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I am REALLY liking Nike Sports + Hipstamatic

(and you wonder how I did these photos…)

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Diggin in the Sneaker Crates: @RonnieFieg Edition – Cultureshoq x Ronnie Fieg



Another pair of hot as fire shoes from the man himself. Is it art or is it footwear? And the pictures he take are fantastic!!!

Details from the blog:

For the fourth installment of the Sebago Nexus Project, and I present two new styles that I’ve been excited about since we went to Dominican Republic early this year. Priced at $140USD and limited to 48 pairs per style, the DT lug sole comes in a premium crazy horse brown leather with a removable kilt and leather laces, and the DT High is comprised of oily chestnut suede with a removable kilt/tassels. You can purchase these boots tomorrow Friday October 29th at 10am EST at the David Z flagship store as well as online at Shots by@Sqmunro

Since this went on sale way back in October, I am guessing that they are gone now. Only 48 pairs makes them pretty exclusive and no question these things are works of art.

Just diggin in those sneaker crates (Ronnie Fief Edition)… October 28th 2010 on Ronnie Fieg

Random Craziness – Sneakers with Sound System

(this is just crazy… tell me this not real)

Don’t have much to say here. This just can’t be a real sneaker. It. Just. Can’t.

Diggin In The Sneaker Crates: Ronnie Fieg

(total heat from Ronnie Fieg)

I made a mistake. I should have been following what Ronnie Fieg has
been doing way more than I was. Hell, I should be wearing a pair of
his designs right now. I made this statement on Twitter and I stand
by it: if your top ten or 20 kicks/shoes of 2010 don’t include
Ronnie Fieg, then something is wrong with your list So to make up
for my error I will be focusing on Ronnie Fieg in my “digging in
the sneaker crates” series this month way more often then I would
normally focus on anyone or any particular brand. So don’t get mad
at me if for the rest of the month you see Ronnie all over the

What If? Nintendo x Air Jordan VI by Cadwallader

(OMG and it totally matches too!)

Oh man!!! I don’t know about whether this should be a limited release or a general one (and no I’m not a hypebeast but some kicks jut don’t work as a general release) but I think people would like it.


PIIQS x Supra = Contest and HOT KICKS

(a tasty contest)

(with tasty sneakers)

I have NO idea if this contest is still on or not nor will I take the time to look and see (of which would take 30-40 seconds). All I care about right now is the fact that these sneakers look freakin hot.

What that song say? Black and yellow?

I can only imagine holding it down with these bad boys and have a matching headphone. A real nice look I have to say.

If you wish you can head over to Sony to find out whatever it is you want to know about the contest I guess RIGHT HERE.

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It looks like candy to me LOL

Thanks @Fimpen – Air Jordan Evolution ’85 New Ad Page

(too bad my computer is so slow that the site doesn’t respond lol)

So MJ and team made a website to promote the Air Jordan evolution ’85 and its a good look. Many thanks to the Twitter poster for posting the link to the site.

Looks nice. Crashed my browser because its flash intensive but if I was on a faster computer, I am sure it would be a better experience.

Do I like the sneaker? Ehhh, its ok. As usual, I think this kick will have more kick with the right colorway.

Take a look for yourself RIGHT HERE.

DAMN those Reverse Denim Bespokes is nice!!!

(totally worth the time and bucks to make it)

Its got style, its smooth, not too flashy but will easily be notice. That is what I like about good design. These are the best  pair of Bespokes I have seen in a while.

And there is a video too???

Oh and did anybody notice those “Air 2 The Throne” boxes in the back? Hmmmmm….



What If? Twitter X Adidas Originals Superstar | By Gerry Mckay

(not bad… not bad at all)

First seen at, the Twitter x adidas collabo would be a welcome look for those who like to tweet and like kicks (especially adidas classics).

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These are NOT on sale yet (before people start sending me emails about it) but just an idea created by Gerry McKay (who has also has some other ideas you should check out HERE.)

Limited Edition DeLorean NIKE 6.0

(now if I could only run 88 miles an hour)

It umm…. doesn’t look that great, but it limited and its based off of the DeLorean, so  hey, why not folks!

By the way… JUST LOVE the sole of these kicks. I would want these just because of the sole. Its supposed to represent the typical 80’s stop light (of which the DeLorean has).

First seen at Autoblog (yes,, the limited edition NIKE 6 DeLorean will be released on Friday the 26th (Black Friday) this pair of kicks has a unibody upper (no stitches here buddy) and a matte finish silver color. There is also a stamp on the tongue that is supposed to be a nudge to the Irish factory where the DMC – 12 was made.

And for the fans of having boxes be just as special as the kicks, the box also opens up gull wing style.

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There are only 1000 pairs of these kicks going to be made. I guess that is what they mean by limited.  Who is getting these?


Jerremy Scott loves wings: adidas originals FIRE

(this guy REALLY loves wings)

I have to admit that the wings seem a little bit on the extra side of things but he does make them look good. This time he is using the black and orange colorway for that “I’m moving so fast, that I must have wings on my feet AND the wings are on fire” look

I guess that explains “Fire” being in the name of the sneaker.

Little tid-bits about the shoe:
Was Patrick Ewing signature kick back in he 20th century (1986 to be exact) originally called the Attitude

Currently this is now looked as an skate sneaker… Get it? Skating – motorcycle – good looking model? Well the pics still look good.

Info from

Air Jordan 13 “Premio” Bin 23 is ummmmm… interesting…

(well… now isn’t this snazzy)

As seen on Nicekicks, His Airness is releasing another pair of kicks under the Bin 23 montra of which will cost you a grip if you want one. I love the idea personally, but… and you had to know there was going to be a “but” in this… these are not the best colorway for the AJ13’s.

Don’t get me wrong, they look right (see more images by clicking RIGHT HERE) but I think for the higher price and quality materials, it could have been in a better colorway. It doesn’t have to be in the playoff colorway or one of the OG released colorways, but it didn’t have to be this colorway either.

Maybe this will grow on me like the Air Jordan 9 BIN 23 has… but I doubt it.

Find out more at

Nike Air Max 360 Rejuven8

(a clear classic pair of kicks)

One of the most comfortable sneakers I ever worn (until I got the Nike Air 2009) is pictured here.  The history of Nike Air to the date of when these kicks were released is on the reflective upper skin and give the sneaker a very unique look.

Make no mistake though… when these came out there were not that popular and in fact I got these on sale for less than 80 bucks. Not sure if they would be considered cool now or not, but back then it took a while to get these off the shelves… at least in NYC.

More pics of the kicks will be released soon here as well as a review of them on the main site (when ever I get the main site ready)

Another Jezign Pic… shouldn’t you give Jezign a chance?

(so far, so good with these kicks)

I cant complain too much about the Jezign sneakers. It definitely a fashion sneaker, not a comfort one, but it is comfortable considering that there is a 9 volt battery in the tongue.

Full review coming soon on the main site when it opens. In the mean time, I will be posting more pics, pics of the sneaker “in the wild” and maybe create a couple of wallpapers to boot.

Still haven’t decided whether or not I should get the Night Eagle (the basketball version) of these kicks, but if I get them, yall will be the first to know.

Air Jordan x UNDERTOW… on hawt looking sneaker

(ummmm, me thinks Jordan should team up more often)

Now this is one good looking mix of colors and style. I think Brand Jordan should just let this be a general release (or at least a limited one) and give people what they want… a good colorway for a great sneaker.

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Ok, I’m just gonna say it – Air Jordan 2010, while may be one of the best Air Jordans made, looks like crap. Yeah I said it. These sneaker are a pair of kicks that need you to be very specific with materials and colorways in order for it to look good.

Now lets be clear, I am not talking about performance, I am talking about looks.

Please team up with somebody Brand Jordan, and get it poppin! This is an awesome colorway and collabo and to not allow others to get their hands on it seems a little off.

You can see the review of the kicks and so forth on RIGHT HERE.

Air Jordan 23 in Black and Red… carbon jordan

(can you imagine if that was ACTUALLY carbon?)

I know I keep saying that I want to create this theme that matches some of my kicks, but I can’t help myself. This picture totally inspired me to make a matching cursor (using CursorFX from Stardock) and maybe do a couple more shots to make some wallpapers.

Anyway, just figured I post a shot. Think it would make a really nice wallpaper.

The LeBron 8… the sneakernets speaks!!!

(looking good for LeBron)

The LeBron 8  preview shots has hit the sneakernets and the sneakernets responds…

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For a sneaker that you can’t see the whole thing of, it sure got some interesting opinions from people. Me personally, I love it! I can not imagine how this sneaker can look bad given some of these shots – shots of which basically tell you what the sneaker looks like.

Its not going to be as light as the Kobe V’s (or IS it???) but I am sure they will perform really nicely. I may, just maybe, get a pair and play in them to see just how well they play.

But as far as the look department is conserned, they look real good so far. Can’t imagine what they are going to do with it when the colorways start coming out…

The Sneakernets SPEAKS!!!

BUT HERE IS THE QUESTION… what are people saying online on some of the biggest sneaker sites on the net? Lets take a look.


Military Colorway Awesome – The Air Jordan 14 + F14 TomCat

(now THAT would be an interesting release)

What happens when you have a photoshop contest and ask for the look to be about the military? You get these as well as other colorways and idea created from the imaginations of people who love kicks.

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If you want to check out the other view of these as well as the other kicks on show, then check out NikeTalk RIGHT HERE

Air Jordan 14 “Last Shot” – Love this sneaker to death


These are my all time favorite pair of Air Jordans. I will admit that they were not the most comfortable (the Air Jordan 23’s are the most comfortable), but they are my favorite looking, detail having, colorway thinking pair out of all of them.

Don’t have much more to say than that other than I can’t wait to see the Silver anniversary 14’s come out and ESPECIALLY see the Bin 23 look.

Air Jordan 23 Cooool Grey… now this is a retro I would get!!!

(too bad it’s only a dream)

This is not… I repeat… NOT a real sneaker. This was a sneaker colorway put together by ChrisShouraisei of NikeTalk. I think this is such an obvious colorway that should happen whenever they decided to retro these kicks (if they ever do).

If this colorway came out, would you get it?

The Lebron 8 hits the sneakernets… looks good!

(looking real good)

More on this later and how the sneakernets have reacted to this. Pros and cons coming tomorrow!

As seen on LB23.COM

Using Google’s new front page image feature – Air Jordan 23

I couldn’t help myself. Using one of the shots I took of the Air Jordan 23, I made myself a very very nice welcome screen for the default Google page. I have to admit that the shot not only makes for a great page, it probably would make for a great wallpaper too…

So just click on the image above and pick your favorite Air Jordan shot with that wood floor LOL

Blurry Goodness – Nike Foamposite “Eggplant” Soles

Its blurry but it’s still good. Just felt like posting it for no reason what so ever other than its icey goodness.

FIRE!!!! Nike please make colorway – Premium Pete’s ‘Space Jam’ Foamposite Concept

(there is no reason NOT to make this)

OMG I know this came out such a long time ago on but I just wanted to say that if Nike did this colorway up, it would be a game changer.

I am very sure that everybody would be trying to get these. I don’t know if it would be as popular as the Eggplant but it sure would be up there.

Space Jam Foamposites…. wow…