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What A nice Future 2009 Can Be – Dave White x MusicSkins x Jordan V Grapes x Skinning = ???

Individual Sole » Dave White x MusicSkins “Nike Air Max 95 Neon” & “Jordan V Grapes”

Ok ya’ll. My question is this; What if you mixed the above look (whether it be a iPod, iPhone or a laptop) with this below?

Any answers?


Nelly feat Jermain Dupri: You Stepped on My J’s – Teaser

Found this on Individual Sole and it sounds alright. Makes me wonder how they plan on doing the video for this song (if they do). If they do the video, what kind of sneakers will we see in it AND will we see some real Players Editions, OG and future Jordan Brand releases. Only in time will tell.

Freshest Fusion EvARRRR: AJ Fusion Force V Fire Red with VIDEO


You have seen the Fusion V’s before, and they look great (ATTENTION JORDAN BRAND… PLEASE REMOVE THE 23 THANK YOU LOL) well now, once again thanks to MaplewoodBootCamp, we have a video of how it may look when we all get them.

Plus there is an EXTRA bonus at the end of the video. lol He must have been voting for those Reeboks in the Sneaker Final Four on Nicekicks/Complex, yes?

By the way, the video above was a video response (at least that is what it says on YouTube) to this original video set up by The Shoe You wanna see it? He it go:

6 minutes of stuff is allot of… stuff. For more info about the sneaker click here.