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Diggin in the Sneaker Crates: @RonnieFieg Edition – Cultureshoq x Ronnie Fieg



Another pair of hot as fire shoes from the man himself. Is it art or is it footwear? And the pictures he take are fantastic!!!

Details from the blog:

For the fourth installment of the Sebago Nexus Project, and I present two new styles that I’ve been excited about since we went to Dominican Republic early this year. Priced at $140USD and limited to 48 pairs per style, the DT lug sole comes in a premium crazy horse brown leather with a removable kilt and leather laces, and the DT High is comprised of oily chestnut suede with a removable kilt/tassels. You can purchase these boots tomorrow Friday October 29th at 10am EST at the David Z flagship store as well as online at Shots by@Sqmunro

Since this went on sale way back in October, I am guessing that they are gone now. Only 48 pairs makes them pretty exclusive and no question these things are works of art.

Just diggin in those sneaker crates (Ronnie Fief Edition)… October 28th 2010 on Ronnie Fieg


PIIQS x Supra = Contest and HOT KICKS

(a tasty contest)

(with tasty sneakers)

I have NO idea if this contest is still on or not nor will I take the time to look and see (of which would take 30-40 seconds). All I care about right now is the fact that these sneakers look freakin hot.

What that song say? Black and yellow?

I can only imagine holding it down with these bad boys and have a matching headphone. A real nice look I have to say.

If you wish you can head over to Sony to find out whatever it is you want to know about the contest I guess RIGHT HERE.

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It looks like candy to me LOL

Thanks @Fimpen – Air Jordan Evolution ’85 New Ad Page

(too bad my computer is so slow that the site doesn’t respond lol)

So MJ and team made a website to promote the Air Jordan evolution ’85 and its a good look. Many thanks to the Twitter poster for posting the link to the site.

Looks nice. Crashed my browser because its flash intensive but if I was on a faster computer, I am sure it would be a better experience.

Do I like the sneaker? Ehhh, its ok. As usual, I think this kick will have more kick with the right colorway.

Take a look for yourself RIGHT HERE.

On Sale: Converse Chuck Taylor Hi Roll Down at Finishline

(not your average Converse)

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Ladies you in luck if you want a casual kick that represents classic while doing a litle something for your “future look”.

I mean a super hi-top that rolls down isn’t new, but its looks new enough here. Its for that fresh look when everybody else has the same thing on.

On sale ONLY online at Finishline, so check them out HERE.

FINALLY!!! UNDFTD x Converse Poorman set to release Black Friday

(awwwww yeah I’m gettin these)

This has got to be my lucky day cause news of these coming back has totally lifted my spirits! And on top of everything the colorway is right up my alley. This will work for me.

These kicks release on black friday… A day that mad money will be flying out my pocket… Original news from shoes-up via

By the way… Anybody notice that SneakerNews has been making some big moves lately? Might have to write about that next week 😉

Nike Air Max 360 Rejuven8

(a clear classic pair of kicks)

One of the most comfortable sneakers I ever worn (until I got the Nike Air 2009) is pictured here.  The history of Nike Air to the date of when these kicks were released is on the reflective upper skin and give the sneaker a very unique look.

Make no mistake though… when these came out there were not that popular and in fact I got these on sale for less than 80 bucks. Not sure if they would be considered cool now or not, but back then it took a while to get these off the shelves… at least in NYC.

More pics of the kicks will be released soon here as well as a review of them on the main site (when ever I get the main site ready)

Nike Shox USA… USA… USA…

(now these are some old kicks)

I don’t even remember when I got them, that is how old they are. And because I haven’t worn them in years, when I actually put them on a few days ago (to go work out… which I ended up not doing), they did some weird squeaking and just felt like someone scratching a chalkboard without the chalkboard.

While I don’t plan on doing a full review of these kicks, I do have a preview 2 minute video of the sneakers coming your way as well as some pics.

Man, I am digging in those crate boy… for real, I think I got some sneaker and shoes that I think deserve to get some shine.

Air Jordan 23 in Black and Red… carbon jordan

(can you imagine if that was ACTUALLY carbon?)

I know I keep saying that I want to create this theme that matches some of my kicks, but I can’t help myself. This picture totally inspired me to make a matching cursor (using CursorFX from Stardock) and maybe do a couple more shots to make some wallpapers.

Anyway, just figured I post a shot. Think it would make a really nice wallpaper.

Air Max 2010…. I really want these on my feet

(not sure bout those yellow laces though)

I am not a fan of yellow, but the sneaker has enough black to make the yellow not so beamingly yellow. Its a slick sneaker as far as I see it. Not sure why many in the sneakernets don’t like it as far as looks are concerned (and yet are floored by the look of the 2011… of which I am not sure about).

Make no mistake, no matter how bad or good the sneaker looks, this sneaker is AWESOMELY comfortable. Running in them is pretty cool too (but not the best for me though unless I am running on grass or track surface) and walking in them is totally freakin awesome.

Sooooooooo… the Air max 2010 is a must get. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of your life.

I believe the Air Max 2010 is a Finishline exclusive (I think) but you can also get them at RIGHT HERE

(yeah i know i wrote on the air max 2010 before… expect me to do it again lol)

Nike RT1 High… still some left

(why were people hating on this sneaker?)

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I think there was a reason why Jay-Z was caught a few times wearing these kicks and that is because they are some good looking sneakers.

The reviews on this sneaker are pretty plentiful and most state how the sneaker is comfortable. It may be a sneaker you wish to check out, even if it came out a while ago. For more info click RIGHT HERE.

Air Jordan 21 – Red and Black CLASSIC

(that’s gotta be the highest arch evar)

The Air Jordan 21 didn’t get allot of love. Remember that year with ll those Air Jordan packs that equaled the number 23? Well guess which pack  stayed on the shelves? The Air Jordan 21 + 2 pack  (I think only the 8 + 15 did worst but it may have been a tie)

Even though the Air Jordan 21 was not too popular whether it was in a pack or on its own, these particular pair just so happened to be very popular.

It just goes to show what a colorway can do to a sneaker that may not lean toward good looks to begin with.

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If you can get the Air Jordan 21 in this colorway, would you do it?

Air Jordan 14 “Last Shot” – Love this sneaker to death


These are my all time favorite pair of Air Jordans. I will admit that they were not the most comfortable (the Air Jordan 23’s are the most comfortable), but they are my favorite looking, detail having, colorway thinking pair out of all of them.

Don’t have much more to say than that other than I can’t wait to see the Silver anniversary 14’s come out and ESPECIALLY see the Bin 23 look.

Diggin In The Sneaker Crates: Pony + PPG = Cars on Kicks????

(did anybody get these???)

As I go digging in those crates, posts from the past many years from as many sneaker and shoe sites possible (including my own), I find these gems. I remeber when i first saw it and I thought to myself that this is a great idea but I wasn’t sure how people would recieve it though. I am not sure if it sold out or not, but I do remeber it taking a while to get off the shelves in NYC (not to mention that it was still avaiavle online in most places).

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Personally I wanted to get a pair. I liked the idea, the look of the “paint” and the style as a whole. Holding it in my hands the sneaker looked REAL crisp.

I haven’t seen it applied to any other sneaker since, unless I somehow missed it. I was hoping that they try it out again for other designs, special editions and so forth but sadly it hasn’t happened.

If you collect kicks as something of a history of what was going on in the industry as wellas in culutre, lets hope you have these because it most certainly was an interesting look.

Just diggin in the sneaker crates… April 2008 on Sneakers and Shoes

Air Jordan 7 – Classic Sole

(I think I wanted these because of the sole)

These are some classic sneakers but I contend that one of the things that made them sooooo classic is the soles. Those holes for traction, the triangles and edges, the colors, the hug Jumpman logo under the heel.

These soles basically showed the world (once you was in the air) what made you jump so high.  The colors, the tech, the jet engines at full blast… and that jumpman symbol on the heel took care of the rest.

Iconic sneakers for an iconic player. Gotta be the soles

beGrown… beSexy WOMEN: Charlotte Olympia – Cage Open Toe Ankle Boot – Luisaviaroma

(enough pink on the heel for you?)

Now this is a shoe for the ages. It is simple but direct. I can’t say anything bad about it… ok, it looks a little uncomfortable, but all those high heel shoes do LOL


  • 140mm Metallic pink heel
  • Rounded open toe with grey leather lining
  • 30mm platform
  • Wide crossover leather straps with cutouts
  • Back zip closure
  • Leather innersole and lining
  • Leather sole
  • Made in Italy
  • 100%CALFSKIN

That’s 100% calf skin yall!!! PETA won’t like this nor will they like you for getting them, but I am sure SOMEONE will still end up having these on their feet.

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You can get them RIGHT HERE if you wish.

adidas ORIGINALS – JS Mickey HI Sneakers at Luisaviaroma

(even Ciara is wearing them)

You can find picture circulating ALL OVER THE INTERNET and especially the sneakernets of Ciara wearing these kicks at a basketball game.

Here are the details:

Rounded toe with perforated detailing
  • Reinforced metal eyelets
  • Large Mickey Mouse face on tongue with cut out edging
  • Three stripe logo on sides
  • Rubber midsole with embossed logo
  • Logo on back at heel
  • Rubber sole
  • Logoed tread


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You can get them for $291 bucks RIGHT HERE.

Is the 2008 Rainbow Attack Back? New Balance 150 Fusion White/Silver/(Rainbow)

(fuuuuuusionnnn HAAAAA)

A fusion that even Dragonball GT fans will like, New Balance has combined the 850 and the 1500 to form the 150 (not sure about the logic they arrived to in order to get the number 150…. 1500 – 850 = 650??? Please help lol)

Oh and you are probably wondering what I mean by Rainbow Attack 2008… well, if you remember, it was a very colorful year when it came to sneakers. Made a post about just a few… A FEW… of the sneaker that were multi-colored.

At least these colors aren’t all over the place.

Anyway, get these at right HERE for $89.99

Pssst… you like Polo??? Here U Go – Walker Classic HighTop

(maaaaad simple kicks for chillin’ in)

While browsing Polo website, I bounced into these pair. For $60 bucks you can have what looks like a pair of Converse’s and another sneaker that I can’t recall right now.

This is for the peoples who want to show what they are wearing while also keeping it simple. And if you wear pants, you can basically stay incognito as far as branding goes.

You want it? Get it direct from Polo RIGHT HERE.

beGrown… beSexy WOMEN: Proenza Schouler OI9706

(who names a shoe OI9706???)

This is an unbelievably good looking shoe. It also comes in another colorway (see below) that is just as awesome as the original.

Now the price… $1,36o dollars… but your in luck because they are on sale at Endless RIGHT HERE and you can get 35% off for a grand total of  $886.76

On Sale: adidas Y-3 By Yohji Yamamoto Sprint Classic

(how can you NOT want these kicks? the price maybe? lol)

I love to see some smooth looking sneakers. You know the type; the ones that can pass as shoes and/or are so incredibly laid back that you forget they are sneakers.

I am not exactly sure what part of these sneaker represents “sprint” though… and I totally do not believe anyone will be running any type of foot race in these sneakers. Looking at the description for the sneakers also does not point to any racing, nevertheless these are a pair of kick you should want in your lineup.

You can get them HERE at Zappos for $244 bucks. That’s allot of dollars – only for the grown lol

It’s not a game… Under Armour is dead serious… Under Armour Micro G Fly

(can’t stop… won’t stop)

I thought these guys were joking when they said they wanted in on the basketball areana. I really thought they would come up with some lame-o looking sneaker that may work but that’s it. Well, if this is what its gonna look like, you better beieve they will be on my feet THIS year. I already saw someone wearing a pair of these )not this style) when I was coming off the train.

Let me tell you, they look better in real life, and that is saying something considering that they  look good now.

Under Armour is not playing yall… they want your money. Nike and the rest better look out.

For more information and pics click HERE. You will be glad you did!

On Sale: Converse STAR PLAYER Varvatos Ankle Sneakers

(because worn sneakers are in)

Well who doesn’t want there brand new sneaker to look like its already been put through its paces? Apparently this is very in right now (sort of like these HERE for over $2,000+) and it looks like it will continue for the foreseeable future. Not sure what to say about this idea… sometimes it looks great, other times I wonder why would you want already scuffed kicks when you can do that yourself?

And speaking of ruined kicks, these particular pair of converses will set you back almost $300 USD… yes you are probably wondering what does ruined kicks have to do with the price of the sneaker… I was going somewhere with that but I guess my purposly ruined sentence will have more coolness and be worth more than a brand new unmarked sentence would.

You can  get them HERE if you wish.

Daft Punk Dunks by Brass Monki

(don’t even know what Daft Punk is lol)

I swear Brass Monki by Daniel Reese makes some of the most jaw dropping custom work I have seen. It costs 250 Euros… which basically means that in US dollars it will be $350+ which is pretty crazy, but just look at it. Its worth it.

If you want it, then click HERE for more details.

On Sale: ASICS Procourt – AR Sneakers at LUISAVIAROMA


Not much to say here. You want it? HERE it is…. but it will cost youuuuuu ($215 USD)