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What is Chris Brown wearing on his feet? 6 Rings Bred?

Looks like someones got the Breads… I mean the Bred 6 Rings (I just call the breads when it black and red). They sure do look like them. What do you think? See for yourself:


Man, those 6ings are just looking better and better. I like the white and black, but maybe those Breads will work too.

White and black for me please LMAO. And yeah, I like the laser 6 Rings too. Here is the Air Jordan 6 Rings breakdown:

Air Jordan 6 – Lacelock on laces, heel loop
Air Jordan 7 – Huarache style inner sock
Air Jordan 8 – Fuzzy tongue logo, Velcro strap
Air Jordan 11 – Silhouette of upper
Air Jordan 12 – “T W O 3″ on tongue, metal lace loops at top
Air Jordan 13 – Outsole
Air Jordan 14 – Jumpman at bottom of tongue near the toe

Souce: Uptempo Air

So they do have the the 14’s in them!!! lol Not allot of 14’s in these sneakers but I guess a little bit is enough.


From More Air Yeezy Pictures

The Air Yeezy is gaining popularity. Me? I like the fact that part of the sneaker glows in the dark. I’m not as into as everybody else is (you guys should read some of the comments on this sneaker at Nicekicks or Sneakerfiles… its crazy) but I will admit that they are pretty nice AND that I will have to buy a pair to have for my budding sneaker collection.

Make no mistake, these are collectibles. If you are trying to start your own footwear collection, this might be a cool start.

On Sale at Air Jordan Countdown Pack 21 + 2 = Blah…

Jordan has released the next countdown Men’s Collezione Pack 21/2 pack… collezione, what an interesting name. I have to research that a little. This pac, to me, if for those who are real Jordan collectors and maybe for those who really wanted either the AJ2 or the AJ21. For me these are not that great. I like the 21’s (although they cool have looked better) but I am not that into the AJ2’s.

Well, to each his own. You can see more on The Shoe as well as other sneaker blog sites.

Oh and you might want to take a loo at some Countdown 21+2 cothing they have:

I like the t-shits and hat better than the pack itself.

On Flickr: Guns n Roses – Appetite for Destruction Dunk SB by neal_b

Guns n Roses - Appetite for Destruction Dunk SB by neal_b

Guns n Roses – Appetite for Destruction Dunk SB by neal_b

A picture that seems everybody is clicking from my Flickr feed here is also somewhat liked on Flickr also. While I disagree that its a “awesome shot” I will admit that its a great sneaker and a pretty good subject for a photo. I also like the angle and that it can easily be made into a wallpaper with a little bit of photo shop work.

This shot was part of the Sneaker Pimps Group collection of sneaker shots. Be sure to check out neal_b who also has a pro account so you know he is serious. I especially like this shot!

OMG!!! Only On AJ Fusion Force III (3)

Sneakerfiles First Look at AJ Fusion 3

This is really HAWT!!! Image exclusively from

Straight from, the first picture of Brand Jordan’s next Fusion. At first I thought it was just the plain old AJ 3’s that was going to be apart of the Countdown Pack 20 + 3, mostly because it looks so much like the regular AJ3. I didn’t look at it too much because I didn’t like the black AJ3’s that much… but then I came back to the Sneakerfiles post and realized that this piticular fusion was a combo of the AJ3 black and the Air Force Supreme from 2007.

Now we are talking!!!

I was wondering if Jordan was going to fuse the new premium Air Forces with that funky plastic like shiny mid-soles. I like those mid-soles, except for the asking price of which usually ends up in the 140+ range. Since Jordan is fusing the new AF Ones with the AJ3’s, I do wonder just how much it will cost. More likely than not, it will be north of 160.

No price or release date has been posted… check out for a larger picture of this very cool release. I think it may be the best Fusion to come out and believe me, I sure didn’t think so when I saw the early drawing shots. Hope to see more shots of this sneaker and maybe even a video LOL