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Fastest Sneaker Ever Sold: Air Jordan 23 White and Red SOLD OUT

For a general release (men sizes only… now that doesn’t seem very “general release” to me), this sneaker went fast. Hell, online it was sold out before Midnight ever came! Now how do you sell out something that isn’t suppossed to be sold until 12am May 31 08? LOL

I am a little ticked off by this whole episode. I know Jordans get sold out, but this was ridiculous. Many sites had a “you can only buy 2” policy so that makes me wonder just how they sold out so quickly. I love Finishline, but they didn’t even have the sneaker at 12:30am!!! Either they sold really fas or they were available way before Midnight.

As for Eastbay, I actually had the sneaker in my cart. I added a few other things I wanted (which took me all of 5 minutes to add) and when I go to the checkout, they gone!!! They took it out of my cart! I was robbed!!!

I figure all is lost.

But then I head over to and they say (in the comments) that its still available at so I go their and they got my size. I never ordered anything from so it seemed a little strange entering all that personal data, but at least it is officially ordered. Now all I can do is hope they don’t tell me later that they don’t have any and its back ordered.

Anyway, its been a rough Saturday. Not allot of posts from the fab four of sneaker sites so far and as for me, I’m headed toward work so I won’t be able to post until I get back. Hope yall got the sneaker if you wanted it.


On Sale: Finishline has the Air Jordan PHLY High Basketball Shoe

For whatever reasons, I do not see this around allot. I have seen in one a few people, but no where near as many as I thought their would be. I go downtown tomorrow (a place I haven’t been in a while) and I hope to see that at least the stores are carring them.

Finishline has 3 different colorways. As far as national sneaker and sports retailers who sell online, I have only seen the Jordan PHLY on Finishline. Maybe I missed it somehow. I have seen colorways for the sneaker that is pure heat, but they are not on sale online.


The Air Jordan PHLY is a tribute to a highschool coach who got Jordan on the right track. You won’t believe that Jordan being cut from teams and not being number one for the draft, but that is what happened. Skill is a great thing to have, but you need drive too. Talk about failing and turning it into success (but isn’t that what failing is all about?)

On Sale: Converse Bliss Canvas in Green on My Shoe Store

Keds Bliss Canvas Hi Wedge on sale at My Shoe Store

Wow, I didn’t know Keds made heeled womens shoes. I was sort of amazed when I saw the picture and the description of the shoe (of which is a cross between a sneaker and a dress shoe). It looks really nice. I can’t front on it/ I think the ladies should consider getting this. I can’t tell how comfortable it is by looking at it though, but then again, I don’t wear heels lol

You know what I need to do next? I need to find out what exactly is the different between Pro Keds and Keds. Is there a difference? Are they the same sneaker company? I think it would have to be the same sneaker company but they seem totally separated from what I see. anyway, I will have to look into that one.

Hybrid Nike Air Max 97 x Air Max Plus (The Tn’s) Pics On

Sneakernews got pictures of both colorways of the new hybrid between the Air Max 97 and Air Max Plus aka Tuned Air aka Tn’s. While Air Tuned aka Tn’s did not do to well on the market and officially you just do not see them any more on any Nike sneaker, Nike has, at least, brought back the best style and colorways of the Tn series.

I loved the Air Tuned aka Tn’s (I’ll admit I do not know how they preformed on the track… I hear people just didn’t like it for what ever reason… more research on that later) and I really loved the Tn’s that came out back in the day. Now they are mixing the 2 and using WAY better colorways for the men. Personally I think the womens Tn’s looked way better as far as colorway was concerned.

When it comes to the air pillow, it seems to be all Air Max and no Tuned Air (but I am not sure yet). This would be in line with other hybrids that only slap on the bottoms of one sneaker line to the upper of another.

I tell you boy, these look good. And the blue and white, while not as flashy, is for the more understated gentleman type lol.

These would seem to be Footlocker Exclusives but I have yet to see them online so I guess you have to go to the stores to get them for now. Footlocker is a national chain so it shouldn’t be hard to find one close to you.


NIKE I wish you would combine the Tn’s with Air Max 360 please. You know how to do it! 360 on the bottom and the Tn’s on the top (upper) and make those colorways HOT thank you. Don’t forget to bring back some of the classic colorways that actually did well.

On Flickr: Guns n Roses – Appetite for Destruction Dunk SB by neal_b

Guns n Roses - Appetite for Destruction Dunk SB by neal_b

Guns n Roses – Appetite for Destruction Dunk SB by neal_b

A picture that seems everybody is clicking from my Flickr feed here is also somewhat liked on Flickr also. While I disagree that its a “awesome shot” I will admit that its a great sneaker and a pretty good subject for a photo. I also like the angle and that it can easily be made into a wallpaper with a little bit of photo shop work.

This shot was part of the Sneaker Pimps Group collection of sneaker shots. Be sure to check out neal_b who also has a pro account so you know he is serious. I especially like this shot!