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Jordan CMFT Air Max 12 “South Beach”… man South Beach getting allot of love


So this is starting to get serious. I am beginning to think the whole Miami Vice look will actually come before 2011 ends (and I wouldn’t put it past somebody to try to do it either).

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The sneaker actually looks kinda nice. I would get it if I thought I could rock a sneaker with neon pink in it. I mean “I can see you from down the block” neon pink. Anyway, there are rockable no question, I’m just saying be careful cause they may hurt the eyes of people looking LOL

This is one of the really nice colorways for the CMFT line. I hope Brand Jordan keeps up with the good colorways and leaves the more plain colorways out of the mix.

No release date yet. First seen on



Nike Shox USA… USA… USA…

(now these are some old kicks)

I don’t even remember when I got them, that is how old they are. And because I haven’t worn them in years, when I actually put them on a few days ago (to go work out… which I ended up not doing), they did some weird squeaking and just felt like someone scratching a chalkboard without the chalkboard.

While I don’t plan on doing a full review of these kicks, I do have a preview 2 minute video of the sneakers coming your way as well as some pics.

Man, I am digging in those crate boy… for real, I think I got some sneaker and shoes that I think deserve to get some shine.

Nike LunarElite… now shoes think for your feet… what’s next?

(its gonna be a good year)

Need a light? Need a light that thinks for your feet? Nike thinks so. Nike made 3 different types of “lunar” for you. This one is the LunarElite (the others are LunarSwift and Lunar Glide). Finishline also has them (but they don’t look the same for some reason).

NikeStore display for the new kicks is pretty fantastic. I don’t like NikeStore over use of flash but in this case it works really well (in fact Nike has improved its site sometime in the last few months and now uses less flash than before).

More on this later. Check out the site now by going HERE.

OG Air Carnivore… in puple and black??? No way!

(ok seriously… is this the real deal?)

Ok you guys, listen up cause I got a problem right now. I have a pair of these original release Air Carnivores but here is the problem… there are no pictures of the Air Carnivore in this colorway ANYWHERE online.

Yup. If you are looking at these kicks right now, then it is the first time you have seen it in this colorway since its release.

But here is the problem… and some of yall might be mad at me for even asking but here it goes; are these real or fake?

Got them from a franchise store (not sure if it was Footlocker, Dr Jays, or what…) and they have all the tags and junk but the fact that there are no pictures of these in this colorway NOR does anyone even MENTION this colorway in any of the Air Carnivore posts… man its got me thinking twice, no thrice, about these kicks being real.

Hands down though, this is the best freakin colorway of the original 3 that were made. More pics coming up and will be featured on the main site.

Timberland Moutian Athletics… watch out for the bear chasing you

(just wondering if anybody would cop these)

Was gonna post this a looooooong time ago but just plain forgot. Have to admit that SOME of the sneakers… or should I say trail shoes… look pretty nice. Lets face it, if you are running the train you are not thinking about “ohhh my new kicks just got mud and they got sliced by some rocks and a tree branch”

In case you are into this kinda stuff, or just want something more essential than visual, take a look at the timberland site (that many celebs seem to like and is a staple for rappers, even the ones who are off that lol)

Click HERE for the crazy site they made to introduce the sneakers/shoes. You may want to turn down your sound, because i didn’t and was rudely surprised by “don’t give up” and bear growls (the site is also is interactive and if you don’t move your mouse…. WATCH OUT lol

And YES they HAVE AN APP for that… why I don’t know.

CrunchGear Does A Review of the Vibram Five Fingers KSO Trek

(its like the feet you wear except it looks like feet)

Crunchgear (part of TechCrunch) has a review up for the Vibram Five finger. I still plan on giving these a try one day. don’t be surprised that i come to a sneaker event wearing them. You know, just before they kick me out for wearing them lol

Click here for the CrunchGear review

On Sale: Jordan Jeter Captain on Eastbay

Jordan Jeter Captain

(what can I say bout this other than to each his own)

This is one of those sneakers that is good looking (very good looking actually) on the field but on the street it may need a little more something something…

As of late, I see plenty of people coming from the baseball field and one of the sneakers I see on their feet is this (as well as others). I am sure if they came up with some more colorways for this sneaker, that this sneaker will make its way on the streets on massé. Because of this I will temporarily put this sneaker on the Save-A-Sneaker program, but I don’t think it will be on their for long.

Details from Eastbay:

Derek Jeter is known for his clutch plays in the field and on the plate. Dominate the game with the Jordan Jeter Captain, a superior training shoe inspired by Derek Jeter that allows athletes to take their game to the next level. Leather and synthetic leather upper includes an asymmetrical toe-cap for added protection against toe drag. Lateral window in the ankle area offers freedom of movement. Air® unit in the heel supplies maximum cushioning with minimal weight. Midsole flex grooves extend up the medial and lateral forefoot for added performance. Rubber sole includes expanded herringbone and nub traction for multi-surface workouts.

For 109.99 you can get these on your feet and on the field. I like how they have large sizes for those with lare feet (too bad Nike just doesn’t believe in having widths for sneakers that are popular).

New Nike Air Trainer I

(was that Bo Jackson in the video???)

Vid is just one of the videos posted on HighSnob’s YouTube channel. Details below:

Get a detailed look at the latest from Nike – the Nike Trainer 1. The Nike Trainer 1 looks back at the original Air Trainer and creates even more ways to give the athlete the ultimate training advantages. Dynamic and innovative, the Nike Trainer 1 was designed to provide todays athletes with lightweight comfort and support as they prepare for competition.

Its nice to see what went behind making the next generation kicks. Nothing like seeing a sneaker sliced in half to see how it is put together.

I tried to do that when I was younger… Mom did not approve lol

Old Bo Knows VS New Bo Knows

Nike Air Trainer SC Black/Grey Holiday 09

(^^^ one cool looking old school Air Trainer ^^^)

Nike Trainer SC 2010

(^^^ one cool looking update on a classic ^^^)

The new version looks very nice. Not too sure about the air bag at the end but you can’t get everything you want. Overall it is very well done. Don’t know the tech behind the new sneaker other than it is using Fly-Wire technology and it has air. The patent leather add-on makes it sound like this is more for play than for training but I am sure that won’t stop people who want to look great while working out from wearing them.


I’ll Be Starting Wednesday Workout Soon

(geeeeeeeeze this is funny)

(thought I throw a classic at you lol)

Why am I doing this? because I need to start working out… and I think one of the reasons why SOME people by sneakers is to… guess what? work out in them? Go figure. So far the sneaker I have in my arsenal are the Nike Shox, Nike Air Max 360 (rejuvenation), and the adidas Megabounce Mega Burst special addition “Rainbow”.

I actually did a little running in the adidas and I have to say that they really do what they say such that with each step they return some of that energy. I never ran in the 360’s before, but hope to get them a shot tomorrow at the track (but I really got them to walk around in… want to get to 2 miles or 30 minutes 4 days a week walking)

I will be testing out sneakers shortly (especially if Finishline keeps that return a sneaker program going) and I will be having family members testing sneakers (and shoes) shortly as well in the hopes that there can be more than just insane rants on how the sneaker or shoe looks. Now I will have insane rants on how they actually work (or don’t work).

Remember breakfast is really important part of the day LMAO

Bring Back The Nike Air Trainer Carnivore

I want, no NEEEEED this sneaker back in my life. I bought them when they originally came out (never retroed) and loved them. They were one of the most comfortable sneakers I ever bought (most comfortable I bought was the Reebok DMX 10 Runner).

I hardly ever closed the top strap but when I did there was an amazing amount of support at the ankle. The fact that they have no laces also was a plus and the fact that the foot strap really held tight to my foot and worked just as well as laces.

I am really surprised that they have not re-released them considering all the other Huarache sneakers that have released. Granted that these sneaker are not Huarache as many people think, they were part of the Cross Trainer collection of sneakers (I could be wrong but I am looking at the sneaker right now at it has the old school cross trainer symbol and NO Huarache anything).

Olympic Sneakers And Shoes: UPDATE – What Usain Bolt Wears – Fastest Man Alive

The Puma Men’s Complete Theseus II Croc $99.99

(I don’t think that this is the sneaker This is not the sneaker because I think the shoe is all gold, but it sure looks like it… I’m sure we will know in a few days)

Pictured above is Bolt winning and Puma grinning with the Jamaica Puma Cell Meio saves the day and may show the sneaker he wears soon

If you want to watch a commercial (that doesn’t even show the sneaker lol what’s up with that?) then click here (why it is on AOL website I don’t know). Here is another teaser video on

Puma commercials from 2006… funny!!! Bolt is in some of them

You can also find out more about what Bolt wears here at Pumas website (

The sneaker looks ok (if it is the Puma Men’s Complete Theseus II Croc). Not great but ok. He also has a more causal sneaker that you can actually wear on the streets. There is a sneaker for Bolt based off the new Puma Cell Meio “street style” sneakers that are pretty interesting to me but I have not seen too many people wearing them.

Special Edition Puma Cell Meio

See More Pictures Here At Freshness Magazine

Oh and yeah, Usain Bolt holds the 100M world record.

The question is, just how fast is he? So far I, nor anyone else, has seen him push it to the limit. He has, so far, let up just before he reaches the finish line (sometimes way before). I’m not too into his show boating either, but hey I remember what I was like when I was 21… and it wasn’t grown and sexy (more like brash and reckless… ok, ok, I was a nerd but you get the point).

I hope he looses some of the show boating otherwise I think he will become the fastest and most disliked man alive.

Eastbay Is In The Olympic Spirit: Olympic Gear

Air Jordan Olympian 2008 is one of the things you can get to be in the Olympic mood… fashion wise lol

If you want some Olympic gear, here is one place you can get some. I did a search on Eastbay for the Olympics and got 4 pages of stuff. From sneakers to shoes to t-shirts to jewelery, Eastbay seems to have something related to the Olympics.

I’m not sure about having Olympic shot glasses… but everything else looks cool. I mean just take a look at this:

How cool is that (a little pricey though for 2 pens).

On Sale: The Equipment B-Ball Low by Adidas at Dr Jays

I been telling myself that I should get a pair of these sneakers and mix and match the interior sox that they have for the sneakers. I love those interior sox:

(maybe you want to mix them with these)


The Equipment line is, to me, a bulky pair of sneakers but adidas brought them back and people love them. There are see-though adidas sneakers but I am not sure if they are legit sneakers or not but I have seen the see-throughs in major store chains in NYC (and when I say major, I mean we are talking about nation wide stores and international companies).

Dr Jays don’t have too many sizes left of the white and blue ice The Equipment B-Ball Low so if you want it, start ordering. I need to get me at least one pair. They are on sale for $60

On Sale: Asics Men’s GEL-Nimbus 10 Running Shoe

Price $119.00

This is a nice running sneaker. I like the cells all over the place look. Looks like something Spider-Man would wear when he can’t fine his spidey boots. I would definitely run in these if i hadn’t bought the Air Max 360 Rejuvenate and the adidas “Rainbow” Mega Bounce to run/walk in.

The Asics Nimbus 10 in on sale for 119.00 Dollars. They seem to have all the normal sizes left for now 7 – 14.

On Sale: Nike Experience + on Eastbay

Nike Experience + Shox

 Nike Experience + on Eastbay

Price: $139.99


I have been looking for something that will work with Nike+ and its iPod system along with a Nike sneaker that will really support my workout routine (like I have one). I have a pair of Shox (one of the first that came out) and truly planned on working out in them at the gym. I think they are great, from what I have done in them, for jumping jacks, walking in, lifting weights and such activities that are not like running or jogging. I mean, I guess you could run in them, but I try to run on my toes and not on my heels so what good would Shox do for me while running or jogging?

Nevertheless, I like this new “Complete new cushioning system combines Air Max™ cushioning, Nike Shox™ technology and Zoom Air™ to provide a unique experience under the foot” thing.  I especially like the Nike+ thing. I just need an iPod and I will be ready to go.

The bad news: What the hell is up with the guy colors??? That picture above you see is one of the 2 colorways for the ladies. What does the guys colorway look like? It looks like this…. WACK!!!!

So other than the guys colorway being boring, this sneaker is the bomb! Can’t wait to see if its worth the hype by trying one on one of these days.

Best Sneakers For Your Sport –

Best Sneakers For Your Sport –

 Adidas Mega Burst Running Shoe - White

Who can pass up a sneaker acticle about fitness? Here is a big quote from Forbes:


If something has inspired you to start a fitness regimen or get back into a sport you once played, do yourself a favor. As you prepare for that first outing, skip the trip to your closet for your two-year-old pair of sneakers.

Not only are they broken down,but they were probably never meant to support the type of motion you’re about to subject them to, whether it’s a long hike, a game of tennis or marathon training.

If you really want to succeed–and stave off runner’s knee, shin splints and tendonitis, not to mention the cost of rehabbing these injuries–you need the right shoes, says Gale Bernhardt, a coach for the 2004 Olympics’ U.S. mens’ and womens’ triathalon teams and a columnist for, an online community for people passionate about sports and recreational activities.

I saw sneaker and boot brand names that I never heard before in my life. As a person who ran track for like 7 years, I did reconize a couple… but the rest LMAO!Forbes is a busines/rich/upermiddle class destination so I would guess that there would be names of companies who make footwear products would be somewhat unknown, but I only recognized 2 or 3. And guess what people; NIKE was hardly mentioned lol

The Super Bowl Had One Sneaker Commercial – Under Armor

  Under Armour Men’s Proto Power Trainer
White/Silver/Black/Red – Eastbay

 Under Armour Men’s Proto Power Trainer

Price: 99.99

 While the commercial for this sneaker (and some other stuff that Under Armour sells) came out during the most watched Super Bowl ever… 2nd most popular TV show ever… and I was impressed.

Here is what Eastbay has to say about this piticular sneaker:

The Under Armour Proto Power Trainer Mid is made for the performance athlete training for explosive power. Engineered synthetic upper with performance mesh that allows the hot air to escape away from the foot and cool air to come in. HeatGear® technology delivers cool, dry comfort with signature moisture transport and temperature regulation. DCE (Directional Cushioning Engineering). ArmourGuide directional TPU cradle guides the foot through athletic movements, providing stability, efficiency and total propulsion. ArmourBound proprietary material helps reduce foot-strike compression found in typical materials and provides superior rebound/energy return. ArmourPlastic strategically placed shock absorption zones expel impact, eliminating stresses on the ankle and lower leg. Lightweight, non-marking, multi-directional, rubber outsole.

The sneaker doesn’t come out until May 3’rd… I guess they wanted to get the biggest audience possible for their coming out party.

Nike Air Huarache “ACG Mowabb Pack” on Sneakerfiles

Nike Air Huarache “ACG Mowabb Pack” @ Purchaze

From Sneakerfiles - Nike Air Huarache ACG Mowabb Pack

Do you remember the original Huarache sneaker from Nike (not the real original of which comes from Mexico)? Well anyway, Nike decided to do a fusion of the Air Huarache with the popular ACG Mowabb. The results can be seen on Sneakerfiles.

I think it looks pretty good. I loved, just loved the ACG Mowabbs. I got the purple and browns (that was when I was very into purple) and they not only looked good, but they were comfortable. One thing though (unless I was totally scammed), I thought the Mowabb’s had Air since it said Nike Air on the back… turned out that they didn’t. How did I know? I sawed my sneakers in half.

Anyway, I am loving this idea. I don’t think I will get them because I never really liked the original Huarache (although they were very popular when they came out in 1992), but I can admit that they do loook very nice. I think these will be a good look for someone who wants them. Sneakerfiles says that they are available at Purchaze and gives plenty of links.

For more info on Nike Huarache and any hybrids or retro reissues you can visit Sneakerfiles or Nicekicks

NIKE Air Carnivore: My Most Favorite Sneaker EVAR

Nike Air Carnivore

(image from

I do not hear much talk on the interwebz about this sneaker and I do not know why. This sneaker was just out of control when it came out back in 1993. At least this sneaker was shown as one of the greatest of all time (my words) in Sole (or was it some other mag? I’m not in my room right now so I can’t see for myself) and shown as one of the sneakers that were real cool that came out that year.

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(please give me the black and purple) (more…)

Adidas Glows In Dark: adidas Microbounce+ Supernatural Light

Eastbay:: adidas Men’s Microbounce+ Sprntrl Light

 adidas Microbounce+ Supernatural Light

Price: 119.99

Sizes 6.5-15

 I saw this in the book that Eastbay sent me. It is the October issue. They have a picture of this sneaker and the other color and both are shown glowing.

No… I didn’t scan the picture of the glow. I will say it looks a little odd in the picture, but I bet it looks HOT IN REAL LIFE!!!

I am a little mad that Eastbay doesn’t have the glow picture on the site but they can have it in the book. As a person currently learning about technology and information systems (as well as being interested in media, marketing and web technology) I find this odd that a publication that obviously uses Adobe or some other software cant be integrated into the website product displays.

Well maybe making that happen isn’t as easy as it sounds… I’ll scan the picture eventually (or find it online) when I get some time.

In order to find the sneaker on Eastbay I had to do a search. And guess what I came across? The Imperial NBA Stained Glass Pub Light (this one is for the Nets). Pretty cool! Found some other stuff too while I was at it.

Anyway, I think this is a really cool idea. Makes me wonder if Jordan brings back the Air Jordan 18 will it have a glow in the dark bottom?

Nike x Hasbro Transformers Sneaker Pack Actually Coming Out x Transformers Pack Releasing November 3rd

Nike x Transformers Pack Releasing November 3rd

Pic from Sneakerfiles and The Freshness


Well it doesn’t look the the original shots that were flying around the interwebz, but its still looks cool (not as cool but cool). You have the Air Max Boot (people seem to like the Air Max boot… I am not too fond of it, but props to those who put them on), Air Huarache classic, and the Air Trainer III. Picture on Sneakerfiles (and the Freshness Mag)

The best looking ones to me are defiantly the Air Trainer III. I think the Huarache could have looked WAY better (maybe its the laces?). And the Air Boot… I think I already said what I think about that lol

But its all good. They all still look great and any one or the whole collection is defiantly a collectible. Don’t miss it like you missed the Back to School Pack. lol

Finishline Exclusive: adidas Men’s Mega Burst Running Shoe

Finishline Exclusive: adidas Men’s Mega Burst Running Shoe

adidas Men’s Mega Burst Running Shoe

Price 99.99

Multiple sizes left.

I really like this! It is calm while at the same time bold. I have been dieing to try these sneakers on to run in. I bought a pair of Air Max 360’s to run in but guess what? I haven’t ran at all since I bought them. If I bought these, then I would have 2 running sneakers that I wouldn’t use.

Man, I got to start exercising.

I had to come back and include the larger picture of the white ones and the black ones. I really think I am going to get theses… there goes my sneaker budget!!!

 Adidas Mega Burst Running Shoe - White

 adidas Mega Burst Running shoe – white

Price: 99.99

Currently available sizes: 8 – 14

Adidas Mega Burst Running Shoe - Black

adidas Mega Burst Running shoe – Black 


I am VERY UPSET that no one has commented on this sneaker at Finishline. Finishline is one of the best sites to actually read user feedback that s actually useful. Sure its not on every sneaker they have on the site, but I think this sneaker deserves a review. some one stand up and give this one of a kind sneaker a review.

And yes sneaker heads I do believe this is a collectible because not many people will have it or will even recognize it as something to keep.


Nike Suspends the Michael Vick V Sneaker from Sneaker Files

Nike Suspends the Michael Vick V Sneaker – Sneaker Files – Air Jordan – Nike Air Force One – SB – Release Dates and Information

 Zoom Vick V - For Micheal Vick the football player.



 Well… with all the stuff that is going on in sports today, and sadly with Football (my favorite sport to watch), people are getting themselves in some aweful trouble.

Now I aint gonna convict the guy cause I have no clue what really happened. I think the real problem is that with everything else that has happened in sports lately (and if your gonna through race in there, its seems to be all races)  from drug use to being involved in crimes and shootouts, you almost automatically assume that the guy must have done it.

People on seem to be 50/50 on Mr. Vick. As for his sneakers, they are being held due to the drama that is unfolding. They are supposed to release August 23, but we will see.

I personally don’t know what happened, but as far as the sneakers are concerned… they are not that great. A couple of people on agree from what I read in the comments.

As far as one comment is conserned:

T LOCK said

am July 19 2007 @ 7:11 pm

I wonder if they would of done this 2 Jordan or Kobe

No the probably wouldn’t because according to this CNBC article, NIKE will only loose 1.5 million if they don’t let the sneaks out. Plus, they sell more cleat versions of this sneaker than the turf version so they don’t loose much. So if it was Kobe or MJ, they would have probably waited a little longer for the final results. Then again, they probably would have waited for Kobe, but MJ is like a whole separate NIKE brand now… that is allot of inventory right there.