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At Neiman Marcus: Maison Margiela Future Translucent High-Top

Maison Margiela Future Translucent High-Top

Is this what is next for sneakers? It like a love hate situation for me: I like that they are doing something different, while I don’t like plastic all over my sneakers and the price wow). Its def a fashion sneaker due to the fact that there is nothing to speak of in the way of technology. So if you are wearing these is can say that your fashion forward all the while saying that you got 1000+ dollars to spend to show how fashion forward you are.


  • Maison Margiela “Future” high-top sneaker in translucent polyurethane.
  • 1″ heel.
  • Approx. 5″H shaft.
  • Round toe.
  • Split vamp with padded grip-strap.
  • Dyed-to-match rubber outsole for traction.
  • Maison Margiela signature white stitched label detail on heel counter.
  • Made in Italy.

Made in Italy? For some reason I really like that part.

Maison Margiela Future Translucent High-Top Maison Margiela Future Translucent High-Top Maison Margiela Future Translucent High-Top

The sneaker is currently being sold HERE so if you want it, go and get it.


On Sale: adidas Rose 4.0


[gonna get these and play ball in them]

Nothing to say (until I get them and do a test run). I like the way they look. Some of my friends think it’s hideous but I like them. There is just something about how the design works makes me think they will look great on my feet.

Not a fan of the duo-tone though… most of the colorways are duotone. Probably why it’s either these or the all black ones that will be the most popular (until they come up with more colorways)

On sale now at




Ummmm… Wow That’s High: Under Armour Highlight MC Lacrosse


[they actually look nice… but they still funny looking]

Got nothing to say about these. They for the pro athlete. No hype beasts here standing on line for them and re-asking them for $400 bucks.

On sale now on Eastbay




On Sale: Nike Air Max 95 DYN FW – Men’s – on Eastbay


[green rainbow for sale]

Ok so it’s time for me to get posting again. It’s my mission in life to tell people who I don’t know that a pair of kicks are on sale. Usually they are a pair I like and I think should get attention.

Then there are other times… This is those other times.

Don’t like the way these look at all BUT they are still Air Max’s (the most comfortable sneaker ever) and they are $60 bucks off.

So that turns these “green rainbow” looking kicks into good looking kicks.

You getting them?

On sale now on



Diggin’ in the Sneaker Crates: Converse X Size? Poorman Weapon HI

(on a stack of Sneaker
Freaker magazines I’m getting these)

See now this is hot
folks! For whatever reason I need the Converse Poorman to be a
collabo, otherwise I just don’t like them by themselves. And this
collaboration is exciting for me to look at. This is definatly
going in my picture blog of style… Oh I guess you don’t know
about that Sneaker/Shoes project yet… It’s ok you will


Jordan CMFT Air Max 12 “South Beach”… man South Beach getting allot of love


So this is starting to get serious. I am beginning to think the whole Miami Vice look will actually come before 2011 ends (and I wouldn’t put it past somebody to try to do it either).

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The sneaker actually looks kinda nice. I would get it if I thought I could rock a sneaker with neon pink in it. I mean “I can see you from down the block” neon pink. Anyway, there are rockable no question, I’m just saying be careful cause they may hurt the eyes of people looking LOL

This is one of the really nice colorways for the CMFT line. I hope Brand Jordan keeps up with the good colorways and leaves the more plain colorways out of the mix.

No release date yet. First seen on


Super Sale: Mega Softcell BHM at Finishline

(man, I spent too much time making that collage)

Wanting to try on a pair of kicks that actually look like they have some kick to them? Then give these a try. It’s a little odd looking if you ask me but they do have some kind of air of strength and would probably look good on a small foot (12′ + may look like boats).

Reguardless of my more interesting opinions, the big news is that you can get them at $30 bucks off.

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Those other colorways seem yucky though (and there ARE some really interesting colorways)… oh well, you can’t go wrong with $64.99

Currently at

Kim Kardashian and Skechers… time to Shape Up that butt

(Kardashian x Skechers… omg)

Ok, seriously????? LMAO (no pun intended if you caught the connection) why did they do this? Don’t know if this was a good move, but make no mistake, work out sneakers are in right now and Skechers Shape Ups is somewhere on the top.

And yes, I know people who wear these (even BOOT versions) and swears by them.

Do they work? I don’t know and I am NOT going to find out personally by wearing them either.

The price isn’t too bad though if you are into these and on top of that, some of them have nice colorways. You want take a look at these, click RIGHT HERE for them.

More info HERE

Jerremy Scott loves wings: adidas originals FIRE

(this guy REALLY loves wings)

I have to admit that the wings seem a little bit on the extra side of things but he does make them look good. This time he is using the black and orange colorway for that “I’m moving so fast, that I must have wings on my feet AND the wings are on fire” look

I guess that explains “Fire” being in the name of the sneaker.

Little tid-bits about the shoe:
Was Patrick Ewing signature kick back in he 20th century (1986 to be exact) originally called the Attitude

Currently this is now looked as an skate sneaker… Get it? Skating – motorcycle – good looking model? Well the pics still look good.

Info from

Air Max 360 Rejuvine8 – Preview Shots

(man, these things reflect)

For me, these kicks at the time I got them, are the second most comfortable sneaker I had ever worn (at that time, the top comfortable sneaker I had ever worn was the Reebok DMX 10) . They were light and pretty flexible.

And reflective…

Maybe that put people off, because they were hyper reflective, maybe because they were a nice bright green, or maybe it was the history of air printed on the sides of the sneaker.

One way or another, these kicks ended up on sale, and I bought them for 79.99 at Dr Jays many years ago. I guess, in some ways, that is what other people are doing today with the Air Max 2009 and that is the 160 price was too high, but once it went down to 129-139, all of a sudden, they were everywhere.

But once you put them on and wear them, you see why they are worth 160 and are more willing to buy it at that price too. Already did that once, and will be doing it again this weekend (getting those Air Attack 2010 in black/neon)

Plan on seeing a review of these kicks, more pics, and so forth once the site opens up. Just diggin in those sneaker crates…

Nike Shox USA… USA… USA…

(now these are some old kicks)

I don’t even remember when I got them, that is how old they are. And because I haven’t worn them in years, when I actually put them on a few days ago (to go work out… which I ended up not doing), they did some weird squeaking and just felt like someone scratching a chalkboard without the chalkboard.

While I don’t plan on doing a full review of these kicks, I do have a preview 2 minute video of the sneakers coming your way as well as some pics.

Man, I am digging in those crate boy… for real, I think I got some sneaker and shoes that I think deserve to get some shine.

Air Max 2010 AIR ATTACK – volt/volt on volt… still on sale yall so when you getting them?

(seriously, even Rihanna got them)

Ok, its not my style so I wouldn’t get them, but there is something very nice about them that is for sure. Maybe its the details the sneaker has that gives it the shadow play necessary to look good even in a solid colorway.

Whatever the reason they look good and extremely bold, the bottom line is that it can work as a fashion look if that is what you are looking for.

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You can get them RIGHT HERE at for $160

New Balance 927 Ultimate Walker… looking forward to reviewing these

(hope this works)

Ok, so I have a problem… a foot problem. I guess I’m going to get a little personal here about my own feet and that personal info is that I have a Bunion.

Yes, a bunion (more info RIGHT HERE… yes I know its Wikipedia but it seems accurate and has the most info on the subject)

So, since I am on my feet all day at work, I need something that will help me with my little foot problem. In fact it may be because I am on my feet all day and the shoes I wear that helped create this bunion…

What ever the cause, the bottom line is that I have one, and now I need a sneaker (or shoe) that is just as comfortable as the footwear I have been wearing but allows my foot to heel itself. Hopefully New Balance can come to the rescue with this 927 walker.

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Air Jordan 5 TORO BRAVO in reflective

(reflectively amazing)

In my blurry pic that I hope comes out better when I take the shot later, you see the all glorous Toro Bravo. One of the more popular packs released way back when incuded the pair you see above as well as a mostly red brushed leather AJ5

It was a very unique pack to say the least. Count on a diggin in the sneaker crate review of them coming soon. More shots on the way also.

One thin I must say is that I am very impressed that years later the clear soles still are clear and have very little yellowing. Not sure how that came to be considering other kicks that never left the box are as yellow as hell… starting to think the box and the paper it came with may be the reason for this, but who knows.

Anybody else still have their Toro’s? How is your kicks doing?

Air Jordan 23 in Black and Red… carbon jordan

(can you imagine if that was ACTUALLY carbon?)

I know I keep saying that I want to create this theme that matches some of my kicks, but I can’t help myself. This picture totally inspired me to make a matching cursor (using CursorFX from Stardock) and maybe do a couple more shots to make some wallpapers.

Anyway, just figured I post a shot. Think it would make a really nice wallpaper.

Air Max 2010…. I really want these on my feet

(not sure bout those yellow laces though)

I am not a fan of yellow, but the sneaker has enough black to make the yellow not so beamingly yellow. Its a slick sneaker as far as I see it. Not sure why many in the sneakernets don’t like it as far as looks are concerned (and yet are floored by the look of the 2011… of which I am not sure about).

Make no mistake, no matter how bad or good the sneaker looks, this sneaker is AWESOMELY comfortable. Running in them is pretty cool too (but not the best for me though unless I am running on grass or track surface) and walking in them is totally freakin awesome.

Sooooooooo… the Air max 2010 is a must get. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of your life.

I believe the Air Max 2010 is a Finishline exclusive (I think) but you can also get them at RIGHT HERE

(yeah i know i wrote on the air max 2010 before… expect me to do it again lol)

The LeBron 8… the sneakernets speaks!!!

(looking good for LeBron)

The LeBron 8  preview shots has hit the sneakernets and the sneakernets responds…

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For a sneaker that you can’t see the whole thing of, it sure got some interesting opinions from people. Me personally, I love it! I can not imagine how this sneaker can look bad given some of these shots – shots of which basically tell you what the sneaker looks like.

Its not going to be as light as the Kobe V’s (or IS it???) but I am sure they will perform really nicely. I may, just maybe, get a pair and play in them to see just how well they play.

But as far as the look department is conserned, they look real good so far. Can’t imagine what they are going to do with it when the colorways start coming out…

The Sneakernets SPEAKS!!!

BUT HERE IS THE QUESTION… what are people saying online on some of the biggest sneaker sites on the net? Lets take a look.


Air Luna Rejuven8… are these mid-tops???

(anyone willing to play ball in them?)

These are called one of the most comfortable sneakers… personally I have no idea because I have yet to try them on or do a wear and tear test on them, but from the reviews on the site seem to get them credit for being light weight and comfortable.

Although running small seems to be the norm, but most certainly is not a problem for most people (unless they don’t have your size).

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You can get them RIGHT HERE at

Air Jordan 21 – Red and Black CLASSIC

(that’s gotta be the highest arch evar)

The Air Jordan 21 didn’t get allot of love. Remember that year with ll those Air Jordan packs that equaled the number 23? Well guess which pack  stayed on the shelves? The Air Jordan 21 + 2 pack  (I think only the 8 + 15 did worst but it may have been a tie)

Even though the Air Jordan 21 was not too popular whether it was in a pack or on its own, these particular pair just so happened to be very popular.

It just goes to show what a colorway can do to a sneaker that may not lean toward good looks to begin with.

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If you can get the Air Jordan 21 in this colorway, would you do it?

Nike Air Max Hyperize POP @ NikeStore

(you can see the light going through the sneaker)

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Now you know they hyperize is one of the better sneakers out for playing ball in but of course you want a specific colorway to match your style. I mean performance is good but it aint everything.

So he is the Hyperize POP… what is POP? Apparently POP (PlayOff Pack) is so important to Nike that you can only buy one at a time. Did I mention that it also has 3M reflection?

Mad sizes are still available at RIGHT HERE. So far there are 4 reviews on the site and they are all positive.

Nike Air Max 24-7 IN Neon

(so sweet!)

I feel like such a big dummee for not being able to find these on sale somewhere online where I usually get stuff… just for it to be on the website RIGHT HERE. They could have been in the house already.

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I’ll admit though I only want to get one of these (trying to stay on a budget this year… and next) but I like 3 of the 24-7 so far – the neons, the chili, and that 24-7 Air Attack with all reflective 3M material. Man… for a guy who doesn’t want to spend 1G on sneakers that will hardly get worn, I am sure trying to find ways to still spend the money (I will admit, I will be wearing the 4-7’s and the 2010 because they are to comfortable not to wear them all the time).

For detailed shots check out below… pretty sure the slide show is enough but just in case lol

Y-3 – Shizuka HIGH SNEAKERS at Luisaviaroma

(what IS that on the side of the sneaker?)

So ummmm… here you go. Looks different in these kicks right here that is for sure.

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You can get them RIGHT HERE.

Total Reflection – Nike Air Attack Pack 24-7

(I just can’t help myself)

Don’t have much to say that hasn’t been said before. If you want them you can get them RIGHT HERE at and as well.

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These things would probably blind drivers to the fact that you are in front of them instead of just seeing you .

Football Time… I mean soccer time… Nike CTR360 Maestri Elite FG

(can’t walk around in the streets with these)

This is a pretty slick look , especially the hazard pattern on the side. And for $300 USD you get a description of this sneaker unlike any other sneaker.

This is just part of the details:

The Nike CTR360 Maestri football boot was specifically designed for the player looking to master control on the pitch. The upper portion of the cleat has been refined at key contact points for receiving and distributing the ball, while Kanga-Lite synthetic leather provides a feel similar to kangaroo leathe. Groundbreaking lateral forefoot dampening pods help with control and a unique asymmetrical lacing design crates an expanded ball control surface. Aided by a carbon fiber sole unit, this retooled Elite Series version provides the same exceptional control at each touch, while stripping away 19% of its original weight.


  • Revolutionary Kanga-Lite synthetic leather provides remarkable comfort, fit and performance, whatever the conditions
  • Injected pass pad on the medial side to help with ball distribution
  • Asymmetric, anatomically engineered lacing system increases ball control surface
  • Advanced shape-correcting memory foam that adapts to the demands of each player
  • Anatomically contoured sockliner with special inserts for fit and comfort
  • Technically advanced shape-correcting memory foam and injected instep pass pad for ruthless distribution
  • Full-length thermoplastic composite carbon reinforced chassis engineered for incredible energy return and strength

Yes so that’s allot of info and it really keeps going. You can’t have enough info if your paying that amount of money for a pair of kicks that HAS to perform. We are talking about football (soccer) here.

You want to know more, then check it OUT HERE at