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A Collabo That Was Bound To Happen: Makavelie x Nike x NiceKicks

True or Not True...


(I waited so long for this moment *starts to cry*)

Either this is one serious April Fools Joke, or I am going to have to reach into my wallet and get a pair of these. The funny thing is that these and the other three seen on Nicekicks ACTUALLY LOOK PRETTY INTERESTING. I will admit though I am waiting for one of my favorite sneaker blogs (and yes even the shoe blogs) to do a collabo with a sneaker company. That would be really cool.


This Is Very Interesting: John Maeda x Reebok Really Like Each Other

This is wild. I won’t wear it… or buy it… but its still wild. Someone will like these sneakers right here. The gradient is pretty ok. They are supposed to have released already… don’t know exactly where though. More info on

From More Air Yeezy Pictures

The Air Yeezy is gaining popularity. Me? I like the fact that part of the sneaker glows in the dark. I’m not as into as everybody else is (you guys should read some of the comments on this sneaker at Nicekicks or Sneakerfiles… its crazy) but I will admit that they are pretty nice AND that I will have to buy a pair to have for my budding sneaker collection.

Make no mistake, these are collectibles. If you are trying to start your own footwear collection, this might be a cool start.

Nas and Fila Working Together For Sneaker Line

Could this be the new Nas x Fila’s? And yes there is a picture of the cover of Nas’s new album

Could what we see in this picture from The.LIFE files be what people will be wearing later this year? Could this be that he has no love for 310 Motoring (who owns that company anyway???)? lol Well, I was skeptical about the sneaker but if it looks like what I see in the picture, then they may be a chance that this will sell.

I need closer shots of this thing. I will wait until one of The Fab Four of sneaker sites shows a pic.

De. Jays also has a piece on the Nas x Fila collabo with better shots of what I think will be what the sneaker will look like:

Dr Jays says they will be getting them. If they are getting them, I’m sure Finishline and Eastbay will get them too. Now bring back those Fila jump suits and sweat suits and we are in business.

On Sale: The Exact Science X Complex Mag Kicks Ass T-Shirt at Karmaloop

(I really like karmaloops models. These are the realist poses I have even seen online)

Here is another t-shirt that will help you, the wearer, express your inner sneaker freaker. Exact Science and Complex did a collabo and created this t-shirt:

Exact Science & Complex Magazine collaborate to bring you the Kicks Ass T-Shirt featuring a cotton composition, a print reading “Kicks + Ass” with a photo underneath of just that on a polka dot background, and the Complex & Exact Science logo on the bottom. Source: Karmaloop

For “whatever reason” sneakers and half naked ladies just seem to go together. So does beer apparently, and cars. LOL, give me some kicks and some girls at a party and I’ll go.

The Exact x Complex t-shirt is on Karmaloop for $26.00 (do you remember a time when a t-shirt cost 15 bucks? lol Coogi is the baddest when it comes to expensive t-shirts)

From Air Jordan x Quai 45 Wine & Grind Pack – Paris Exclusive

I like it, but I think i like them because they are exclusive and they are limited. Otherwise I would probably think they wouldn’t be worth the hype. Just my lowly opinion. I do really like the Air Jordan Fusion V “Wine” version very much. Lots of shots on

I… I just don’t know what to make of this: Puma x Atmos Puma Mid Macaroni Penguin

I don’t have anything to say… I just don’t know what to say. Why doesn’t anybody make something like this for the pigeons of NYC? As seen on along with many more pictures of what I call The Penquin. I like the clear soles, but when don’t I like clear soles? lol

Pretty Cool: Nike SB x Concepts Lobster Dunks Release… for the rest of us lol

Well, you won’t be able to get what you see in the picture up there, but if you still would like to try to get the Lobster’s, get more info on The Shoe about it.

I don’t know if you still get that rubber crab thing at the toe. Oh and if you like this, wait for the Space Tiger Dunks… whatever that is. As seen on The Shoe Game and (2 of the Fab Four of sneaker sites)

In Fashion News: LRG x Courvoisier eBay Special… I MISSED IT

Complex LookBook

This had to be the coolest collabo I have seen i a while. This is truly for the grown and sexy (mainly because Courvoisier is a alcoholic beverage and you have to be over 21 to drink… or is it 18? I forget). I liked much of the clothing they had… but I’ll admit most of it was a little too forward thinking for my style wise. Never the less, I loved that windbreaker, the leather jacket and a couple of the pants.

(showing the leather jacket and jean together)

But you know what I really loved? That Blackberry and that iPhone.

While I wouldn’t have gotten the iPhone, I would have certainly gotten that Blackberry (I don’t know which model it was).

That is sweater hot in the summer!!! I would have done well to at least try to get this stuff… anyway, they only have a couple of items left. It is supposed to go to some charity, but I have no idea which. As seen on Complex’s LookBook (its still up if you want to take a look… book lol)

On Alife x Barneys New York “Soft Hand Pack” – Sneakers and Information » Alife x Barneys New York “Soft Hand Pack”

As seen on The Shoe It is a collaboration that has happened before and is now happening again. I like it but a few commenter’s on the Shoe Game were not so pleased lol. I think they have some grown and sexy qualities while still being a little brash. Not exactly the best of both worlds, but its still pretty cool to me.

3 different styles and all sold exclusively at Barney’s nationwide. If you are headed toward NYC, you should come see the one on Madison Ave.


More info on…. same pictures but with more links lol

Just In Case You Didn’t Know: Everybody Mid “RAP” Available

If you haven’t been browsing the Fab Four sneaker sites (ok, I see I have to write a post on this) then you may not know about this. I first seen this on (but also shows up on other sneaker blogs). The Alife Everybody Mid (that I love very much) is now released. This is a colobo between Rockwell, Alife, and Patta and includes a t-shirt. You can get it now at

I sometimes wonder if I started a small clothing line like Alife (if you can call them small… they seem to be more mid-sized) if people would like what I would want to put out there. I’m trying to put something together that I think is cool… but that is the problem; I think its cool. What if no one else does? lol

Well, anyway I like this sneaker allot. And I am so trying to fit this in my sneaker budget. Don’t know if i can get this pair, but i am getting the Everybody Mid eventually, I just don’t know when lol