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Coming BACK In November!!!

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We going to give this thang a shot once more! Got some ideas, new mission (including to promote more mature styles such as mens shoes for work or business), and just in general its gonna be fun.

The main website will be up and running soon, the blog (as you can see) is open but updates won’t begin until November, we are on the Twitters, the Facebooks, and the Instagrams, and a couple other places as well (for example we on Tumblr… yeah when we say we gonna be experimenting, doing some new things, that’s what we mean)

Things are quite now but feel free to save some of this stuff to you favorites now. Here’s how the workflow will go:

Sneakers And Shoes – The Lifestyle and Culture of Kicks

blah blah blahh

  • cool beans yoo
  • More magazine style mixed with blog. Will only be updated in the beginning once a month for the first few months, then once a week starting in March on Tuesdays
  • Reviews on different footwear items
  • Includes big stories for the month or week, background stories on different footwear brands, lookbooks, and other more static content

Sneakers and Shoes – The Blog

  • Whats out now, what people are talking about, new styles, whats currently on sale around the net such as FinishLine and Eastbay, and super sales (footwear that’s 15% or more off from across the web).
  • Any random thing we find on the interwebzzzz
  • Updated at least 4 times a week Instagram and IGtv

  • So many pics and such little time!!! Sneakers from multiple brands, new stuff, old stuff, work wear, casual, highheels, and so forth.
  • IGtv Facebook

  • Get updates on the blog, website, and find out about givaways and there. Plus some snarky quickbits from the Sneakers and Shoes team on any number of topics TUMBLR

  • Focus on the culture of fashion and sneakers, related art, styles, and randomness that is Tumblr. No really go check it out! An easy way to pass the time for a few. YouTube

  • Going to be 3 types of vids on there coming in 2019 including Diggin’ In The Sneaker Crates, and The Weekly Super Sale

skrsandshoes Twitter

  • Find out what new posted on the website, interacting with other kick lovers, and random thoughts from the team.

snkrsandshoes Pintrest

  • A collection of styles, looks, and more randomness

Check us out. Eventually we will have an iPhone app as well for those who want it all in one place (but that’s gonna be a wait for that release, we just wanna give y’all a heads up). November 2018 going to a very interesting month!


Welcome to the Re-Re-Restart of Sneakers and Shoes


Of course I’ve been having troubles restart the fun but thats ok cause I can just start it here. The webzine part of Sneakers and Shes may still be down but the blog is up and might as well start posting some currently available footwear, sneaker type news, fashion talk and opinions.

What up on deck for the webzine…


Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux Photoshoot…  

Yes I know…. These sneakers came out a while ago. So what’s the point of having a photoshoot for a pair of sneakers that they hype is gone? Exactly! They hype is gone. This photoshoot (and others coming soon) is just about the love of the design and history of the sneaker. 

I like sneakers (in fact all footwear) mainly because it’s a mix of form and function; design, art and science. In other words these things have to work not just look good but if they don’t look good do they really work?

Grand Re-Opening

The Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux along with another sneaker gets the photoshoot treatment for the re-start next month. 

Air Jordan 22 from the Alpha Omega Pack

(love the idea… but the look was horrible)

It looks like a digging in the sneaker crates special!!! doing a special review of the alpha Omega pack from Air Jordan. How do they look almost 3 years later? Welp, I’m taking a whole lot of pictures of them, maybe some in wallpaper quality, might have a special cursor ready that matches the sneaker pack (to be used with Cursor FX), and a video review as well that will be posted on the main site…. when ever the hell I finish that project LOL

Man, who said hustling is easy?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So there you have it. A digging in the sneaker crates exclusive as well as a review of the Alpha Omega pack 3 years since they came out. Fantasical!!!

Preview of new site… I swear I spend way too much time on this stuff

(hmmmm… delicious)

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade… and then make it so well that other people want it too. main site coming soon (why? because there is just too much stuff to cover just to keep it all here lol)


KICKS Issue 12



You know what guys… Slam’s KICKS Magazine has been around for a while. Its been around so long that when I was in school and wanted to design a website for KICKS as a class project this is what I came up with:

Project8 KICKS1

(for 1999 this is pretty good if I say so myself)

Project8 KICKS3

(the “I” in Team… who else would come up with that other than me? LMAO

Guess when I did that? Back in 1999 in collage college. Damn, that was a decade ago (why am I showing my age??? lol).

… and hey… Slam Magazine KICKS… don’t get any ideas, this is copyrighted LOL

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Desktop Customization: Lets Get The Ball Rolling

NBA Teaser Desktop Design by Stardock

NBA Teaser Icons

(wowee a Knicks desktop for those Knicks fans)

Wallpapers are cool and all, I will be making some myself soon, but why stop there? What about an XP logon of your favorite sneaker? How about a Kryptonate jumping over Superman for a Logon screen? What about an animated wallpaper showing video of MJ and his Last Shot? Why not a bouncing basket ball for a cursor?

Oh man… we on some next level @#$% now lol

First Shoe Fashion Profile: Ciara

Ciara Show Style

(see here profile on Lasf.Fm)

Ciara will be the first footwear fashion profile to be followed for an entire month. Yes, you will be able to see what’s on her feet and hopefully with the limited resources I got, find out what she is wearing… on her feet. I may go into her fashion style and names but the focus is on the feet.

Ciara: Respect Here Sneaker Game

Hopefully S & S can get in contact with her team to see if I can get more of a scoop on what she got on her feet. On her Foot Fashion Watch profile will be any and all info I can muster including album info and junk like that.

The S & S Monthly Foot Fashion Watch Profiles begins (I gotta come up with a better name for this)… First up is Ciara for March (CiCi really has some game when its comes to the feet).

What A nice Future 2009 Can Be – Dave White x MusicSkins x Jordan V Grapes x Skinning = ???

Individual Sole » Dave White x MusicSkins “Nike Air Max 95 Neon” & “Jordan V Grapes”

Ok ya’ll. My question is this; What if you mixed the above look (whether it be a iPod, iPhone or a laptop) with this below?

Any answers?

Don’t Think I Forgot About The Shoes

Oh good lawd, when was the last time I posted about cars? Its been a long time. Well since the SEMA show is out there are some things to look at, I figure this is a great time to start posting about cars again.