The Life and Culture of Kicks

Sneaker Head Edition

Back to the Future: It’s Here

Ok so I’m falling into the hype. Let’s be honest; this sneaker don’t look that great does it? But it’s good enough to be wearable. When you add the history and culture behind it then these sneakers turn into extra ordinary kicks. 

They haven’t released. According to the sneaker webs the sneaker will be released in 2016. Of course Micheal J Foc got his pair today. And yes it laces by themselves WITH the sound effects. 

More posts coming soon in Novermber for Sneakers and Shoes. 


Air Max 2011 is a Good Look

(starting to like this more than the 2009)

This may be another hit. I’ll admit I wasn’t to into this but I have to say I can’t wait to see it in person.

The 2009 Air Max is still the best to me but I guess when these start coming out in February we will see if they stay as the best.

FYI: the Air Max 2009 really got popular in NYC AFTER the price went down from 160 to 110-130 dollars.

Diggin in the Sneaker Crates: @RonnieFieg Edition – Cultureshoq x Ronnie Fieg



Another pair of hot as fire shoes from the man himself. Is it art or is it footwear? And the pictures he take are fantastic!!!

Details from the blog:

For the fourth installment of the Sebago Nexus Project, and I present two new styles that I’ve been excited about since we went to Dominican Republic early this year. Priced at $140USD and limited to 48 pairs per style, the DT lug sole comes in a premium crazy horse brown leather with a removable kilt and leather laces, and the DT High is comprised of oily chestnut suede with a removable kilt/tassels. You can purchase these boots tomorrow Friday October 29th at 10am EST at the David Z flagship store as well as online at Shots by@Sqmunro

Since this went on sale way back in October, I am guessing that they are gone now. Only 48 pairs makes them pretty exclusive and no question these things are works of art.

Just diggin in those sneaker crates (Ronnie Fief Edition)… October 28th 2010 on Ronnie Fieg

Jordan CMFT Air Max 12 “South Beach”… man South Beach getting allot of love


So this is starting to get serious. I am beginning to think the whole Miami Vice look will actually come before 2011 ends (and I wouldn’t put it past somebody to try to do it either).

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The sneaker actually looks kinda nice. I would get it if I thought I could rock a sneaker with neon pink in it. I mean “I can see you from down the block” neon pink. Anyway, there are rockable no question, I’m just saying be careful cause they may hurt the eyes of people looking LOL

This is one of the really nice colorways for the CMFT line. I hope Brand Jordan keeps up with the good colorways and leaves the more plain colorways out of the mix.

No release date yet. First seen on


What If? Nintendo x Air Jordan VI by Cadwallader

(OMG and it totally matches too!)

Oh man!!! I don’t know about whether this should be a limited release or a general one (and no I’m not a hypebeast but some kicks jut don’t work as a general release) but I think people would like it.


The Air Jordan 2011… Does it look like this or not?

(no wonder there hasn’t been a peep about these kicks in months)

Ok its a new year and promises have been made to who ever or where ever and such . Here we have what COULD be the Air Jordan 2011. Doing a search for the Air Jordan 2011 will show just what the sneaker looks like. IN FACT Dwane Wade of the Miami Heat wore the AJ 2011 (if they are really the AJ2011) on Christmas day.

(anybody notice D. Wade changing back to the AJ2010?)

So what’s the deal? Is this the sneaker? Many, and I mean MANY, sneaker blogs say yes it is. I actually hope THAT IT ISN’T and this is some sort of sample or maybe a AJ2011.5 version or a lite version or something.


TheShoeGame does it again… deep look inside @Mayor’s Closet

(and when I say closet, I mean room… with a security code!)

The Shoe Game is more than just a blog, its a freakin phenom of all blogs. If I wanted my blog to, one day, become the TechCrunch of all sneaker/shoe blogs, they are beating me too it LOL

If you visit The Shoe Game, you know that there is a nice community of people who comment on there and support the site and its all out of the ATL.

Now they bring us (with the help of Mayor, of course) a video of Mayor’s sneaker stash (which I am sad to say, does not include ANY shoes) and it is AWESOME.


On Sale: Converse Chuck Taylor Hi Roll Down at Finishline

(not your average Converse)

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Ladies you in luck if you want a casual kick that represents classic while doing a litle something for your “future look”.

I mean a super hi-top that rolls down isn’t new, but its looks new enough here. Its for that fresh look when everybody else has the same thing on.

On sale ONLY online at Finishline, so check them out HERE.

What’s the story on the takedown of OnSmash?

[say whaaaaa????]


Don’t know what happened here, but when I know, I will definaitly be commenting on it. Stay tuned. More posts coming your way this evening!


Limited Edition DeLorean NIKE 6.0

(now if I could only run 88 miles an hour)

It umm…. doesn’t look that great, but it limited and its based off of the DeLorean, so  hey, why not folks!

By the way… JUST LOVE the sole of these kicks. I would want these just because of the sole. Its supposed to represent the typical 80’s stop light (of which the DeLorean has).

First seen at Autoblog (yes,, the limited edition NIKE 6 DeLorean will be released on Friday the 26th (Black Friday) this pair of kicks has a unibody upper (no stitches here buddy) and a matte finish silver color. There is also a stamp on the tongue that is supposed to be a nudge to the Irish factory where the DMC – 12 was made.

And for the fans of having boxes be just as special as the kicks, the box also opens up gull wing style.

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There are only 1000 pairs of these kicks going to be made. I guess that is what they mean by limited.  Who is getting these?



(ummm… what just happened here?)

Clearly Brand Jordan has a hit on it’s hands with the Jordan Vis Air, but this colorway just does not do the sneaker any justice at all.

The interesting thing I can say about this sneakers is that, at least from the pictures we have seen of it (modern VIA, there is something very interesting going on at the toe. It looks like there is some infused color lines on the patent leather.

Now that is different.

I guess if you are looking for something different and bright with a slash of color on the patent leather (tortoise marble… LOL) for an extra punch, then these kicks are for you. By the way, these kicks do have a couple of “firsts” in them (for example the marbling on the patent leather) so you could view them as collectables. The choice is yours.


(ummmm… not too sure this works)

Well, these just hit the sneakerswebs and it  seems to be a hit. I think they could look WAAAAAAaaaaay better than what is shown, but who am I to say that they don’t truely seem to reflect the Street Figheters namesakes.

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But they do come close though.

I think for a game that was so iconic in gaming history for the 25+ crowd (and their younger siblings who they pushed away from the game), it could have been somewhat more influenced by the characters they are supposed to represent. Just a little bit more. Nothing too gaudy, just some more dressing I guess or maybe even the inner lining having something.

Somewhere there has got to be a detail or a material used to make this sneaker “kick”.

But I am in the minority on this. The sneakernets have spoken and they say it good.

More info HERE on

Nike Shox USA… USA… USA…

(now these are some old kicks)

I don’t even remember when I got them, that is how old they are. And because I haven’t worn them in years, when I actually put them on a few days ago (to go work out… which I ended up not doing), they did some weird squeaking and just felt like someone scratching a chalkboard without the chalkboard.

While I don’t plan on doing a full review of these kicks, I do have a preview 2 minute video of the sneakers coming your way as well as some pics.

Man, I am digging in those crate boy… for real, I think I got some sneaker and shoes that I think deserve to get some shine.

Air Max 2010 AIR ATTACK – volt/volt on volt… still on sale yall so when you getting them?

(seriously, even Rihanna got them)

Ok, its not my style so I wouldn’t get them, but there is something very nice about them that is for sure. Maybe its the details the sneaker has that gives it the shadow play necessary to look good even in a solid colorway.

Whatever the reason they look good and extremely bold, the bottom line is that it can work as a fashion look if that is what you are looking for.

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You can get them RIGHT HERE at for $160

Jezign Night Eagle in White… still available on the Jezign website

(and at 49.99, why not give it a shot?)

I don’t have a review yet of the Jezign kicks, but from what I have done with them so far they seem pretty alright. Haven’t walked any distance with them yet (the area where the battery is stored is somewhat a problem because it rubs up against your foot), but I will have a review of them in a month.

But I have the Bubble Cloud, not the Night Eagle. Now sure at all how the Night Eagle will perform on the court. I still think these are more about fashion and fun then playing hard on the court, but hey, fun is fun right?

The price is so low, maybe I will get the them. One thing is for sure, for those who are collectors of sneaker culture, you may want to get a pair especially since it won’t hurt your wallet very much.

Purchase them RIGHT HERE on JezignShop.

SneakerFreaker review of the Nike Hyperfuse


The Hyperfuse may just be the most popular basketball sneaker that you may never buy… but hey, I could be wrong.

Personally I just don’t see people getting them for casual wear, but if you play ball, you will want to at least try these on. MAAAAAAaaaad light.

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Why do I think people won’t get them? Nike Zoom Kobe V – the lightest basketball sneaker that also performs nevertheless, at least in NYC, you will not see too many people wearing them. Just not wearing them. No matter how many colorway, it just doesn’t show up.

But hey, I could be wrong. I mean NYC isn’t the only place that buys sneakers (although sometime I may make it sound like that lol). On thing is for sure, the sneakernets love these kicks.

You can see the big review on RIGHT HERE

Air Jordan 5 TORO BRAVO in reflective

(reflectively amazing)

In my blurry pic that I hope comes out better when I take the shot later, you see the all glorous Toro Bravo. One of the more popular packs released way back when incuded the pair you see above as well as a mostly red brushed leather AJ5

It was a very unique pack to say the least. Count on a diggin in the sneaker crate review of them coming soon. More shots on the way also.

One thin I must say is that I am very impressed that years later the clear soles still are clear and have very little yellowing. Not sure how that came to be considering other kicks that never left the box are as yellow as hell… starting to think the box and the paper it came with may be the reason for this, but who knows.

Anybody else still have their Toro’s? How is your kicks doing?

Air Jordan 22 Omega Wallpaper…

(nice and yellow)

If I had to say one good thing about the Air Jordan 22… ok ok, other than the sneakers comfort level (very high)  and the ability to swap out cushioning pads (really nice)

So let me restate that – one of the best parts of the Air Jordan 22 was the sole. it looks so nice and it seemed like allot of thought went into it.  The best part is that not only does it look good, but it is very fuctional too.

So I thought to myself, it would make for a great wallpaper.

More to come, just thought I would give a taste

The LeBron 8… the sneakernets speaks!!!

(looking good for LeBron)

The LeBron 8  preview shots has hit the sneakernets and the sneakernets responds…

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For a sneaker that you can’t see the whole thing of, it sure got some interesting opinions from people. Me personally, I love it! I can not imagine how this sneaker can look bad given some of these shots – shots of which basically tell you what the sneaker looks like.

Its not going to be as light as the Kobe V’s (or IS it???) but I am sure they will perform really nicely. I may, just maybe, get a pair and play in them to see just how well they play.

But as far as the look department is conserned, they look real good so far. Can’t imagine what they are going to do with it when the colorways start coming out…

The Sneakernets SPEAKS!!!

BUT HERE IS THE QUESTION… what are people saying online on some of the biggest sneaker sites on the net? Lets take a look.


I swear this sneaker just can’t get sold – Nike Half Cent in green-spark/black

(the half-penny blues)

Despite the classic styling and acclaimed comfort this pair of kicks can not get off the shelf. Not only is it still available, but its on sale AND many of the sizes are still available as well.

At a price of $151 USD you can get them RIGHT HERE at

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If your looking for a sneaker to play ball in and wanted to try this hybrid on the court (outside or inside), then maybe this is what you should get cause the price is most certainly right.

The Lebron 8 hits the sneakernets… looks good!

(looking real good)

More on this later and how the sneakernets have reacted to this. Pros and cons coming tomorrow!

As seen on LB23.COM

Air Jordan 22 from the Alpha Omega Pack

(love the idea… but the look was horrible)

It looks like a digging in the sneaker crates special!!! doing a special review of the alpha Omega pack from Air Jordan. How do they look almost 3 years later? Welp, I’m taking a whole lot of pictures of them, maybe some in wallpaper quality, might have a special cursor ready that matches the sneaker pack (to be used with Cursor FX), and a video review as well that will be posted on the main site…. when ever the hell I finish that project LOL

Man, who said hustling is easy?

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So there you have it. A digging in the sneaker crates exclusive as well as a review of the Alpha Omega pack 3 years since they came out. Fantasical!!!

Who says digging in the sneaker crates can’t have reviews?

(I swear these kicks could have looked WAY better)

Remember the Alpha Omega Pack? Remember how is stayed on the shelves? Remember when the price went down and everybody started wearing only the Air Jordan 1’s (Alpha)?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hmmmm… looks like Diggin in the Sneaker Crates just got a little meatier… review coming soon on the main site. More preview pics coming here on the blog.

Its all part of my debut for my new site… now I just have to finish it. 🙂

Will Kobe bring out the Dark Knight??… look like he did LOL

Will the Lakers pull this one out? As I write this, he is putting up free throws to break the tie game.

Lakers lead by 2!!!


If you haven’t caught on by now, the Lakers won. It was a big game and great to watch. Can’t wait till next year