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At Finishline: Air Jordan 2 “Radio Raheem”


Personally I hate hate hate the Air Jordan 2 in almost every colorway (originals and retro’s) and I can’t say I like these either but I will say that this colorway give these kicks some hope. They also have a historical point to them harking back to the movie “Do The Right Thing”. It also gets nostalgia points for those old head (like me) who watched the movie when it originally came out.

Considering these released sometime last week I guess I’m not the only one who is just not that into the Air Jordan 2.

If you want them Finishline has them currently for $189.99 HERE


More pics of the Radio Raheem AJ2 HERE


Nike Air Foamposite One “Doernbecher”


[these look awesome]

That’s all I got. These look really good. Too bad they are to a general release.

Diggin in the Sneaker Crates: @RonnieFieg Edition – Cultureshoq x Ronnie Fieg



Another pair of hot as fire shoes from the man himself. Is it art or is it footwear? And the pictures he take are fantastic!!!

Details from the blog:

For the fourth installment of the Sebago Nexus Project, and I present two new styles that I’ve been excited about since we went to Dominican Republic early this year. Priced at $140USD and limited to 48 pairs per style, the DT lug sole comes in a premium crazy horse brown leather with a removable kilt and leather laces, and the DT High is comprised of oily chestnut suede with a removable kilt/tassels. You can purchase these boots tomorrow Friday October 29th at 10am EST at the David Z flagship store as well as online at Shots by@Sqmunro

Since this went on sale way back in October, I am guessing that they are gone now. Only 48 pairs makes them pretty exclusive and no question these things are works of art.

Just diggin in those sneaker crates (Ronnie Fief Edition)… October 28th 2010 on Ronnie Fieg

Diggin In The Sneaker Crates: Ronnie Fieg

(total heat from Ronnie Fieg)

I made a mistake. I should have been following what Ronnie Fieg has
been doing way more than I was. Hell, I should be wearing a pair of
his designs right now. I made this statement on Twitter and I stand
by it: if your top ten or 20 kicks/shoes of 2010 don’t include
Ronnie Fieg, then something is wrong with your list So to make up
for my error I will be focusing on Ronnie Fieg in my “digging in
the sneaker crates” series this month way more often then I would
normally focus on anyone or any particular brand. So don’t get mad
at me if for the rest of the month you see Ronnie all over the

PIIQS x Supra = Contest and HOT KICKS

(a tasty contest)

(with tasty sneakers)

I have NO idea if this contest is still on or not nor will I take the time to look and see (of which would take 30-40 seconds). All I care about right now is the fact that these sneakers look freakin hot.

What that song say? Black and yellow?

I can only imagine holding it down with these bad boys and have a matching headphone. A real nice look I have to say.

If you wish you can head over to Sony to find out whatever it is you want to know about the contest I guess RIGHT HERE.

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It looks like candy to me LOL

The Air Jordan 2011… Does it look like this or not?

(no wonder there hasn’t been a peep about these kicks in months)

Ok its a new year and promises have been made to who ever or where ever and such . Here we have what COULD be the Air Jordan 2011. Doing a search for the Air Jordan 2011 will show just what the sneaker looks like. IN FACT Dwane Wade of the Miami Heat wore the AJ 2011 (if they are really the AJ2011) on Christmas day.

(anybody notice D. Wade changing back to the AJ2010?)

So what’s the deal? Is this the sneaker? Many, and I mean MANY, sneaker blogs say yes it is. I actually hope THAT IT ISN’T and this is some sort of sample or maybe a AJ2011.5 version or a lite version or something.


On Sale: The Low Level Light Up Danger Wedge @Karmaloop

(great way to restart the blog!)

Welcome back to a new design of Sneakers and Shoes blog. Figured I start with whats currently on sale around the net that is cool, interesting, and so on and so forth.

Here we have the Low Level Light Up Danger by Irregular Choice.  Its a good look if you think you know how to rock them. And yes, they do, I repeat, DO light up.

Here are the details:

Iridescent finish ruched and pleated suede Mary Jane style wedges; translucent heel with engraved design and interior details illuminates when walking; wooden front platform; 4″ heel with 1″ platform.

By Irregular Choice

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Very interesting no? I am not a fan of lights in a pair of footwear but this actually seems to be an ok look. Now I am not saying they would make a great Christmas present, but hey

Head over to KARMALOOP right HERE if you want to get these for yourself or your lady.

TheShoeGame does it again… deep look inside @Mayor’s Closet

(and when I say closet, I mean room… with a security code!)

The Shoe Game is more than just a blog, its a freakin phenom of all blogs. If I wanted my blog to, one day, become the TechCrunch of all sneaker/shoe blogs, they are beating me too it LOL

If you visit The Shoe Game, you know that there is a nice community of people who comment on there and support the site and its all out of the ATL.

Now they bring us (with the help of Mayor, of course) a video of Mayor’s sneaker stash (which I am sad to say, does not include ANY shoes) and it is AWESOME.


On Sale: Guess Women’s Faux Fur Obelize Boot

(faux fur… so PETA won’t come after you)

These look pretty hot (even though the one review they have on is 1 out of 5 stars) and I am sorta sure you will like them.


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But can you rock them? Do you know how? Will men take a look and say, “HELLO?”

If you want them, you can get them here on AMAZON.

What If? Twitter X Adidas Originals Superstar | By Gerry Mckay

(not bad… not bad at all)

First seen at, the Twitter x adidas collabo would be a welcome look for those who like to tweet and like kicks (especially adidas classics).

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These are NOT on sale yet (before people start sending me emails about it) but just an idea created by Gerry McKay (who has also has some other ideas you should check out HERE.)

Limited Edition DeLorean NIKE 6.0

(now if I could only run 88 miles an hour)

It umm…. doesn’t look that great, but it limited and its based off of the DeLorean, so  hey, why not folks!

By the way… JUST LOVE the sole of these kicks. I would want these just because of the sole. Its supposed to represent the typical 80’s stop light (of which the DeLorean has).

First seen at Autoblog (yes,, the limited edition NIKE 6 DeLorean will be released on Friday the 26th (Black Friday) this pair of kicks has a unibody upper (no stitches here buddy) and a matte finish silver color. There is also a stamp on the tongue that is supposed to be a nudge to the Irish factory where the DMC – 12 was made.

And for the fans of having boxes be just as special as the kicks, the box also opens up gull wing style.

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There are only 1000 pairs of these kicks going to be made. I guess that is what they mean by limited.  Who is getting these?


Jerremy Scott loves wings: adidas originals FIRE

(this guy REALLY loves wings)

I have to admit that the wings seem a little bit on the extra side of things but he does make them look good. This time he is using the black and orange colorway for that “I’m moving so fast, that I must have wings on my feet AND the wings are on fire” look

I guess that explains “Fire” being in the name of the sneaker.

Little tid-bits about the shoe:
Was Patrick Ewing signature kick back in he 20th century (1986 to be exact) originally called the Attitude

Currently this is now looked as an skate sneaker… Get it? Skating – motorcycle – good looking model? Well the pics still look good.

Info from

FINALLY!!! UNDFTD x Converse Poorman set to release Black Friday

(awwwww yeah I’m gettin these)

This has got to be my lucky day cause news of these coming back has totally lifted my spirits! And on top of everything the colorway is right up my alley. This will work for me.

These kicks release on black friday… A day that mad money will be flying out my pocket… Original news from shoes-up via

By the way… Anybody notice that SneakerNews has been making some big moves lately? Might have to write about that next week 😉

Air Jordan 13 “Premio” Bin 23 is ummmmm… interesting…

(well… now isn’t this snazzy)

As seen on Nicekicks, His Airness is releasing another pair of kicks under the Bin 23 montra of which will cost you a grip if you want one. I love the idea personally, but… and you had to know there was going to be a “but” in this… these are not the best colorway for the AJ13’s.

Don’t get me wrong, they look right (see more images by clicking RIGHT HERE) but I think for the higher price and quality materials, it could have been in a better colorway. It doesn’t have to be in the playoff colorway or one of the OG released colorways, but it didn’t have to be this colorway either.

Maybe this will grow on me like the Air Jordan 9 BIN 23 has… but I doubt it.

Find out more at

Nike Air Max 360 Rejuven8

(a clear classic pair of kicks)

One of the most comfortable sneakers I ever worn (until I got the Nike Air 2009) is pictured here.  The history of Nike Air to the date of when these kicks were released is on the reflective upper skin and give the sneaker a very unique look.

Make no mistake though… when these came out there were not that popular and in fact I got these on sale for less than 80 bucks. Not sure if they would be considered cool now or not, but back then it took a while to get these off the shelves… at least in NYC.

More pics of the kicks will be released soon here as well as a review of them on the main site (when ever I get the main site ready)

My Nike Vandals (canvas) On Bridge

(now that is a nice shot 😉

Took this pic a while ago and figured I should post it here. I put those Nike Vandals to work for real. Its one of my more comfortable sneakers, not because it has all this tech in it (because it doesn’t), its because when I walk in them I feel like I am still on the ground.

Sometimes having allot of air isn’t the only way to go, and I think these Vandals prove that.

You can’t find these anywhere for sale unless you go to auction sites like eBay. the sneaker is made of canvas and is just right for the summer if you want a cool sneaker for a hot day.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the pic. Its big enough to be a wallpaper.


(ummmm… not too sure this works)

Well, these just hit the sneakerswebs and it  seems to be a hit. I think they could look WAAAAAAaaaaay better than what is shown, but who am I to say that they don’t truely seem to reflect the Street Figheters namesakes.

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But they do come close though.

I think for a game that was so iconic in gaming history for the 25+ crowd (and their younger siblings who they pushed away from the game), it could have been somewhat more influenced by the characters they are supposed to represent. Just a little bit more. Nothing too gaudy, just some more dressing I guess or maybe even the inner lining having something.

Somewhere there has got to be a detail or a material used to make this sneaker “kick”.

But I am in the minority on this. The sneakernets have spoken and they say it good.

More info HERE on

Air Max 360 Rejuvine8 – Preview Shots

(man, these things reflect)

For me, these kicks at the time I got them, are the second most comfortable sneaker I had ever worn (at that time, the top comfortable sneaker I had ever worn was the Reebok DMX 10) . They were light and pretty flexible.

And reflective…

Maybe that put people off, because they were hyper reflective, maybe because they were a nice bright green, or maybe it was the history of air printed on the sides of the sneaker.

One way or another, these kicks ended up on sale, and I bought them for 79.99 at Dr Jays many years ago. I guess, in some ways, that is what other people are doing today with the Air Max 2009 and that is the 160 price was too high, but once it went down to 129-139, all of a sudden, they were everywhere.

But once you put them on and wear them, you see why they are worth 160 and are more willing to buy it at that price too. Already did that once, and will be doing it again this weekend (getting those Air Attack 2010 in black/neon)

Plan on seeing a review of these kicks, more pics, and so forth once the site opens up. Just diggin in those sneaker crates…

Air Jordan OUTDOOR 2010 – For the love of the game

The Air Jordan IX Retro is apparently inspired by Japanese culture. It has Air-Sole units in the forefoot and heel, a rubber outsole with outrigger, innersleeve and a lightweight polyurethane midsole.

(I can only imagine a whole team wearing these)

Ok, this  “for the love of the game” pack has a nice look. Now, of course the most wanted by the sneakernets are the Air Jordan 9’s. But as far as I see it, the most interesting kicks of the 4 are the Air Jordan 2010 outdoor.

The news hit about a week+ ago and there was much to say about them across the blogs and amongst the commenters… not all positive/not all negative… depending on the kick your looking at.

Here is the line up so far:

Air Jordan 2010 OUTDOOR

The Air Jordan 2010 Outdoor has been designed from the ground-up for rugged blacktop play and its Uni-Blue colourway is symbolic of Michael Jordan’s personal motto on which the pack is based. The AJ 2010 Outdoor also features a fitting six-row stitch pattern across the forefoot to commemorate his six chips. Designed under Nike’s Considered Design ethos, this kick comes complete with a top loaded forefoot Zoom Air unit and heel Air-Sole unit for impact protection, as well as a contoured Phylon midsole, solid rubber herringbone outsole, internal shank plate and molded foam collar.

Jordan Pre-Game XT

The Jordan Pre-Game XT on the other hand is a ‘revolutionary’ basketball training shoe that has been conceived to help athletes become more agile during footwork-focused drills.

Air Jordan 9

The Air Jordan IX Retro is apparently inspired by Japanese culture. It has Air-Sole units in the forefoot and heel, a rubber outsole with outrigger, innersleeve and a lightweight polyurethane midsole.

Air Jordan Alpha 1 Outdoor

Air Jordan Alpha I Outdoor is a revamped version of the sneaker that started it all. Featuring a full-length Zoom Air unit, Phylon midsole, lightweight durable synthetic materials and enhanced interior comfort lining

Sneakernews has a special report on Brand Jordan having a special fall 2010 showcase. It’s a nice event, but I have one question… who will be playing basketball outdoors in the Fall? Isn’t that more of a summer thing to do?

I’m looking forward to more info on these kicks. Cna’t wait till it hits the sneakernets to see what they will look like at more angles. You can find out more on RIGHT HERE


They keep talking about NYC as the center of basketball during the summer… other than West 4th street and Rucker Park, I am wondering where else the games are happening around the city… need to do some research on that.

Another Jezign Pic… shouldn’t you give Jezign a chance?

(so far, so good with these kicks)

I cant complain too much about the Jezign sneakers. It definitely a fashion sneaker, not a comfort one, but it is comfortable considering that there is a 9 volt battery in the tongue.

Full review coming soon on the main site when it opens. In the mean time, I will be posting more pics, pics of the sneaker “in the wild” and maybe create a couple of wallpapers to boot.

Still haven’t decided whether or not I should get the Night Eagle (the basketball version) of these kicks, but if I get them, yall will be the first to know.

Jezign Night Eagle in White… still available on the Jezign website

(and at 49.99, why not give it a shot?)

I don’t have a review yet of the Jezign kicks, but from what I have done with them so far they seem pretty alright. Haven’t walked any distance with them yet (the area where the battery is stored is somewhat a problem because it rubs up against your foot), but I will have a review of them in a month.

But I have the Bubble Cloud, not the Night Eagle. Now sure at all how the Night Eagle will perform on the court. I still think these are more about fashion and fun then playing hard on the court, but hey, fun is fun right?

The price is so low, maybe I will get the them. One thing is for sure, for those who are collectors of sneaker culture, you may want to get a pair especially since it won’t hurt your wallet very much.

Purchase them RIGHT HERE on JezignShop.

Jezign Bubble Cloud… should people have given them a real shot?

(you know these are actually pretty nice

Review coming soon for these kicks. I will admit I didn’t wear them as much as I should have in order to really give them a full review, but I will be doing so shortly.

I have to admit though that these kicks are not made for comfort as much as made for coolness points and being fashion forward. I still want to give them a little more wear and tear before I give my final say, but so far I have to say that they are some pretty cool kicks.

Wouldn’t go for long walks with them though…

More info, check out Jezign website RIGHT HERE

Air Jordan x UNDERTOW… on hawt looking sneaker

(ummmm, me thinks Jordan should team up more often)

Now this is one good looking mix of colors and style. I think Brand Jordan should just let this be a general release (or at least a limited one) and give people what they want… a good colorway for a great sneaker.

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Ok, I’m just gonna say it – Air Jordan 2010, while may be one of the best Air Jordans made, looks like crap. Yeah I said it. These sneaker are a pair of kicks that need you to be very specific with materials and colorways in order for it to look good.

Now lets be clear, I am not talking about performance, I am talking about looks.

Please team up with somebody Brand Jordan, and get it poppin! This is an awesome colorway and collabo and to not allow others to get their hands on it seems a little off.

You can see the review of the kicks and so forth on RIGHT HERE.

Air Jordan 22 Omega Wallpaper…

(nice and yellow)

If I had to say one good thing about the Air Jordan 22… ok ok, other than the sneakers comfort level (very high)  and the ability to swap out cushioning pads (really nice)

So let me restate that – one of the best parts of the Air Jordan 22 was the sole. it looks so nice and it seemed like allot of thought went into it.  The best part is that not only does it look good, but it is very fuctional too.

So I thought to myself, it would make for a great wallpaper.

More to come, just thought I would give a taste