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On Sale: adidas Rose 4.0


[gonna get these and play ball in them]

Nothing to say (until I get them and do a test run). I like the way they look. Some of my friends think it’s hideous but I like them. There is just something about how the design works makes me think they will look great on my feet.

Not a fan of the duo-tone though… most of the colorways are duotone. Probably why it’s either these or the all black ones that will be the most popular (until they come up with more colorways)

On sale now at





On Sale: Nike Air Max 95 DYN FW – Men’s – on Eastbay


[green rainbow for sale]

Ok so it’s time for me to get posting again. It’s my mission in life to tell people who I don’t know that a pair of kicks are on sale. Usually they are a pair I like and I think should get attention.

Then there are other times… This is those other times.

Don’t like the way these look at all BUT they are still Air Max’s (the most comfortable sneaker ever) and they are $60 bucks off.

So that turns these “green rainbow” looking kicks into good looking kicks.

You getting them?

On sale now on



Fresh of the Presses From Eastbay… from way back in August…

Nike Air Max 2009+ in new colorway

(a Nike lookbook inside of the Eastbay catalog)

whoops!!! Meant to post this a while back. but I figure someone out there may want to know this…

Looks like a new colorway for the Air Max 2009+ is coming and it looks like it will be one of the hotter ones too. I love my current Air Max 2009+ and even though I have not run in them as much as I was supposed to, I have to say that they are very comfortable. Probably the most comfortable sneaker my feet have ever been in (it even passes the Reebok DMX 10 of which was the most comfortable sneaker I ever wore… I think those were the only Reeboks that I bought 2 different colorways of) and I look forward to getting another pair .

But which colorway?

There are other sneakers from Nike in the look book including the Lunalite (of which I just HAVE to try) and those free foot sneaker sole designs.

Super Sale: Air Jordan Countdown Pack 21 + 2 = Please Buy Me on Eastbay

AJ Countdown Pack 21-2

(hmmmm… those 21 don’t look half bad)

Wow, I new it was one of the worst packs put together, but not that bad. Nevertheless, if you want the whole collection of Jordans, that means you will probably want these. You can’t be the price considering its 100 dollars for each sneaker. Now, yes the AJ2 didn’t originally cost more than 110 if I am not mistaken, but the 21 was in the 150+ range. Bottom line is that this is your chance to get them, so what you waiting for?

On sale for 199.99 at Eastbay!

Air Jordan Countdown Pack 7 + 16 = EASTBAY SHUTDOWN!!!

OMG!!! Either mad people were buying the same sneaker or there was some other system error (which I doubt). Everybody and their Momma (literally) is trying to buy these things. Eastbay is the first spot I think of to ensure I get what I want (even though I like Finishline better) and I guess many people feel the same way cause that is where they went.

I tried to submit my order twice and I got the scariest error or my online shopping life (don’t mess with my bank account man… I don’t want to see no 3 THOUSAND dollar charge ANYWHERE). I finally got to the point where they said that  they are not sure if they actually have it in their inventory due to the volume of people currently ordering the product. I was not going to try that again. I went to Finishline (of which usually is sold out by now) and bought it there (along with the Puma Bode… grey and white… yeah I know that is the plainest of the 4 sneakers, but that is what I wanted).

I tell you guys, I love Finishline and I love Eastbay, but they do have their problems. Finishline will be sold out before the actual date they are supposed to start selling it, and Eastbay will tell you that they have it, and then you go to order it and they don’t actually have it LOL!!! But I still love them.