Balance End Cap… sometimes simple works better) you wake up and browse a bunch of wordpress blogs and see the Chalk Shoe. Talk about a shoe that you can tell where you have been (or just how far you have to go).

Why you ask was this made? Here is a clue:

A group of eighth-grade students from the Lab School will be leading the way… in brightly-colored “chalk shoes.” Brooklyn-based artist Julia Mandle will lead student performers through the streets of the Meatpacking District and Chelsea, in a performance commissioned by Friends of the High Line. As the students shuffle through the neighborhood on their platform-height “chalk shoes,” they will leave a green path on the sidewalks that will lead to the High Line’s future access points.

I wish I knew about this before. I would have definaitly have gone to at least see their handy work. I was actually off that day (last day of my vacation) and I could have easily went and maybe even invited a couple of people. I loved the High Line ever since I realised just how cool it was back in the early 90’s. Trains going through buildings seems to only happen in other cities, but in NYC? Wow! It is a real piece of NY history. Allot of the times I wonder why stuff like that isn’t used for achitectual special spaces instead of just being torn down.

I’m telling you that sometimes, I just do not believe that developers have ANY vision… no imagination. I surely can’t wait to start my real estate business and get my architectural license. I’ll show them a thing or 2 (well I’ll try at least).

You know what, I knew this is a footwear blog, but every once and a while I will post something from or about the High Line. Its just to good to let it die and become a square building… oh and just in case you guys need a reminder, EVERYTHING need to have some originality… what would the Manhattan street grid look like without Broadway? Look at all the spaces Broadway creates. The High Line is no different. NYC has character, don’t destroy it.



Original, aint it?

Anyway, you can read how the event concluded on The High Line blog and see all the lovely kids doing their part in the pictures taken during and after the event.

On Shape + Color: adidas grün “guerilla gardeners”

(from sneakerfreaker and Shape + Color)

What a cool find. While just browsing the WordPress blogs, I bumped into this blog that is into advertising, art and media (which is funny cause I do have a little fetish for that stuff too) and they mentioned this new thing adidas is doing called grün. Grün is green in German. The adidas grün is supposed to be the environmentally safe sneaker.

Sort of what Nike is doing…

Here is a quote snatched from Shape + Color:

Finally, everything in the “Recycled” line is exactly what it says – shoes and apparel made from 100% recycled plastic soda bottles, rubber, and others materials that otherwise would have sat in a landfill for eternity.


So basically, somewhat like the Air Jordan 23 “Considered”, here we have a sneaker that is totally recycled and I will assume biodegradable (or at least some parts are easily re-recycled).

Being that Shape + Color is a blog about advertising, art and media, they also show just how adidas markets the sneaker line. The images of one of their adverts (of which is actually the main story which is the guerilla gardeners) can be seen on Shape + Color.

Very interesting… I am going to have to look into this more and see what Nike does, as well as adidas and other sneaker (and shoe) brands.

Development Of Nike Considered Sneakers (including Air Jordan 23) with John Staple

Well, now this is interesting. As I am browsing through Individual Sole’s blogsite, I saw this interesting post about a video that explains just how considered came about. There is even mention of the Air Jordan 23 (but not too much).

I have always loved Considered and its movement INSIDE of Nike (watch the video to see what I mean… and all you business majors and MBA’s better know why internal marketing is just as important as external lol) but I didn’t know that its not only how the sneaker is designed. it goes into everything: laces, he box, how far the material is from the place the sneaker will be built, and even how its advertised lol

Very interesting indeed. Now if we can only convince more sneaker brands to make sneakers in widths (like New Balance does) and maybe even work with orthopedists to make special sneakers… at least give people the option even if its an expensive one.

First seen on Individual, if you have them on Google Reader (or whatever RSS reader you have from to PageFlakes to FireFox to Bloglines) you should put them on there.