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Pics of the AirJordan 2011… you know, the one they didn’t want you to see

(wow… seriously?)

So after all the take down emails and so forth saying this ISN’T the new Air Jordan 2011 and how this is a  sample, it turns out not only is this the new Air Jordan 2011 but the “sample” was spot on.

Sooooooooo…. what do you think? Looks like some cross between the Air Jordan 11 (get it? 2011… Air Jordan 11?) and some new tech. of course being the blog that this is, you know I’m gonna drop my opinion on ya so here it is…



The Air Jordan 2011… Does it look like this or not?

(no wonder there hasn’t been a peep about these kicks in months)

Ok its a new year and promises have been made to who ever or where ever and such . Here we have what COULD be the Air Jordan 2011. Doing a search for the Air Jordan 2011 will show just what the sneaker looks like. IN FACT Dwane Wade of the Miami Heat wore the AJ 2011 (if they are really the AJ2011) on Christmas day.

(anybody notice D. Wade changing back to the AJ2010?)

So what’s the deal? Is this the sneaker? Many, and I mean MANY, sneaker blogs say yes it is. I actually hope THAT IT ISN’T and this is some sort of sample or maybe a AJ2011.5 version or a lite version or something.


Air Jordan 13 “Premio” Bin 23 is ummmmm… interesting…

(well… now isn’t this snazzy)

As seen on Nicekicks, His Airness is releasing another pair of kicks under the Bin 23 montra of which will cost you a grip if you want one. I love the idea personally, but… and you had to know there was going to be a “but” in this… these are not the best colorway for the AJ13’s.

Don’t get me wrong, they look right (see more images by clicking RIGHT HERE) but I think for the higher price and quality materials, it could have been in a better colorway. It doesn’t have to be in the playoff colorway or one of the OG released colorways, but it didn’t have to be this colorway either.

Maybe this will grow on me like the Air Jordan 9 BIN 23 has… but I doubt it.

Find out more at

The Air Jordan 2010 OUTDOOR For the Love of the Game… could this sneaker look better than the AJ 2010?

(slowly changing my mind about these)

I don’t know… I hated these kicks when i first saw them, but those colorways are making me think twice about actually getting.

Especially since I did play in the Air Raids back in the day and the cross strap really helped keep the sneaker on your feet.

I think if you are actually playing outsdoors, then maybe you should consider these as something to get.

More on this later.

Air Jordan Fusion 6 + 17 = dude… WTF?

(no WAY I’m letting this one go)

I gonna have ALLOT to say about this one, for for now all I am gonna write is this…. Whahhahahahaaaahaha????!!!!

(PS – there are some good things to say about these kicks… the rest are, let me say, not so good)

Air Jordan 5 TORO BRAVO in reflective

(reflectively amazing)

In my blurry pic that I hope comes out better when I take the shot later, you see the all glorous Toro Bravo. One of the more popular packs released way back when incuded the pair you see above as well as a mostly red brushed leather AJ5

It was a very unique pack to say the least. Count on a diggin in the sneaker crate review of them coming soon. More shots on the way also.

One thin I must say is that I am very impressed that years later the clear soles still are clear and have very little yellowing. Not sure how that came to be considering other kicks that never left the box are as yellow as hell… starting to think the box and the paper it came with may be the reason for this, but who knows.

Anybody else still have their Toro’s? How is your kicks doing?

Military Colorway Awesome – The Air Jordan 14 + F14 TomCat

(now THAT would be an interesting release)

What happens when you have a photoshop contest and ask for the look to be about the military? You get these as well as other colorways and idea created from the imaginations of people who love kicks.

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If you want to check out the other view of these as well as the other kicks on show, then check out NikeTalk RIGHT HERE

Air Jordan 21 – Red and Black CLASSIC

(that’s gotta be the highest arch evar)

The Air Jordan 21 didn’t get allot of love. Remember that year with ll those Air Jordan packs that equaled the number 23? Well guess which pack  stayed on the shelves? The Air Jordan 21 + 2 pack  (I think only the 8 + 15 did worst but it may have been a tie)

Even though the Air Jordan 21 was not too popular whether it was in a pack or on its own, these particular pair just so happened to be very popular.

It just goes to show what a colorway can do to a sneaker that may not lean toward good looks to begin with.

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If you can get the Air Jordan 21 in this colorway, would you do it?

Air Jordan 14 “Last Shot” – Love this sneaker to death


These are my all time favorite pair of Air Jordans. I will admit that they were not the most comfortable (the Air Jordan 23’s are the most comfortable), but they are my favorite looking, detail having, colorway thinking pair out of all of them.

Don’t have much more to say than that other than I can’t wait to see the Silver anniversary 14’s come out and ESPECIALLY see the Bin 23 look.

Using Google’s new front page image feature – Air Jordan 23

I couldn’t help myself. Using one of the shots I took of the Air Jordan 23, I made myself a very very nice welcome screen for the default Google page. I have to admit that the shot not only makes for a great page, it probably would make for a great wallpaper too…

So just click on the image above and pick your favorite Air Jordan shot with that wood floor LOL

Air Jordan 22 from the Alpha Omega Pack

(love the idea… but the look was horrible)

It looks like a digging in the sneaker crates special!!! doing a special review of the alpha Omega pack from Air Jordan. How do they look almost 3 years later? Welp, I’m taking a whole lot of pictures of them, maybe some in wallpaper quality, might have a special cursor ready that matches the sneaker pack (to be used with Cursor FX), and a video review as well that will be posted on the main site…. when ever the hell I finish that project LOL

Man, who said hustling is easy?

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So there you have it. A digging in the sneaker crates exclusive as well as a review of the Alpha Omega pack 3 years since they came out. Fantasical!!!

Who says digging in the sneaker crates can’t have reviews?

(I swear these kicks could have looked WAY better)

Remember the Alpha Omega Pack? Remember how is stayed on the shelves? Remember when the price went down and everybody started wearing only the Air Jordan 1’s (Alpha)?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hmmmm… looks like Diggin in the Sneaker Crates just got a little meatier… review coming soon on the main site. More preview pics coming here on the blog.

Its all part of my debut for my new site… now I just have to finish it. 🙂

I Still Like My Air Jordan Six Rings… just can’t bring myself to wearing them

(think I may give these away… anybody wear a size 12?)

And speaking of stuff that I didn’t totally wear… I am having a sort of re-opening of my site. The fireworks begin somewhere around Wednesday night, but most of you probably won’t see it all until Thursday. I am looking forward to it.

Air Jordan 2010 in ALL Black… includind see-though hole

(you want it right? even with the see-through hole?)

Comes out in June 2010… sure you want it. More info HERE

Guess Who’s Back? Infrared Air Jordan VI

(man, don’t YOU feel bad you bought the other ones)

Last week was some big news for Jordanheads, sneaker fanatics and casual sneaker wear’ers alike. Romors have it that a new sneaker pack is on the way and its a big one. I mean when was the last time you saw the white and infrared Air Jordan VI?

I swear Brand Jordan  just wants me to break my small sneaker budget for the year and buy everything they put out. i want this but i do have my priorities… isn’t being an adult hard (but don’t ask me if I want to be a kid again… no thanks LOL)?

But here is the 40,000,000 Dollar question… is the battle of infrared Vs varsity red just hit a new twist? When this pack officially comes out will it really be the infrared back or the varsity red pack? How do people who bought the varsity red and suede AJ VI feel about this release?

Hmmmmmmmmm…. to be continued.

Read more about what happened last week in news on… you will be glad you did.

Jordan says STOP cmplaining about quality… BIN23 is coming

(does better materials make this sneaker look better)

You know its sorta funny that the first sneaker the show for this new program designed to be the answer to peoples complaints about Jordan sneaker quality is one of the worst looking of the whole Air Jordan line up. I mean wasn’t it those very same AJ2’s that almost made MJ himself hurl? Granted there are very few colorways that make up for the over all look of this kick but its still one of the worst looking and probably close to last in performance too…

So why did they pick this one first? Not sure. haven’t seen any other BIN23 kicks being shown so I have to say that this is done on purpose. Does the materials make the sneaker look better? Seems so at least from the pictures.


“BIN23 is an example of how you can make a small pinnacle experience. We’re starting this BIN23 concept that we’ll run for the year, and it’s basically just taking a look at things that never came out. We have this bin of just great things that we’re going to hand off to the consumer and let them experience. We have this very cool branding and experience around it that we feel really good about. It’s not going to be on the broader level of a release like the Space Jams, but it’s kind of like a smaller energy that’s comparable in size. We’re really excited about that. We’ll take that through the Retro filter, and it’ll be a colorway and material elevation.”

Source: Sole Magazine

Can’t wait to see my all time favorite Air Jordan (the AJ14’s) get the BIN23 treatment as well as others. I guess this could be a very good idea… and if they throw in some collaberations, it will make it all the better.

Can’t wait till the sneakernets start talking about these.

First seen on Sole Magazine and can also be seen HERE as well on SneaKerFreaker.

Currently on sale at Sneakers N Stuff RIGHT HERE

One day… Brand Jordan will retro the AJ2009 and this is what it should look like…

(wish it was real)

Brand jordan won’t be coming out with new colorways of the Air Jordan 2009 anytime soon, but if they do, please do the classic colorways like what 1and12 photoshopped right here.

I peeped this from the NikeTalk thread HERE >> Nike Talk> Sneaker Art> ~~~Photoshop Contest 2009 vol.2~~~congrats sthebest!

Air Jordan Spiz’ike – Fresh Since ’85 in Fire Red and Black

(and I never look back since being fresh since ’85)

This is a definite collectible right here. Reminiscent of the Air Jordan III “Fire Red”, these kicks are a must have for those who want a pair of kick tat represent some real MJ history.

I don’t plan on getting them (tight budget), but I would if I could. They are still available in stores and online at the NikeStore right HERE

Colorways, colorways, colorways… the Air Jordan 16.5 Team Sneaker

(soon the whole team will be wearing these… wait a minute…)

Brand Jordan has a hit on their hands and they know it. The air Jordan 16.5 looks like something any basketball player (or casual wearer for walking around in the streets) can get with. And talk about colorways. The whole team on the floor can wear different colorways and still have a couple left over. I think there are 7 different colorways so far.

You can pick up the colorway on Finishline if you want them  HERE (they are not on NikeStore for whatever reasons… why even show the picture? lol)

Air Jordan Retro VI HAS RELEASED… and you can still buy them online

(hmmmm… nice entry page for Jordan releases Nike)

I didn’t stay up all night trying to buy these so I don’t know if the sites crashed while people were trying to buy it… but since there are so mny sizes left, I am gonna guess that the sites did ok last night.

If your are still looking for a pair, they still have plenty of sizes at over HERE. The sneaker has 4 reviews already at the store.

Air Jordan Force Fusion VIII in white, black and varsity… hope it looks better in real life

(you are looking at the best part right here)

I personally think the Fusion 8 should have never happened. While I did say the VERY same thing for the Fusion 13, I have to admit that this is a worst combo than the 13 (seeing the 13’s in real life changed my mind a little… especially when viewed from far away). I guess if you are wearing jeans or something… I don’t know. This very well may be another fusion force that you have to see in person before you set fire to them. The upper look fine, the bottoms look fine… together they look like someone slapped on the top to the bottoms. At least with the fusion 13’s you got a sole with the original 13’s in mind.

SneakerNews posted the photos letting the world know that if you wanted them early you can pick them up. Comments on this sneaker anyone?

Air Jordan 23 “Chicago Bulls”

(doesn’t it remind you of Christmas?)

Air Jordan Doernbecher VI… love the details

(love the details on this sneaker)

No reason for posting this, I just love the details. And yes if you must know its a size 18 sneaker and it is available right this second on NikeStore

Diggin’ In The Sneaker Crates: Air Jordan Spizike “Kings County”

(ahhh yes the Kings County Spizike… do YOU have this?)

Lets face it, the colorway for this particular Spiz’ike is off the spizzy (and not nesicarily in a good way). It can work for those with the gift to put together outfits and such, but at the end of the day the colorway was a so-so look.

Pics via

But then you put Brooklyn aka Kings County on it and now you cooking with non-dehydrogenated oil… yes I sad it.

I forget just why these were so controversial when the first pictures came on the scene, but if you wanted a sneaker that matches a card in the deck, you were happy to get these. I think these are collectibles MOSTLY because they represent Spike, Jordan and Brooklyn (home of Do The Right Thing and if I am not mistaken home of Spike Lee AND Micheal Jordan… but hey I could be wrong)

Just digging in those sneaker crates… April 2007 on Sneakers and Shoes