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On Sale: adidas Rose 4.0


[gonna get these and play ball in them]

Nothing to say (until I get them and do a test run). I like the way they look. Some of my friends think it’s hideous but I like them. There is just something about how the design works makes me think they will look great on my feet.

Not a fan of the duo-tone though… most of the colorways are duotone. Probably why it’s either these or the all black ones that will be the most popular (until they come up with more colorways)

On sale now at





Air Max 2011 is a Good Look

(starting to like this more than the 2009)

This may be another hit. I’ll admit I wasn’t to into this but I have to say I can’t wait to see it in person.

The 2009 Air Max is still the best to me but I guess when these start coming out in February we will see if they stay as the best.

FYI: the Air Max 2009 really got popular in NYC AFTER the price went down from 160 to 110-130 dollars.

Pics of the AirJordan 2011… you know, the one they didn’t want you to see

(wow… seriously?)

So after all the take down emails and so forth saying this ISN’T the new Air Jordan 2011 and how this is a  sample, it turns out not only is this the new Air Jordan 2011 but the “sample” was spot on.

Sooooooooo…. what do you think? Looks like some cross between the Air Jordan 11 (get it? 2011… Air Jordan 11?) and some new tech. of course being the blog that this is, you know I’m gonna drop my opinion on ya so here it is…


Limited Edition DeLorean NIKE 6.0

(now if I could only run 88 miles an hour)

It umm…. doesn’t look that great, but it limited and its based off of the DeLorean, so  hey, why not folks!

By the way… JUST LOVE the sole of these kicks. I would want these just because of the sole. Its supposed to represent the typical 80’s stop light (of which the DeLorean has).

First seen at Autoblog (yes,, the limited edition NIKE 6 DeLorean will be released on Friday the 26th (Black Friday) this pair of kicks has a unibody upper (no stitches here buddy) and a matte finish silver color. There is also a stamp on the tongue that is supposed to be a nudge to the Irish factory where the DMC – 12 was made.

And for the fans of having boxes be just as special as the kicks, the box also opens up gull wing style.

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There are only 1000 pairs of these kicks going to be made. I guess that is what they mean by limited.  Who is getting these?


Air Jordan Fusion 6 + 17 = dude… WTF?

(no WAY I’m letting this one go)

I gonna have ALLOT to say about this one, for for now all I am gonna write is this…. Whahhahahahaaaahaha????!!!!

(PS – there are some good things to say about these kicks… the rest are, let me say, not so good)

Air Jordan x UNDERTOW… on hawt looking sneaker

(ummmm, me thinks Jordan should team up more often)

Now this is one good looking mix of colors and style. I think Brand Jordan should just let this be a general release (or at least a limited one) and give people what they want… a good colorway for a great sneaker.

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Ok, I’m just gonna say it – Air Jordan 2010, while may be one of the best Air Jordans made, looks like crap. Yeah I said it. These sneaker are a pair of kicks that need you to be very specific with materials and colorways in order for it to look good.

Now lets be clear, I am not talking about performance, I am talking about looks.

Please team up with somebody Brand Jordan, and get it poppin! This is an awesome colorway and collabo and to not allow others to get their hands on it seems a little off.

You can see the review of the kicks and so forth on RIGHT HERE.

SneakerFreaker review of the Nike Hyperfuse


The Hyperfuse may just be the most popular basketball sneaker that you may never buy… but hey, I could be wrong.

Personally I just don’t see people getting them for casual wear, but if you play ball, you will want to at least try these on. MAAAAAAaaaad light.

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Why do I think people won’t get them? Nike Zoom Kobe V – the lightest basketball sneaker that also performs nevertheless, at least in NYC, you will not see too many people wearing them. Just not wearing them. No matter how many colorway, it just doesn’t show up.

But hey, I could be wrong. I mean NYC isn’t the only place that buys sneakers (although sometime I may make it sound like that lol). On thing is for sure, the sneakernets love these kicks.

You can see the big review on RIGHT HERE

The LeBron 8… the sneakernets speaks!!!

(looking good for LeBron)

The LeBron 8  preview shots has hit the sneakernets and the sneakernets responds…

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For a sneaker that you can’t see the whole thing of, it sure got some interesting opinions from people. Me personally, I love it! I can not imagine how this sneaker can look bad given some of these shots – shots of which basically tell you what the sneaker looks like.

Its not going to be as light as the Kobe V’s (or IS it???) but I am sure they will perform really nicely. I may, just maybe, get a pair and play in them to see just how well they play.

But as far as the look department is conserned, they look real good so far. Can’t imagine what they are going to do with it when the colorways start coming out…

The Sneakernets SPEAKS!!!

BUT HERE IS THE QUESTION… what are people saying online on some of the biggest sneaker sites on the net? Lets take a look.


H Williams Spring 2010

(a very interesting look to say the least)

Yeah I read this over a month ago but I wanted to still post about it so here it is. First heard of it on Running With Heels. At first I wasn’t too impressed but then I went over to H Williams site and had to change my mind.

Some really nice stuff going on over there. For more on H. Williams (who needs a first name?) head over HERE.

Supra Skytop II Navy Gold Leather

A new arrival at the Allike store, the Supra Skytop II Navy Gold Leather, is the second generation of the famous original Skytop. Not sure if it will be as popular as the original but it does look pretty nice in this colorway.


Streamlined second generation Skytop on a vulcanized outsole. Distinctive tongue design with 2 pull holes. Wax laces. Heel protection molded into high memory polyurethane sockliner. Exclusive Supra- Foam® midsole providing entire foot impact resistance, optimal shoe flex, and board feel. Internal neoprene sleeve for unmatched comfort, fit and performance

Source: Allike

You can get them at the not so pricey price of $139.99 RIGHT HERE. Get them and show up your skating buddies… 😉

Reebok Easy Tone keeps on growing and toning that a**

(and yes guys, there is an EasyTone for you too)

Reebok EasyTone seems to be a big winner for them. It’s not the first time that Reebok has used womens fitness to get the edge up on the competition (Reebok Freestyle anyone???). Now it has more colorways AND there is a running version and a flip flop version as well…. flip flops people, seriously? LMAO

Thankfully the flip flops are not as pricey as the full sneaker but thats not the point. the point is that this thing just keeps on getting bigger (all the while you butt gets smaller and more toned).

Does it work? I have no idea. I know a couple of people who got them and they like it but I have no idea if their butts are better for it. I guess I will ave to investigate LOL

See the Reebok family of EasyTone kicks RIGHT HERE, including the Flip Flop RIGHT HERE.

Reebok Zig Tech is taking over football apparently

(wow… I know you see it with those colors)

Reebok is really pushing this out.You getting videos on the net, people running around on the stage with lab coats on…  I mean it really getting crazy. Now you can customize them to your liking on the Reebok website for an extra 25 bucks.

First seen on Sole Magazine HERE

Who thinks these will get retro’ed 10 years from now?

It’s not a game… Under Armour is dead serious… Under Armour Micro G Fly

(can’t stop… won’t stop)

I thought these guys were joking when they said they wanted in on the basketball areana. I really thought they would come up with some lame-o looking sneaker that may work but that’s it. Well, if this is what its gonna look like, you better beieve they will be on my feet THIS year. I already saw someone wearing a pair of these )not this style) when I was coming off the train.

Let me tell you, they look better in real life, and that is saying something considering that they  look good now.

Under Armour is not playing yall… they want your money. Nike and the rest better look out.

For more information and pics click HERE. You will be glad you did!

adidas Originals by ORIGINALS – JEREMY SCOTT Patent Wing HIGH… now in white and gold

(get the white/gold cause rainbow colored sneakers aren’t ur style lol)

If you collect sneakers and your collection isn’t just a specific pair of sneakers or shoes then maybe you will want to ad this one to it. It will cost you though, but how many people have an attachment that allows you to have wings on your feet? i mean seriously… wings! I actually SAW somebody pull these off very well a few weeks back so don’t think it will be hard to go outside and walk down the street in these. I am sure it would be harder to do it in the more rainbow colored versions of these but both of them are actually easy to work with (I’ll admit the white/gold will be ALLOT easier)

I am sure these are in a few shops but I seen them on and you can try to order them HERE on pre-order.

Reebok ZigTech – is it the new age of Reebok or just some craziness?

(is this a Reebok you would wear?)

Hnmmmmmmmmmm… I will admit I like the way some of them look, but it is a wild look to pull off, rest assured of that. Will this work for Reebok? would you get them? Would somebody have to give this to yu in order to wear them or would you just buy them?

I think this will be the question that Reebok hopes puts dollars in its pockets.

Timberland Moutian Athletics… watch out for the bear chasing you

(just wondering if anybody would cop these)

Was gonna post this a looooooong time ago but just plain forgot. Have to admit that SOME of the sneakers… or should I say trail shoes… look pretty nice. Lets face it, if you are running the train you are not thinking about “ohhh my new kicks just got mud and they got sliced by some rocks and a tree branch”

In case you are into this kinda stuff, or just want something more essential than visual, take a look at the timberland site (that many celebs seem to like and is a staple for rappers, even the ones who are off that lol)

Click HERE for the crazy site they made to introduce the sneakers/shoes. You may want to turn down your sound, because i didn’t and was rudely surprised by “don’t give up” and bear growls (the site is also is interactive and if you don’t move your mouse…. WATCH OUT lol

And YES they HAVE AN APP for that… why I don’t know.

Saturday the 16th, 2010 – NikeLIVE with Kobe Bryant

(well, well, well… Facebook live stream ‘huh Kobe?)

It comes on at 6pm my time (EST). AND its going to stream live on Facebook (click HERE for info). Now that’s an interesting development.

beGrown… beSexy MEN: Nike Air Force 1 High Hiker

(feel like I can really go hiking in these)

You know those SUV’s that really aren’t meant to go off road at all? Well, maybe you could take these hiking and they may ctually do the job… but why in the hell would you take a Buick Enclave or Range Rover into the woods? (your probably wondering how I can say Buick Enclave and Range Rover in the same sentence… lol well, I really like the Enclave)

Make no mistake about it folks, this sneaker is for looking the look without doing the do. And the best part of it all is that you will definaitly look grown and sexy while wearing them. Ladies… geltemen… this sneaker is for you.

More info if you click HERE on

Diggng In The Sneaker Crates: Transformers Nike Free 7.0

(this is what a robot SHOULD transform too)

Just looking through my past post over the years and man have I covered some interesting topics. I mean look at this post I made back in 2007 in July. Talk about a callabo that transformed how collabos should be done… sorry I couldn’t help myself.

Just digging in those sneaker crates… July 2007 on Sneakers  & Shoes (because your feet have opinions too)

By the way, Amazon still has a few “pairs” of these left (click HERE). For whatever reason there are still more of them out there. Maybe because people aren’t as interested in Megatron than Optimus (have to admit Optimus is a better colorway pictured on top)

Hey what’s this? Nike Air Max 97 and Kobe Mamba Fusion?

(looks interesting)

Fresh of the Presses From Eastbay… from way back in August…

Nike Air Max 2009+ in new colorway

(a Nike lookbook inside of the Eastbay catalog)

whoops!!! Meant to post this a while back. but I figure someone out there may want to know this…

Looks like a new colorway for the Air Max 2009+ is coming and it looks like it will be one of the hotter ones too. I love my current Air Max 2009+ and even though I have not run in them as much as I was supposed to, I have to say that they are very comfortable. Probably the most comfortable sneaker my feet have ever been in (it even passes the Reebok DMX 10 of which was the most comfortable sneaker I ever wore… I think those were the only Reeboks that I bought 2 different colorways of) and I look forward to getting another pair .

But which colorway?

There are other sneakers from Nike in the look book including the Lunalite (of which I just HAVE to try) and those free foot sneaker sole designs.

In Sneaker News: Under Armour and Brandon Jennings Commercial

(well now this is getting interesting…)

(yes I know this is old news… but its still interesting)

Someone tell Nike‘s Swoosh to move over and make some room.

Under Armour‘s interlocking U and A wants some of the action in the city’s grassroots basketball world, too.

Trying to further shed its perception of being a football-only apparel brand, Under Armour is treating the talent-rich landscape as prime real estate, and the top programs are buying in.

The budding Baltimore-based sports clothing and sneaker company is set to sponsor five New York high school basketball teams during the 2009-10 season, including Lincoln High, which has won seven of the last eight PSAL championships.

Under Armour is also sponsoring Boys & Girls and Thomas Jefferson‘s boys’ teams, as well as the reigning city and state girls champion, St. Michael Academy, and perennial girls powerhouse St. John the Baptist onLong Island.

Source: The Daily News (and yes its like 5 pages long if your really interested in this)

Yes this is getting more and more interesting by the week. Under Armour’s current stock price: 26.37… P/E ratio is pretty high for me though.

Space Jam Air Jordan 11 VIDEO by SneakGeekZ

(freaking WOW dude… lol at SneakGeekZ for the sniff test comment)

Oh man these things look freakin fantastic. The video got everything including a mini review of the sneaker and some comparisons to the older Space Jams and other Air Jordan 11’s. Just watch!

Nike HyperMax Cancelled…. and the sneakernets go crazy

McFly Hypermax

(I say cancel it cause it looks off)

I can’t say that I agree with many of the people on the internet with the cancellation. I think the HyperMax Mcfly look aweful. Its looks odd, the colors seem to make a sneaker that originally looks good, actually looks bad in this scheme and… I just don’t know. It just looks wrong to me.

McFly Hypermax being worn

(cancelled because of the materials on the sneaker possibly?)

Nike Hypermax McFly glow in the dark sole

(at least they glow in the dark on the sole)

But I guess I am the only one who thinks so because they are going bananas over on Nicekicks about the cancellation of this sneaker.

On Nicekicks: Marty McFly Hyperdunk GLOW IN THE DARK

(does they Hypermax really look better than the Hyperdunk?)

People just love this colorway. I love it too, but not on the Hypermax. I think it works better on the Hyperize though.

So call me crazy (or whatever your thinking right now about me lol) but I think I know why they cancelled it… cause it looks ugly.

Nike Hypermax Tennis Ball

One thing I do want to come out is those Tennis Ball Hypermax’s. No reason to cancel that, just keep it limited and I will be happy  (that is if I can get them)