The Life and Culture of Kicks


One of the reasons why I want to bring back Music Mondays – @misskeribaby

(sometimes I just see MAD heat in these videos)

Every once in a while footwear gets some love in music videos or the whole video is about kicks. When i see it, I feel like somebody should give them a shout out for showing love for the feets.

So I’m seriously thinking about bringing back Music Mondays. Maybe not every week, but at least once a month. Maybe some sort of bi-weekly wrap-up or something. Eh… we will see.

That is the HOTTEST part of the video (other than the sneaker/shoe shot LOL)

I’ll guess it will all work out. Update on this soon.



Hipsters in Space… because sneakers are involved

(for serious… its pretty funny)

Its a TV show that I never saw on TV and its on Hulu. No its not called Hipsters in Space (that’s just a skit within the show), the actual show is called “SuperNews” and the particular episode is called… well, lets just say that its sorta not safe for work. Its not THAT bad, but its not straight comedy with no cursing either.

You can watch the show HERE

Huxtable Nike Dunks @ BNYConline now

(wish they didn’t have the white background though…)

I may actually get these. I doubt anyone will get them even though they are a perfect match to the sweater king of the family sitcom. i sort of wish that they had a little LESS whait for the background but I would still feel comfortable in them.

Represent the whole Cosby Show movement and the many things that show did. Lots of history here. For those who feel like this sneaker means something, you can get them HERE at BNYConline.

Info from NikeTalk

Just say YES to

(look at what the hypebeast dragged in)

Found this while browsing the web. I actually put in the word “hypebeast” in yahoo search and there is was. First page too. Never seen the site before but I think  I will go back there more often… especially if they put un sneaker news.

Visit the No-Hypebeast website by clicking HERE

Music Mondays: M.I.A – Paper Planes… A Fan Video Featuring The McFlys

(no one on the corner have swagger like us)

Music Mondays: The Jonesz – Sneakers N’ Heels

(now you are totally talking my language!!!)

(love the comcept… not sure about the lyrics though)

(ummm…. what do you think???)

Music Mondays: Beyonce – Diva

Beyonce's Diva Cover also showing off some real high heels

Nice shoes… can you spot all the footwear heat in this video (we know what one of them is, right)? Ok, tell you what, while you give me some hints, I’m gonna try to get the info. Lets hope they have the info lol otherwise I gonna have to guess like the rest of yall

Music Mondays: Wale – Nike Boots

(oh now this is nice man!!!)

(kicks made you look!!!)

(yall don’t worry me in the least of bit… )

(and a finger in the middle I’mma leave them wit)

Spot The adidas Sneakers – Redman feat Erick Sermon Keith Murray “Rappers Delight”

Yes I know its not MondayYou know, for Music Mondays), but I wanted to post this anyway... Shell Top’s away! Old school video remake of an even older school song Rappers Delight with Kieth Murry, Redman and Eric Sermon… woooooowwwwwwww. I think Redman is coming out with a new album.

Why Wait Till 2015 For The McFly’s? Just Build It Yourself

(or you can just buy it from this dude)

(and no the auto laces don’t work lol)

Why Is This So Popular On My Blog? Sneaker Night – Vanessa Hudgens

(wow… and what the hell is One True Media???)

Anyway, starting sometime next month (depending on my workload with school, work and a few things I am doing that is related to self education on my own), I will start dedicating one post (or maybe 2-3 depending on what I can find that works) on Music. I will call it Music Mondays. The videos, links and so forth will be either old school stuff or totally sneaker or shoe related videos (or somehow relating to sneakers or shoes).

So who is going to be fly’er than the rest of them? Vanessa step your game up girl!

Music Mondays: Wale – W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E.

(and a finger in the middle is what I leave em wit)

(couldn’t wait till next month to start Music Mondays)

Oh this song is going to be on repeat. Wale, I need this album to come out!!! Anyway folks, Music Mondays will officially start next month on May 4th. Just one part of my tv blog viewing line up (it will also help me to remember what I should post and when… cause remember, I got school to contend with… but I am thinking about a break, but I will let you know when that happens lol… I should have just made that a regular sentence LMAO)

Music Mondays on Sneakers and Shoes!!!!

Now in color….

There Was A Music Group Called SneakerPimps???? LMAO

(why wasn’t I made aware of this?)

Air Jordan Space Jam Set To Release Fall 2009


(as seen on The Shoe Game)



(I’m buying 2 of these, don’t even have to think about it lol)

Its Not What You Think… I Am just Buffing My…

(ladies, please keep in mind that we do this from time to time)

Trying To Reconize The Sneakers From Lady GaGa’s Performance

Maybe its cause I am tired, but what sneakers are the dancers wearing? Looks like one of them has on the Air Jordan Fusion III’s on in white/black with the elephant print, but I am not sure.

First seen on the.LIFE

Sports Marketing Over? A CNBC Video

Sports Marketing Citi Staduim

(but does this marketing work?)

Since I have no idea how to plug in the video from CNBC on my hosted site (I will try that Vodpod option in the future) I will just post a bunch of pictures.

Could this be devistating to sports marketing (at least when it comes to banks sponcering big sports naming stuff)? I suspect Nike and adidas will come into the game… imagine Nike Staduim or Bower Staduim…

SandS Sunday Sports: Charles Barkley Said What About DWI?

Charles Barkley Alpha Force from Nicekicks and highsnobiety

(what does this have to do with Barkley? you should know)

Yes, the guy who wore CB4 and other history making sneakers said that he was driving wildly due to him trying to chace down a lady… for specific reasons lol I tell you I do not know if I would go all out like that and then SAY it to millions of people, but that’s why we love (or hate) Charles Barkley.

So does this incedent devalue the sneakers you have collected or not?

Charles gets Arrested – MSN Sports

In other news…

Also NFL Player and Super Bowl Hero Gets Arrested… but no sneakers were harmed in the action.

Lebron May Sign Extention With Caves

Lebron and Co Can’t get Past… the Wizards??? lol

Which team do you think will win the NBA title… for that matter, which sneaker/team sneaker will win NBA title?

Sunday Sports wrap up just keeps on getting better…

Sneaker Companies Sponsoring Birthday Parties?

Terrance J Holding Rockports

(its Terrence J holding some Rockports back in April 2008)

While looking for past posts from my blog and others for my Digging in the Sneaker Creates post, I came across this lovely picture of a pair of casual shoes from Rockport.

Rockport PLUS Angel Lola Luv - As seen on The YBF

(its Angel Luv standing next to some new Rockports)


Just look at those shoes…

You know, I was not aware (or maybe just didn’t pay attention to) the fact that sneaker and shoe companies sponser celebrity parties. Even have a “red carpet” type walk in and such.

I must be slow cause I think this has been happening for a while. Anyway, here are a couple more shots where you actually see what the people are wearing on their feet:

Teyana Taylor at Terrance J NY Birthday Party

(dancing Teyana wearing Jordan Spiz’ike “Do The Right Thing”)

Lil Wayne at Terrence J Birthday Party

(looks like Lil Wayne is checking his fresh… Converse Hi-tops)

Ciara at Terrence J NY Birthday Party

(what’s Ciara wearing on her feet? I recognize those shoes)

So far I think we have seen Spizike’s, Converse’s, Rockport’s and grown and sexy shoes for the ladies…

Angel Luv showing off her... shoes at Terrance Js NY Birthday Bash

I think I will end…. yes, I will end on this note. For more pictures of celebs parting it up from a few months ago, visit The

ANGELA & VANESSA Of Pastry Shoes Get Own Shoe Called ‘DADDY’S GIRLS’

Daddy Girls Reality Show Cast

(cast for the new shoe Daddy’s Girls)

(as seen on Concrete Loop)

Plan on seeing a whole lot of sneakers, Pastry pants to put your cakes in (lol I couldn’t help myself), and those purse bag thingies as big as shopping bags that girls seem to love. I don’t like watching those type (or any type) of reality show, but I am sure one of my operatives will watch it for me and let me know what’s going on.

Pastry Women's Glam Pie Hi

Pastry anyone?

Beyonce’s Diva Look On Cover Reveals Hot Shoes

Beyonce's Diva Cover also showing off some real high heels

Beyonce new album is out, new videos have been recently released and other info on what Beyonce is doing has also come to light…. but all I want to know is where did she get those shoes? I bet it will take me weeks to find them online. When I do, I will update this post so you may want to save it if you want to find out what they are as well.

Who shoes are those shoes?

If anybody knows, give me the heads up and post it in the comments.

Those shoes gotta hurt! And how do you balance on them is beyond me. Being the guy that I am, I would defiantly take care of my women’s feet if she decided to wear those.

How Many Sneakers Does A Shrimp Use?

Thats allot of running sneakers for this guy. I wonder how many Air Max 97’s would he get if he could? Damn near every color and flavor you can think of is out so I am sure each pair of feet (or what ever you call those) can have their own limited edition footwear.

Are These Fake? Air Jordan 7 See-Thoughs Video

I’m to sleepy to deal or think about it… Are these fake?

And What About This?


So adidas has ANOTHER bounce commercial…

I swear adidas is taking this bounce thing too far LOL

I have not gotten a pair of adidas bounce yet. I have bought a pair and expect to be running in them on Thursday so I will give you loyal readers (all 10-12 of you) a preview review. Yes I know, I owe you guys a review on the LeBron Soldiers and the Nike boot Seamless Goamare. It coming. Just give me a couple more days on that one.

The actual commercial is funny; not great, but funny. I do wonder how well they are doing with the bounce sneakers. Are they pushing it or is it moving on its own? I compare the bounce to the Nike Shox but I won’t really know until I get my megabounce sneaker on Thursday.

It seems to me that they push the microbounce more than the mega, but that may just be my perception. I see the bounce type sneaker about everyday, but not too much. I do mostly see the micro-bounce so maybe people like that more.

adidas has a YouTube page where you can meet the individual bounces (lol). Maybe I’ll have some fun and do a post on “Meet the Bounces” lol. Where else do you get this kind of stuff?