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Pics of the AirJordan 2011… you know, the one they didn’t want you to see

(wow… seriously?)

So after all the take down emails and so forth saying this ISN’T the new Air Jordan 2011 and how this is a  sample, it turns out not only is this the new Air Jordan 2011 but the “sample” was spot on.

Sooooooooo…. what do you think? Looks like some cross between the Air Jordan 11 (get it? 2011… Air Jordan 11?) and some new tech. of course being the blog that this is, you know I’m gonna drop my opinion on ya so here it is…



The Air Jordan 2011… Does it look like this or not?

(no wonder there hasn’t been a peep about these kicks in months)

Ok its a new year and promises have been made to who ever or where ever and such . Here we have what COULD be the Air Jordan 2011. Doing a search for the Air Jordan 2011 will show just what the sneaker looks like. IN FACT Dwane Wade of the Miami Heat wore the AJ 2011 (if they are really the AJ2011) on Christmas day.

(anybody notice D. Wade changing back to the AJ2010?)

So what’s the deal? Is this the sneaker? Many, and I mean MANY, sneaker blogs say yes it is. I actually hope THAT IT ISN’T and this is some sort of sample or maybe a AJ2011.5 version or a lite version or something.


Thanks @Fimpen – Air Jordan Evolution ’85 New Ad Page

(too bad my computer is so slow that the site doesn’t respond lol)

So MJ and team made a website to promote the Air Jordan evolution ’85 and its a good look. Many thanks to the Twitter poster for posting the link to the site.

Looks nice. Crashed my browser because its flash intensive but if I was on a faster computer, I am sure it would be a better experience.

Do I like the sneaker? Ehhh, its ok. As usual, I think this kick will have more kick with the right colorway.

Take a look for yourself RIGHT HERE.

LeBron Goes Back To Ohio… as a Miami Heat player

(here we go…)

Oh it is SOOOOOO on right now!!! (and of course I’m going to miss it due to a work schedule change) The buzz tonight is going to be pretty intense and I can’t WAIT to see what the sneakernets is going to say about what happened during and after the game.

And it looks like Clevlane Ohio has something in store for their fallen King when he arrives. YOU gotta check this out:

Cavs Chants x Laugh at LeBron
The official “Chant Sheet” for 12.2.10
Throughout the game:
Whenever LeBron is introduced, laugh as loud as you can
Wade – Boo
Bosh- Boo
Arroyo – Boo
Z – (We’d encourage Cheering)
LeBron – Laugh as loud as you can
12:00-6:00 1st Quarter
Whenever LeBron has the ball or is at the free throw line the
chant is:
NO-Ring-King (To the beat of “Lets-Go-Cavs”)
6:00-0:00 1st Quarter
Whenever LeBron has the ball or is at the free throw line the
chant is:
Ak-Ron Hates-You (Clap, Clap, ClapClapClap)
12:00-6:00 2nd Quarter
Whenever LeBron has the ball or is at the free throw line the
chant is:
Wit-Nessed Noth-Ing (Clap, Clap, ClapClapClap)
6:00-0:00 2nd Quarter
Whenever LeBron has the ball or is at the free throw line the
chant is:
Sideeeee-Kick Sideeee-Kick (No Claps, derisive singing)
Start of Third Quarter:
To the tune of “My Country Tis of Thee”
Our King he betrayed Thee
Couldn’t play any ‘D’
He has no RING!
Playoffs He Barely Tried
Embarrassed Akron’s Pride
No Doubt he really lied
(Repeat as Necessary)
12:00-6:00 3rd Quarter
Whenever LeBron has the ball or is at the free throw line the
chant is:
Scott-ie Pip-pen (Clap, Clap, ClapClapClap) Apologies to Pip
6:00-0:00 3rd Quarter
Whenever LeBron has the ball or is at the free throw line the
chant is:
Traiiii-tor Traiiii-tor (No Claps, Derisive Singing)
12:00-6:00 4th Quarter
Whenever LeBron has the ball or is at the free throw line the
chant is:
De-Lon-Te! De-Lon-Te! (To the beat of “Lets-Go-Cavs”)
6:00-0:00 4th Quarter
Throughout the last half of the Fourth Quarter:
Cleve-land Rocks!
Cleve-land Rocks!

SOURCE: News From The Hardwood


So who’s going to win tonight? Will Lebron’s new 8’s feel the heat? What about those other 2 or more players he plays with that I can’t quite remember there names right now think after the game? Will their kicks feel the “heat’ as well?

Does Nike and adidas bring out the lawyers? LMAO tune in at 7:30 to find out. More on this tomorrow! its gonna be a riot.


DAMN those Reverse Denim Bespokes is nice!!!

(totally worth the time and bucks to make it)

Its got style, its smooth, not too flashy but will easily be notice. That is what I like about good design. These are the best  pair of Bespokes I have seen in a while.

And there is a video too???

Oh and did anybody notice those “Air 2 The Throne” boxes in the back? Hmmmmm….



Kim Kardashian and Skechers… time to Shape Up that butt

(Kardashian x Skechers… omg)

Ok, seriously????? LMAO (no pun intended if you caught the connection) why did they do this? Don’t know if this was a good move, but make no mistake, work out sneakers are in right now and Skechers Shape Ups is somewhere on the top.

And yes, I know people who wear these (even BOOT versions) and swears by them.

Do they work? I don’t know and I am NOT going to find out personally by wearing them either.

The price isn’t too bad though if you are into these and on top of that, some of them have nice colorways. You want take a look at these, click RIGHT HERE for them.

More info HERE

Well Now… it looks like Converse has a new website

(hmmmm… when di they do this? looks good)

Looks like Cponverse went all flash happy and made a new website. I personally do not like flash that much (you here that NikeStore!!!) but this works out pretty well. They manage to show off a couple of cool looking kicks, whatever marketing push they currently got going, and the site sort of interacts with your cursor.

Already saw a pair of kicks I will be posting on tomorrow on the site.

So check it out if you wish. I think I may do a little more looking around and do a full review of the site at a later daye.

Click HERE ffor more >>


Air Jordan Fusion 6 + 17 = dude… WTF?

(no WAY I’m letting this one go)

I gonna have ALLOT to say about this one, for for now all I am gonna write is this…. Whahhahahahaaaahaha????!!!!

(PS – there are some good things to say about these kicks… the rest are, let me say, not so good)

Air Jordan x UNDERTOW… on hawt looking sneaker

(ummmm, me thinks Jordan should team up more often)

Now this is one good looking mix of colors and style. I think Brand Jordan should just let this be a general release (or at least a limited one) and give people what they want… a good colorway for a great sneaker.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ok, I’m just gonna say it – Air Jordan 2010, while may be one of the best Air Jordans made, looks like crap. Yeah I said it. These sneaker are a pair of kicks that need you to be very specific with materials and colorways in order for it to look good.

Now lets be clear, I am not talking about performance, I am talking about looks.

Please team up with somebody Brand Jordan, and get it poppin! This is an awesome colorway and collabo and to not allow others to get their hands on it seems a little off.

You can see the review of the kicks and so forth on RIGHT HERE.

Air Jordan 22 Omega Wallpaper…

(nice and yellow)

If I had to say one good thing about the Air Jordan 22… ok ok, other than the sneakers comfort level (very high)  and the ability to swap out cushioning pads (really nice)

So let me restate that – one of the best parts of the Air Jordan 22 was the sole. it looks so nice and it seemed like allot of thought went into it.  The best part is that not only does it look good, but it is very fuctional too.

So I thought to myself, it would make for a great wallpaper.

More to come, just thought I would give a taste

Military Colorway Awesome – The Air Jordan 14 + F14 TomCat

(now THAT would be an interesting release)

What happens when you have a photoshop contest and ask for the look to be about the military? You get these as well as other colorways and idea created from the imaginations of people who love kicks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you want to check out the other view of these as well as the other kicks on show, then check out NikeTalk RIGHT HERE

Air Jordan 23 Cooool Grey… now this is a retro I would get!!!

(too bad it’s only a dream)

This is not… I repeat… NOT a real sneaker. This was a sneaker colorway put together by ChrisShouraisei of NikeTalk. I think this is such an obvious colorway that should happen whenever they decided to retro these kicks (if they ever do).

If this colorway came out, would you get it?

It’s not a game… Under Armour is dead serious… Under Armour Micro G Fly

(can’t stop… won’t stop)

I thought these guys were joking when they said they wanted in on the basketball areana. I really thought they would come up with some lame-o looking sneaker that may work but that’s it. Well, if this is what its gonna look like, you better beieve they will be on my feet THIS year. I already saw someone wearing a pair of these )not this style) when I was coming off the train.

Let me tell you, they look better in real life, and that is saying something considering that they  look good now.

Under Armour is not playing yall… they want your money. Nike and the rest better look out.

For more information and pics click HERE. You will be glad you did!

Daft Punk Dunks by Brass Monki

(don’t even know what Daft Punk is lol)

I swear Brass Monki by Daniel Reese makes some of the most jaw dropping custom work I have seen. It costs 250 Euros… which basically means that in US dollars it will be $350+ which is pretty crazy, but just look at it. Its worth it.

If you want it, then click HERE for more details.

Scottie Pippin in American Dad… and not a Air Max Alot’s in sight

(and I guess that’s good cause they look ugly)

Hybrids are in. Retros are in. Fusions are in. Even hybrid retro fusions are in. But these thing takes the cake. Receiving lots of bad comments are the least of Nike’s worries with these. There factory exploding from the mere presence of these.

OG Air Carnivore… in puple and black??? No way!

(ok seriously… is this the real deal?)

Ok you guys, listen up cause I got a problem right now. I have a pair of these original release Air Carnivores but here is the problem… there are no pictures of the Air Carnivore in this colorway ANYWHERE online.

Yup. If you are looking at these kicks right now, then it is the first time you have seen it in this colorway since its release.

But here is the problem… and some of yall might be mad at me for even asking but here it goes; are these real or fake?

Got them from a franchise store (not sure if it was Footlocker, Dr Jays, or what…) and they have all the tags and junk but the fact that there are no pictures of these in this colorway NOR does anyone even MENTION this colorway in any of the Air Carnivore posts… man its got me thinking twice, no thrice, about these kicks being real.

Hands down though, this is the best freakin colorway of the original 3 that were made. More pics coming up and will be featured on the main site.

Just what Nike needs… Running shoes harder on joints than a pair of high heels: study

(don’t run in these ladies… and I guess some guys lol)

So basically what they are saying is that running shoes are worst on your joints than high heels. Looking at the xray you would think that would not be the case.

I guess its time for those sneakers that look like feet, right?

Gonna have to look into this one and feature it on the site. Why? because I just bought 3 pair of running sneakers LMAO

Saturday the 16th, 2010 – NikeLIVE with Kobe Bryant

(well, well, well… Facebook live stream ‘huh Kobe?)

It comes on at 6pm my time (EST). AND its going to stream live on Facebook (click HERE for info). Now that’s an interesting development.

Lebron Gives A Nod To Jordan – LeBron VII Cool Grey

(I can get behind this)

Why do this? Why the hell not? And it looks really good. This is most likely a collectible. In fact I would say it’s no question that this is a collectible.

I do hope though that it doesn’t show up every time there is a new release of this signature sneaker, but I can get with it if they decide to do it that way (I just won’t like it lol).

More info on Sneakernews… and who is this Kinstor guy? Kinstor is making waves on the sneakernets with these pics much like another guy did a couple of years back (look at the name on the pic in the link). Hope it doesn’t end badly… just like that other guy a couple of years back.

A Colorway That May Just Work – Air Jordan 2010 in Black – University Blue

(I think we found a AJ2010 colorway that works people)

Those Air Jordan 2010’s didn’t get a great reception from the sneakernets (just take a look at Sneakernews and Nicekicks comments to start) but it is very possible that the 2010’s just needed a colorway that works.

Hell, even the see-through circle don’t bother me anymore.

Clear soles, patent leather (patent leather seems to be a favorite for Brand Jordan), and interesting details and a good colorway I think saves this sneaker from almost certain sneaker death.

Now if we can get this in a black-red colorway and a white-red (traditional MJ colorways as a Bull) I think we will have a see-through winner.

More info and pics can be seen on HERE

Pics via Sneakernews from

Pepsi x Gourmet UNO = Soda For Your Feet

(now look who doing a collabo…)

Pepsi has made the decision to make your feet have a drink… or at least look like it approaves of you allowing your feet to drink… ok, something like that.

The point is that this makes a very interesting collaberation. I think Pepsi made a nice choice here joining up with Gourmet… and does that sneaker look like any other sneaker you have seen before? maybe a fusion of a pair of Converses and a particular Air Jordan?

Interesting… anyway, good look for Pespi. Look forward to some more collabos from non-traditional places like pespi in 2010

For more pics and info visit Sneakernews by clicking HERE.

I am totally loving SneakerNews HD and those SpaceJam pics

(and it looks SOOOOOOO good)

Lets hope that SneakerNews keeps up the good work and adds more high definition pics and stories to go with them. You can see the SpaceJam story HERE and be sure to visit HERE SneakerNews HD for all those HD pics (and the stories that go with it)

Looks Like Is Starting The Year Off With A Bang

(well now, what’s this going on here?)

Looks like SneakerNews came up with a idea of having a picture gallery with info and doing it up HD style. Great move! I’m telling you sneaker lovers are gonna have a great year. It only gets better.

Check out the new Sneakernews HD posts HERE including the Top Sneakers of 2009. You know you want to.

(hmmmm… I guess its time to start making my 2009 lists and decade lists as well… and you KNOW mine will be different than anyone else lol… and ladies, I won’t leave you hanging either)

YEEZY Black with Tony M Wallpaper

This is just me getting my desktop ready for some New Year posting. Its the first Monday of the new years (some say a new decade too… but wouldn’t 2011 be the start of a new decade? lol). I know 2010 is going to be one great year for people (and me) who are into sneakers and shoes. Some great stuff is coming down the pipe including techonogies, materials and so forth.

I love being a part of this and I hope you guys reading my blog will enjoy reading my rants, sneaker and shoe picks and other stories I have lined up for the new year. This year is gonna be fantastic (couldn’t think of a better word lol)

You want the wallpaper? Click HERE for Tony M’s Yeezy shots. You be glad you did.