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On Sale: adidas Rose 4.0


[gonna get these and play ball in them]

Nothing to say (until I get them and do a test run). I like the way they look. Some of my friends think it’s hideous but I like them. There is just something about how the design works makes me think they will look great on my feet.

Not a fan of the duo-tone though… most of the colorways are duotone. Probably why it’s either these or the all black ones that will be the most popular (until they come up with more colorways)

On sale now at





Ummmm… Wow That’s High: Under Armour Highlight MC Lacrosse


[they actually look nice… but they still funny looking]

Got nothing to say about these. They for the pro athlete. No hype beasts here standing on line for them and re-asking them for $400 bucks.

On sale now on Eastbay




On Sale: Nike Air Max 95 DYN FW – Men’s – on Eastbay


[green rainbow for sale]

Ok so it’s time for me to get posting again. It’s my mission in life to tell people who I don’t know that a pair of kicks are on sale. Usually they are a pair I like and I think should get attention.

Then there are other times… This is those other times.

Don’t like the way these look at all BUT they are still Air Max’s (the most comfortable sneaker ever) and they are $60 bucks off.

So that turns these “green rainbow” looking kicks into good looking kicks.

You getting them?

On sale now on



On Sale: ANDROID HOMME Craft Hi @REVOLVEclothing

(high end… at a cost)

Its Dior Homme not Dior Homie… now where did I get THAT from? Anyway here is a smooth sneaker for the more mature individual who wants something casual, stylish and is still a sneaker.

No it doesn’t have air in it… and I have no idea how comfortable it is but it does look pretty good. At the price it better, at least, be the smoothest leather.

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Currently at Revolve Clothing RIGHT HERE (I totally expect to come back to that site to see what see they got).

On Sale: Y-3 – HONJA High Metal @Luisaviaroma

(this is an interesting looking sneaker)

Is this something you think you would want? Collect maybe? it’s a Y-3 so why wouldn’t you at least give it a try?

LOL there are probably LOTS of reason why you won’t give it a try. Who am I trying to kid here?


On Sale: The Melissa + Gaetano Pesce Customizable Shoe @Karmaloop

(ummmm… weird but cool)

Well take my legs and call me stumpy! I wasn’t aware that a shoe like this could be made and yet here it is on Karmaloop.

Here are the details including what this thing called MELFLEX is:

Bubble patterned bootie; can be customized by cutting out circles to achieve desired silhouette.

Melissa Shoes are made from MELFLEX, a trademarked plastic which offers improved elasticity, impermeability, and resistance to water. It is also hypoallergenic, odorless, and recyclable.

By Melissa Shoes

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Its gonna set you back a 120 bucks so if you want to pick them up at Karmaloop (right HERE). You will look original wearing these, that is of no doubt. They also have other color such as black (for those who don’t want THAT much attention) and red (for those who want to get jumped if they are in the “wrong hood”).

On Sale: The Low Level Light Up Danger Wedge @Karmaloop

(great way to restart the blog!)

Welcome back to a new design of Sneakers and Shoes blog. Figured I start with whats currently on sale around the net that is cool, interesting, and so on and so forth.

Here we have the Low Level Light Up Danger by Irregular Choice.  Its a good look if you think you know how to rock them. And yes, they do, I repeat, DO light up.

Here are the details:

Iridescent finish ruched and pleated suede Mary Jane style wedges; translucent heel with engraved design and interior details illuminates when walking; wooden front platform; 4″ heel with 1″ platform.

By Irregular Choice

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Very interesting no? I am not a fan of lights in a pair of footwear but this actually seems to be an ok look. Now I am not saying they would make a great Christmas present, but hey

Head over to KARMALOOP right HERE if you want to get these for yourself or your lady.

Selfridges – Worlds Largest Shoe Department Store Opens

(old news but hey, its still worth noting)

Looks like the ladies get all the attention. If only guys can have something like this… but would guys even go if there was one?

So anyway, the store is open, and has been open for s while. Check out the quote from Lifestyle @ Yahoo:

Measuring approximately 35,000 sq ft, the department is the largest project Selfridges has ever undertaken. It contains six salons and 11 boutiques or ‘themed apartments’ that have been uniquely crafted to reflect each brand – Chanel’s is a reflection of Coco Chanel’s apartment in Paris, while Jimmy Choo’s is adorned with hand-painted gold foil wallpaper.

Europe has all the fun I guess.

On Sale: Converse Chuck Taylor Hi Roll Down at Finishline

(not your average Converse)

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Ladies you in luck if you want a casual kick that represents classic while doing a litle something for your “future look”.

I mean a super hi-top that rolls down isn’t new, but its looks new enough here. Its for that fresh look when everybody else has the same thing on.

On sale ONLY online at Finishline, so check them out HERE.

Super Sale: Mega Softcell BHM at Finishline

(man, I spent too much time making that collage)

Wanting to try on a pair of kicks that actually look like they have some kick to them? Then give these a try. It’s a little odd looking if you ask me but they do have some kind of air of strength and would probably look good on a small foot (12′ + may look like boats).

Reguardless of my more interesting opinions, the big news is that you can get them at $30 bucks off.

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Those other colorways seem yucky though (and there ARE some really interesting colorways)… oh well, you can’t go wrong with $64.99

Currently at

Kim Kardashian and Skechers… time to Shape Up that butt

(Kardashian x Skechers… omg)

Ok, seriously????? LMAO (no pun intended if you caught the connection) why did they do this? Don’t know if this was a good move, but make no mistake, work out sneakers are in right now and Skechers Shape Ups is somewhere on the top.

And yes, I know people who wear these (even BOOT versions) and swears by them.

Do they work? I don’t know and I am NOT going to find out personally by wearing them either.

The price isn’t too bad though if you are into these and on top of that, some of them have nice colorways. You want take a look at these, click RIGHT HERE for them.

More info HERE

Well Now… it looks like Converse has a new website

(hmmmm… when di they do this? looks good)

Looks like Cponverse went all flash happy and made a new website. I personally do not like flash that much (you here that NikeStore!!!) but this works out pretty well. They manage to show off a couple of cool looking kicks, whatever marketing push they currently got going, and the site sort of interacts with your cursor.

Already saw a pair of kicks I will be posting on tomorrow on the site.

So check it out if you wish. I think I may do a little more looking around and do a full review of the site at a later daye.

Click HERE ffor more >>


FIFA 2010 is over and Spain won…. but what kicks were on the field?

(would you buy a 400+ dollar cleat?)

Too much for me, but if the world cup was at stake, I may have gotten them too, especially if they worked. Find the RIGT HERE at

and1 Downtime at finishLine… now on super sale

(white and red is looking good)

You know I love to browse the interwebs to see whats on sale and what looks good/interesting/fair/ugly and I came across these “nike free” looking and1 kicks.

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Can’t be mad at them though, I actually think they look ok. And for 50 bucks, you can’t go too wrong.

Currently on FinishLine RIGHT HERE and they have a nice spread of sizes left depending on the colorway you want.

Air Max 2010 AIR ATTACK – volt/volt on volt… still on sale yall so when you getting them?

(seriously, even Rihanna got them)

Ok, its not my style so I wouldn’t get them, but there is something very nice about them that is for sure. Maybe its the details the sneaker has that gives it the shadow play necessary to look good even in a solid colorway.

Whatever the reason they look good and extremely bold, the bottom line is that it can work as a fashion look if that is what you are looking for.

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You can get them RIGHT HERE at for $160

Nike LT 2.1 Shark Men’s Football Cleat

(this is one very nice looking football cleat)

I haven’t played Football in a long time, but if I did I would want these. There is something slick, and even ominous, about these kicks. I think they are very well designed (at least from looking from the pics) and would be a great style look for those who play the game of football.

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There are only 5 reviews on NikeStore about these sneakers and the word awesome comes up allot. If you want to give them a look over, take a look RIGHT HERE and see if they are for you.

Jezign Night Eagle in White… still available on the Jezign website

(and at 49.99, why not give it a shot?)

I don’t have a review yet of the Jezign kicks, but from what I have done with them so far they seem pretty alright. Haven’t walked any distance with them yet (the area where the battery is stored is somewhat a problem because it rubs up against your foot), but I will have a review of them in a month.

But I have the Bubble Cloud, not the Night Eagle. Now sure at all how the Night Eagle will perform on the court. I still think these are more about fashion and fun then playing hard on the court, but hey, fun is fun right?

The price is so low, maybe I will get the them. One thing is for sure, for those who are collectors of sneaker culture, you may want to get a pair especially since it won’t hurt your wallet very much.

Purchase them RIGHT HERE on JezignShop.

New Balance 927 Ultimate Walker… looking forward to reviewing these

(hope this works)

Ok, so I have a problem… a foot problem. I guess I’m going to get a little personal here about my own feet and that personal info is that I have a Bunion.

Yes, a bunion (more info RIGHT HERE… yes I know its Wikipedia but it seems accurate and has the most info on the subject)

So, since I am on my feet all day at work, I need something that will help me with my little foot problem. In fact it may be because I am on my feet all day and the shoes I wear that helped create this bunion…

What ever the cause, the bottom line is that I have one, and now I need a sneaker (or shoe) that is just as comfortable as the footwear I have been wearing but allows my foot to heel itself. Hopefully New Balance can come to the rescue with this 927 walker.

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Hey, don’t forget about Nicholas Kirkwood

(if you buy 10 of these kicks, you can get a small car)

Now that’s a nice lead in for the shoe that will most certainly knock onlookers on their feet. Its still on sale (maybe because the price is high enough to buy a laptop?) and if you want your look to go upscale and unique (cause how many people are gonna buy a 1000+ shoe?), maybe you want to take a look.

Currently on sale at RIGHT HERE.

Nine West Sydney

(hey sexy lady…)

Looks good without having to spend 500-1000+ dollars. Nine West got you covered. For $100 bucks you can have something for the beGrown_beSexy crowd without emptying your wallet to do it. You look nice and such and such (insert positive comment).

So you gonna get them? Head over to Nine West RIGHT HERE and take a look.

Air Max 2010…. I really want these on my feet

(not sure bout those yellow laces though)

I am not a fan of yellow, but the sneaker has enough black to make the yellow not so beamingly yellow. Its a slick sneaker as far as I see it. Not sure why many in the sneakernets don’t like it as far as looks are concerned (and yet are floored by the look of the 2011… of which I am not sure about).

Make no mistake, no matter how bad or good the sneaker looks, this sneaker is AWESOMELY comfortable. Running in them is pretty cool too (but not the best for me though unless I am running on grass or track surface) and walking in them is totally freakin awesome.

Sooooooooo… the Air max 2010 is a must get. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of your life.

I believe the Air Max 2010 is a Finishline exclusive (I think) but you can also get them at RIGHT HERE

(yeah i know i wrote on the air max 2010 before… expect me to do it again lol)

I swear this sneaker just can’t get sold – Nike Half Cent in green-spark/black

(the half-penny blues)

Despite the classic styling and acclaimed comfort this pair of kicks can not get off the shelf. Not only is it still available, but its on sale AND many of the sizes are still available as well.

At a price of $151 USD you can get them RIGHT HERE at

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If your looking for a sneaker to play ball in and wanted to try this hybrid on the court (outside or inside), then maybe this is what you should get cause the price is most certainly right.

Nike RT1 High… still some left

(why were people hating on this sneaker?)

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I think there was a reason why Jay-Z was caught a few times wearing these kicks and that is because they are some good looking sneakers.

The reviews on this sneaker are pretty plentiful and most state how the sneaker is comfortable. It may be a sneaker you wish to check out, even if it came out a while ago. For more info click RIGHT HERE.

Air Luna Rejuven8… are these mid-tops???

(anyone willing to play ball in them?)

These are called one of the most comfortable sneakers… personally I have no idea because I have yet to try them on or do a wear and tear test on them, but from the reviews on the site seem to get them credit for being light weight and comfortable.

Although running small seems to be the norm, but most certainly is not a problem for most people (unless they don’t have your size).

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You can get them RIGHT HERE at