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What’s Out: Aquazzura Rainbow Striped Suede Sandal on Neiman Marcus

Aquazzura Rainbow Striped Suede Sanda


Maybe its too colorful or maybe not… I think a woman would look great with these on especially if she had the right outfit on. How hard would it be to find a matching dress or outfit with thiese when you have at least 4 definite colors to work with? LOL

Details of the shoe:

  • Aquazzura striped suede high-vamp sandal.
  • 4.3″ covered heel.
  • Open toe.
  • Glove vamp.
  • Self-tie back closure.
  • Leather lining and outsole.
  • “Rainbow” is made in Italy.

You can get it HERE AT Neiman Marcus. The price is high tho. This one id not for every budget that is for sure.


What’s Out Now: Jimmy Choo 120MM Anouk Pumps at Luisaviaroma

the colors

Nothing to see here… just your everyday casual $700 pair of pumps. No really these things are expensive. I’m willing to bet they are not that comfortable either. If I was going to spend that much money on a pair of high heals, those things better be as soft as pillows on my feet. I mean really ladies, why would you hurt your feet and your wallets?

Anyway if I saw a lady wearing these, she would have my attention. Not sure what type of outfit she would be wearing with this but apparently the websites I found these on has some ideas…

the colors 2

That vest by the way, costs well over $2500. The short shorts is a steal at $525 (and those short shorts are really short shorts).

Think the pumps are what you are looking for? Head over HERE to Luisaviaroma.

Welcome to the Re-Re-Restart of Sneakers and Shoes


Of course I’ve been having troubles restart the fun but thats ok cause I can just start it here. The webzine part of Sneakers and Shes may still be down but the blog is up and might as well start posting some currently available footwear, sneaker type news, fashion talk and opinions.

What up on deck for the webzine…


christian louboutin… ladies

(do the ladies run this mother fromer?)

Selfridges – Worlds Largest Shoe Department Store Opens

(old news but hey, its still worth noting)

Looks like the ladies get all the attention. If only guys can have something like this… but would guys even go if there was one?

So anyway, the store is open, and has been open for s while. Check out the quote from Lifestyle @ Yahoo:

Measuring approximately 35,000 sq ft, the department is the largest project Selfridges has ever undertaken. It contains six salons and 11 boutiques or ‘themed apartments’ that have been uniquely crafted to reflect each brand – Chanel’s is a reflection of Coco Chanel’s apartment in Paris, while Jimmy Choo’s is adorned with hand-painted gold foil wallpaper.

Europe has all the fun I guess.

Hey, don’t forget about Nicholas Kirkwood

(if you buy 10 of these kicks, you can get a small car)

Now that’s a nice lead in for the shoe that will most certainly knock onlookers on their feet. Its still on sale (maybe because the price is high enough to buy a laptop?) and if you want your look to go upscale and unique (cause how many people are gonna buy a 1000+ shoe?), maybe you want to take a look.

Currently on sale at RIGHT HERE.

Nine West Sydney

(hey sexy lady…)

Looks good without having to spend 500-1000+ dollars. Nine West got you covered. For $100 bucks you can have something for the beGrown_beSexy crowd without emptying your wallet to do it. You look nice and such and such (insert positive comment).

So you gonna get them? Head over to Nine West RIGHT HERE and take a look.

beGrown… beSexy WOMEN: Calvin Klein Women’s Danica Platform Peeptoe Bootie

(smooth for the ladies… that is if you like buckles)

Without doing ANY research on these kicks to know this is true or not, it looks like these shoes are named after that racing star…


Put your style in overdrive with the Danica bootie from Calvin Klein. Its luxe suede upper and reptile-embossed straps—elevated with a daring platform and heel—create a racy look that’s sure to quicken pulses, while a rear zipper, lightly padded insole, and textured rubber outsole will keep your pace confident.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“Put your style in overdrive…”, a very interesting statement. Anyway, you can get these if you want them RIGHT HERE. The price has been almost cut in half so if your looking for a nice party shoe, maybe you just found them.

I Love Sandals – Georgina Goodman LOVE FLATS

(Ummm… really???)

This is one of those times where I just have nothing to say. Yeah it happens. If you want a sandal that lets everybody know you love them then click RIGHT HERE to buy them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The sizes seem limited though but I am sure its sort of one size fits many with this one. 100% calfskin makes this thing happen for your feet.

Reebok Easy Tone keeps on growing and toning that a**

(and yes guys, there is an EasyTone for you too)

Reebok EasyTone seems to be a big winner for them. It’s not the first time that Reebok has used womens fitness to get the edge up on the competition (Reebok Freestyle anyone???). Now it has more colorways AND there is a running version and a flip flop version as well…. flip flops people, seriously? LMAO

Thankfully the flip flops are not as pricey as the full sneaker but thats not the point. the point is that this thing just keeps on getting bigger (all the while you butt gets smaller and more toned).

Does it work? I have no idea. I know a couple of people who got them and they like it but I have no idea if their butts are better for it. I guess I will ave to investigate LOL

See the Reebok family of EasyTone kicks RIGHT HERE, including the Flip Flop RIGHT HERE.

On Sale: L.A.M.B. Zarina by Gwen Stefani

(I’m thinking that Timberland is scared)

Introducing the shoe that you can wear in light snow… well, its not waterproof (I don’t think suede is waterproof… and since this is a peep toe shoe, I’m gonna guess the snow will get through) but it sure links up to the ever present Timbo footprint that you can see in urban culture.

This shoe has allot of details that I think the female shoe collector will like and yet it not too busy (so you can wear them to the banquet and the trendy night spot).

Plus, I am sure the fellas in your life will appreciate the Tjimbo connection with the soles.

You can get them RIGHT HERE if you want them and the price is reasonable for 142 (well… reasonable compared to the prices of other womens high heels)

beGrown… beSexy WOMEN: Proenza Schouler OI9706

(who names a shoe OI9706???)

This is an unbelievably good looking shoe. It also comes in another colorway (see below) that is just as awesome as the original.

Now the price… $1,36o dollars… but your in luck because they are on sale at Endless RIGHT HERE and you can get 35% off for a grand total of  $886.76

beGrown… beSexy: Christian Louboutin Bobo Leather Ankle Boots

(you know you recognize those red bottoms)

Guys, you want to impress your lady? Does she tolerate you obsesive need to purchase more sneakers? Does she even buy a few pair herself? Does she have quite a few pairs of shoes in her closet? If you said yes to any one of those or more, you will be able to impress her by knowing who makes what high heel shoe. At least know the more popular ones.

Do it for her. I am trying to myself. I mostly just like the way the ladies shoes look; I am not that interested in who made them, BUT I am getting into it and I have impressed a lady or 2 by being able to name names and even know when something came out last year…

I am starting to think I am WAY too into all kinds of sneakers and shoes. I mean SERIOUSLY, I think I have a problem…

You can get these HERE for the price of… lets just say that its close to what you would pay to keep a roof over your head for a month in NYC.

On Sale: Steve Madden ‘Hailley’ Sandal

(don’t say that I don’t pay attention to the ladies)

Lets keep this short and simple: for $110 dollars you can get your feet into these shoes ladies. They look pretty classy and they show you have game (foot game that is). You can get them HERE if you want them.

Man, I forgot Steve Madden does some cool designs. Got to  look him up  more often.

On Sale: KORS Michael Kors ‘Paris’ Sandal

(ladies you know you want this)

I seem to be into gold, tans, earth tones and such cause I keep posting ladies heels in those colors. I gotta try to mix it up a bit. ANYway, for those who heard of Micheal Kors you already know what it is, but for those who don’t you can find out more HERE and HERE (his personal site) about him.

The price isn’t too crazy compaired to other shoes tht are in the 500 – 1200 range but it still looks like its there. The ticker price for your feet to get into these are $295… yes, that is a whole lot of take to work brown bag lunches to make up for these but if you want them it will be worth it. You can get them HERE as well as get more info on them.

On Sale: Nike Jana Star Waffle III Women’s Cross-Country Racing Sneaker

(because you are suppossed to run in sneakers sometimes)

Yeay, sometimes I will post about kicks that or not for general casual use. although, with all the snow and ice on the ground in NYC, walking with sneakers with spikes may be the sulution to slipping on the ice.

Its always cool to have some style when you are killing yourself running through the field, dirt, and dealing with inclement weather in these. Although you may not recognize them when your done with the first race. Get them at for a very vauable price of $50 dollars.

Did you get the Nike Dunk High Skinny (in gold)?

(did you get the skinny on the Skinny?)

If you didn’t get it, you in luck… IF you are a size 7… cause NikeStore has a few pairs left. Ladies, would you get these shoes? At $100 dollars, its tough to say its too expensive (at least compared to other prices).

Get them HERE


They also got a silver pair, same size left and same price.

beGrown… beSexy WOMEN: Sam Edelman “Kingston” Studded Wedges

(nice look)

Ok, ok, I am not THAT excited about it, but when I saw them i figured tht there is someone out there who could make these work and you know who you are ladies. is this for you? it will cost you $150+ dollars though and you can get them HERE.

House of Harlow footwear collection… ladies its your time to shine

(nice profile… now turn it around)

Ok, ok my bad lol I am a guy you know. Anyway, Nicole Richie is joining the chorus of celebrity kick lines. I am actually impressed so far. Also making a debut is Victoria Beckam. Cost? Who knows… probably will dent your pocket book though. More info HERE

Flickr Feature: IMG_2444 (what a name lol) by amba_fatima

(can’t have too much pink)

As seen from the Sneaker Pimps group. Picture by by amba_fatima. Chek the photo out (its large enough for a nice wallpaper if you wish) and other pics HERE.

Would You Get These? RICK OWENS – Laceless Side Flap Sneakers for… $1235.00

(you have to ask yourself… is it worth it?)

(and its all for you ladies)


(now this isn’t that irregular… unlike THIS one)

Simple, kind, and smart with a edge. I like that in a woman! Currently on sale if you want it RIGHT HERE. Hey all I can do is point you there.

beGrown… beSexy WOMEN: Nicholas Kirkwood Suede Peep Toe Shoe Boot

(its a nice look ladies)

Currently on sale at Browns.  You can get there by clicking HERE. Prices are in Euros so don’t get mad when the exchange rate doesn’t work in your favor.

On Sale: Reebok Women’s Freestyle Hi

(and just when I thought the Freestyle’s were replaced with the EastyTone)

I must have caught on to this late because I think I read about this relase on Nicekicks or something. Anyway, I know PLENTY of ladies who wore the Freestyle. If I remember correctly, the Freestyle helped put Reebok on the map against Nike back in the day.  I wonder if they are doing the same thing with the EastTone? (same thing for sketchers and its Shape-Ups)

Either way, Reebok and Finishline still has plenty of colorways of the Freestyle. And the colorways sound like flavors… Pastry anyone… so be sure to get your favorite “flavor” of sneaker for your feet.

The Freestyle is currently on sale in a big way on Finishline for less than $30 bucks. Its a win-win situation so lets go people. Click HERE for more info.