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Ice-T Parting It Up In A Pair Of Nike Air Force One Birds Nest

Ice-T and Coco - Air Force One - Birds Nest

This MUST have been for Halloween cause they are wearing costumes, I think. Anyway, check out the footwear; Ice-T got the matching Air Force One Birds Nest to go with the all black Punisher costume.

Air Force One Olympic Birds Nest

You can still get these at BNYC for 175 but only limited sizes left.

Seen this at the Dr Jays blog and I had to post it. Originally from The YBF


Push It To The Limit!!! Air Jordans Taking Over… the cover of XXL

Check out this comment from Why was Rick Ross go shirt-less for this cover shoot? It looks like the air in the AJ9’s is about to blow up. Khaled’s face says it all. He looks scared and puzzled. BTW, he has the Chinese 1’s on.

Why was Rick Ross go shirt-less for this cover shoot? It looks like the air in the AJ9’s is about to blow up. Khaled’s face says it all. He looks scared and puzzled. BTW, he has the Chinese 1’s on.

Comment by TASJ7045 — June 6, 2008 @ 11:07 am

LOL I haven’t had a featured comment in a while, but that is pretty close to one (hell, I think it is one). Nicekicks says that the countdown Pack 14/9 are back at Finishline. As many stated in the comments, the AJ9 is pretty popular… the 14 not so much. This might be the reason why you can still get this pack while the Countdown Pack 6/17 is nowhere to be found.

This was also a “Check Out My Footwork” post on The Shoe While everybody named all the sneakers, no one said a word about what Trina was wearing. I do not know if its part of her new clothing line that is coming out or something she was just wearing. At any rate, it is interesting.

Anyone know what shoe Trina (the only woman in the picture) is wearing????

DJ Clark Kent GIVAWAY At Vinnie Styles

As seen on and, it looks like DJ Clark Kent is giving away originally designed sneakers. Now I know this will be an event, no question. I wish I could go. I hope someone reports on how it went once he started giving away.

See? Looks like whole parts of sneakers being reflective is the thing for ’08

In Fashion News: Trina Is Creating a Fashion Line – Pink Diamond Couture

I’m guessing she is wearing them in the picture cause I don’t recognize the pants. I’m looking at her butt for some signs of what will be the jeans signature look will be (yes, I said I am looking at her butt… purely for discovery reasons) but I am not sure what I’m looking at.

Using my Google-ti-quan-do, I found the Trina shopping site (I guess its official) and some of her offerings.

I am guessing she is targeting the high end market being that the word Couture is in there. I think that is a great idea and I think she should keep it marketed to those individuals. Do not mass produce this ish please. Nothing like fat profits on clothing that costs 60 dollars to make but your selling it for 120 (I’m looking at you Coogi LMAO)

Just in case you forgot who Trina is… she is the baddest chick… and she is Smooth (I’M SO MAD AT SMOOTH FOR SHOWING A PIECE OF ASS AND THEN HAVE “The Black History Issue” ON THE SIDE!!!)

And there it is… Shop Trina now if you want it. I tell you, there is a whole lot of hustle going on in the music industry. I think everybody sees what’s coming. By the way, she also has some perfumes coming out too. Read all about it on Dr. Jays blog.

Vanessa and Angela Simmons PASRTY Keeps Doing Its Thing

Well, I am impressed. When Pastry first came out I said to myself, “Dude, another freakin sneaker company?” Yes, that is exactly what I said to myself. I could not even imagine them being close to successful. I wasn’t hating on them specifically, but I sure though the market is getting a little crowded. I mean, what’s next? Reverend Run sneakers? (ok, bad example) G-Unit sneakers Sean John sneakers Gucci sneakers Apple Bottom sneakers Timberland sneakers… ok, I think you get my point.

Anyway, Pastry actually is doing it really well. Their casual sneaker line really looks good. I especially like the Fab Cookie Boot (do not know why its called a boot when it obviously is a high top or mid sneaker) and I especially like the names for the different colorways. Double Chocolate Chip? lol Just saying it makes me wanna get this for my girl, whether she likes them or not.

I also like the Cake Runner shoe but do sort of wish it didn’t have “that air thing” at the back. Every shoe and its mother has “that air thing” for cushioning in the heel area. Some sneaker companies get away with it with the design. New Balance has this thing called Abzorb with clear plastic over the cushioning thing and it looks original. I don’t know. Maybe that’s what people want and sneaker companies just give it to them, but I just think they could be more original about it sometimes.

Did I mention they have those sneaker bags, handbags and now are getting into clothing too? (more…)

Cristiano Ronaldo v Bugatti Veyron – Nike Mercurial Vapor IV

I think Nike needs more people. There is no way this guy ran faster than the car. I think they photoshopped this a thousand times with a dash of after effect LMAO

If you are interested (for whatever reason) in seeing what the sneaker looks like from up close, then take a look at the Nike Mercurial Vapor IV SG Men’s Soccer Boot on They are also on Amazon and probably some sports sites and soccer (football) equipment specialists.

LOL: Nike Air Yeezy aka the New Kanye West Sneaker

This is a incredible sneaker day! Nike and Kanye West has teamed up and has made this sneaker. Its been talked about for a while now, but this is the first time an actual picture of the sneaker showed up.

The sneaker has shown up on Nicekicks, sneakernews and Individual Sole sneaker sites.

Other than the news that Kayne is talking about his sneakers, the real news to me is what he is wearing while showing off his sneakers. Man, Kayne West can sure come up with some… interesting… outfits.

Take a close up look at this one!

Well, at any rate the sneaker look pretty good. They also look pretty odd, but nevertheless they are still good looking. Not sure about the name (Air Yeezy??? LMAO) The sneaker seems to have some elements of the Air Jordan III and some other sneakers like the Flight 89 and the Air Revolution (I personally only see the AJIII and the Flight’s but also sees the Air Revolution so I’ll put that in there too lol). I am sure this sneaker will not be for everybody but it is still history making in my mind… and yes I know it isn’t the first time an artist has gotten a sneaker deal, but for Nike to do it seems wild to me.

This is just crazy… just crazy… Oh what a world!!! lol at the name of these sneakers… Air Yeezy? Good lawd.


Guess what folks? I found out thanks to Sneakerfiles that the glow in the dark (allot of the coments are positive too)!!! Take a look at what it looks like in the dark lol Now I REALLY can’t wait to see these sneakers! Also on Individual Sole, they show the latest images from the Glow In The Dark Tour as well as what some of the artists are wearing on stage.

Spike Lee Pictured in Spiz’ikes Knicks Colors

All I have to say is DO.NOT.WANT. Those colors just do not work on the Spiz’ike. You can find out more (if for some reason you want to) on Spike Lee Wearing “NY Knicks” Spizikes

If you want (for whatever reason) to see the sneaker from another angle then take a look at what is posted on

Personally, I rather see the Cool Grey Spiz’ikes being worn somewhere than these. I love the Cool Grey! As for this Knicks colored Spiz’ike… lets hope they never come out lol