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The Return of Sneakers And Shoes

Its been a long time. In fact a few years. I had many a plan to get back into blogging but they all fell away due to life and admittedly lack of interest.

Welp, my interest is back. Its just about to be a forest fire but I wouldn’t go that far.

there are many blogs out there on footwear and quite frankly I get most of my fill from going to those sites. with sites like SneakerNews and Nicekicks as well as others, and a few more fashion focused sites, its like why start blogging again?

I think for me its just that i Like the design of footwear. I’m not a sneaker historian. I barely know sneaker knowledge like other site owners although I have to admit once I start posting again, I probably will learn it from writing and researching articles.

What I do have is imagination, ideas, and a love of design that also has to function. Sneakers have to work as footwear. I like seeing how many different ways you can do the same thing… and then voicing my opinion on it.

This, voicing my opinion, is probably what really sets my blog apart from others. I really go in. I will admit I’m a total coach quarterback but that don’t stop me from saying I like or don’t like something.

Showcasing new ideas, new companies, art work, options, taking a look at high fashion footwear and womens shoes? This is what makes my blog unique. Starting this Monday I start posting again… slowly. Probably 1 post in 3 days.

But once I get into it again… expect 4-6 posts a day and the main website/magazine being updated once a week.

A labor of love… should be fun.


LANVIN – Metallic Print + Suede HIGH Trainer at LUISAVIAROMA

(only the stars will know what your wearing)

No need to put a big ole LANVIN on these because those who know will know. They will also know that you probably paid a grip for some kicks but you won’t mind as you run down the street being chased by people who want to rob you… then again if they know who made these sneakers, they probably either read a whole bunch of sneaker blogs OR they are rich too.

But no guareentees on people not chasing you… at least for your autograph

Ok, enough of that, now for the nitty gritty. the price is $693 and the sizes a limited (at least in this online store). No details on what materials made this fine sneaker  other than suede, some leather and metallic print. You would think for that price they would at least tell you exactly where the leather came from or what type but maybe I’m being too picky.

If you want them, get them RIGHT HERE and be sure to send me a pic of you wearing them.

beGrown… beSexy WOMEN: Nicholas Kirkwood Suede Peep Toe Shoe Boot

(its a nice look ladies)

Currently on sale at Browns.  You can get there by clicking HERE. Prices are in Euros so don’t get mad when the exchange rate doesn’t work in your favor.

It just gets more irregular… What an Angel

(can be yours but only if you want it…)

Diggin In The Sneaker Crates (shoe edition): Roberto Coin Gold Sneaker

Roberto Coin Gold Sneaker

Roberto Coin Gold Sneaker – Luxist

To celebrate the 2008 Beijing Olympics, jeweler Roberto Coin has created a few unique pieces including a $31,000 golden sneaker. The sneaker is made of 24 karat gold varnished nappa leather which is then coated with a PVC lacquered film. It is finished off with an 18K yellow gold clasp and Coin’s signature small ruby.

Quote from Luxist

REEEAaaaally? I am surprised it costs so little… just digging in those sneaker crates… August 24th 2008

On Sale: greedy Genius Men’s Cool Breeze on

greedy is a Genius hen it comes to these sneaker designs… LMAO ok, that was really corny, but I couldn’t help myself. Man, I’m telling you, I still remember back in the days when new sneaker brands couldn’t come anywhere near Nike, Reebok or adidas (especially Nike) and now look around. All kinds of different sneaker companies (some owned by Nike, Reebok, adidas and others) are out there demanding that you change your style up. I’m guessing (don’t really know) that this all came about due to the scateboard community shying away from the major brands and wanting the “real” small companies. These companies responded to what they wanted and they bough what they sold.

I’ll admit that I don’t know if these are skate sneakers or not (looks like they would make nice skate shoes… hey, I’m new to the shoe game give me a break!!! lol) , but they do look good. It comes in another colorway if you like (I don’t like the other color but hey, everybody likes what they like).

Air Jordan Countdown Pack 7 + 16 = EASTBAY SHUTDOWN!!!

OMG!!! Either mad people were buying the same sneaker or there was some other system error (which I doubt). Everybody and their Momma (literally) is trying to buy these things. Eastbay is the first spot I think of to ensure I get what I want (even though I like Finishline better) and I guess many people feel the same way cause that is where they went.

I tried to submit my order twice and I got the scariest error or my online shopping life (don’t mess with my bank account man… I don’t want to see no 3 THOUSAND dollar charge ANYWHERE). I finally got to the point where they said that  they are not sure if they actually have it in their inventory due to the volume of people currently ordering the product. I was not going to try that again. I went to Finishline (of which usually is sold out by now) and bought it there (along with the Puma Bode… grey and white… yeah I know that is the plainest of the 4 sneakers, but that is what I wanted).

I tell you guys, I love Finishline and I love Eastbay, but they do have their problems. Finishline will be sold out before the actual date they are supposed to start selling it, and Eastbay will tell you that they have it, and then you go to order it and they don’t actually have it LOL!!! But I still love them.

Fastest Sneaker Ever Sold: Air Jordan 23 White and Red SOLD OUT

For a general release (men sizes only… now that doesn’t seem very “general release” to me), this sneaker went fast. Hell, online it was sold out before Midnight ever came! Now how do you sell out something that isn’t suppossed to be sold until 12am May 31 08? LOL

I am a little ticked off by this whole episode. I know Jordans get sold out, but this was ridiculous. Many sites had a “you can only buy 2” policy so that makes me wonder just how they sold out so quickly. I love Finishline, but they didn’t even have the sneaker at 12:30am!!! Either they sold really fas or they were available way before Midnight.

As for Eastbay, I actually had the sneaker in my cart. I added a few other things I wanted (which took me all of 5 minutes to add) and when I go to the checkout, they gone!!! They took it out of my cart! I was robbed!!!

I figure all is lost.

But then I head over to and they say (in the comments) that its still available at so I go their and they got my size. I never ordered anything from so it seemed a little strange entering all that personal data, but at least it is officially ordered. Now all I can do is hope they don’t tell me later that they don’t have any and its back ordered.

Anyway, its been a rough Saturday. Not allot of posts from the fab four of sneaker sites so far and as for me, I’m headed toward work so I won’t be able to post until I get back. Hope yall got the sneaker if you wanted it.

On Sale: Finishline has the Air Jordan PHLY High Basketball Shoe

For whatever reasons, I do not see this around allot. I have seen in one a few people, but no where near as many as I thought their would be. I go downtown tomorrow (a place I haven’t been in a while) and I hope to see that at least the stores are carring them.

Finishline has 3 different colorways. As far as national sneaker and sports retailers who sell online, I have only seen the Jordan PHLY on Finishline. Maybe I missed it somehow. I have seen colorways for the sneaker that is pure heat, but they are not on sale online.


The Air Jordan PHLY is a tribute to a highschool coach who got Jordan on the right track. You won’t believe that Jordan being cut from teams and not being number one for the draft, but that is what happened. Skill is a great thing to have, but you need drive too. Talk about failing and turning it into success (but isn’t that what failing is all about?)

Air Jordan Fusion III (3) Coming Your Way

As seen on and on Jordan Brand, introducing what some are calling the best Fusion out the gate so far (and probably the best AJ Fusion period). I think they are pretty cool with that air bubble casing on the midsole (I think that is the Air Force 1 premuim or supreme look). I persoanly like the White and Cement elephant print the most, even though the black/cement elephant print looks better.

As for being the best Fusion evar, I don’t know about that one. I think the Fusion V’s look the best out of all the AJ Fusion images I have seen. Almost every colorway in the Fusion V line up is heat. Even the ones I didn’t like look good. I guess I will have to see the Fusion 3 in person much like I had to with the Fusion V’s.

Both the white cement and the black cement shown come out in September 6 2008


Pictures of the Jordan Jaq Trainer… looks pretty interesting

I am willing to admit that these look pretty good. I do not think I would wear them for any reason, but I would add them to my Jordan collection of sneakers. The Grey One looks better than the other colorway shown on but that is just my opinion.

It very dramatic. When I first saw the shots of these in concept, I really just didn’t like it. I am glad to see that the soon to be released version looks way better. Can’t wait to see more angles of the sneaker.

On Sale: Converse Bliss Canvas in Green on My Shoe Store

Keds Bliss Canvas Hi Wedge on sale at My Shoe Store

Wow, I didn’t know Keds made heeled womens shoes. I was sort of amazed when I saw the picture and the description of the shoe (of which is a cross between a sneaker and a dress shoe). It looks really nice. I can’t front on it/ I think the ladies should consider getting this. I can’t tell how comfortable it is by looking at it though, but then again, I don’t wear heels lol

You know what I need to do next? I need to find out what exactly is the different between Pro Keds and Keds. Is there a difference? Are they the same sneaker company? I think it would have to be the same sneaker company but they seem totally separated from what I see. anyway, I will have to look into that one.

Nelly’s Stepped On My J’s feat JD & Ciara Vs ASET’s Don’t Step On My Mikes

Listen to the whole thing at The Shoe Game

Nelly Stepped On My J’s feat JD & Ciara (Full Track)

The song played above is just a snippet, the whole song is now available exclusively on The Shoe Game. For those who go to what I call “the Final Four” of sneaker sites (The Shoe Game, Sneakerfiles, Nicekicks and SneakerNews… if you are not going to these sites, you are missing out), you probably already seen this or heard it from Friday, but you know I had to add my opinion lol

I think the song is great, EXCEPT for Ciara. I really love Ciara but that part she sung seemed a little pointless and out of place to me. A few people left comments on The Shoe Game that say the same thing so I am not alone.

There is a poll on The Shoe Game and I am guessing there are allot of haters cause most of the vote were a thumbs down. I don’t see how though. The track is hot and the rhymes are good… except for Ciara but Ciara wasn’t enough to give this a thumbs down.

So what do you think? Please vote HERE!!!

…and speaking of “Don’t Step On My Mikes”

I have to say that the song from ASETWENEXT aint no joke. I may even say its better than Nelly’s version. If they could tweak the production and time the lyrics better, then there would be no doubt who is better: ASET.

Anyway, as a person that is into sneakers (and shoes) I love that someone is doing some fly ish. Keep it coming!!!

In Fashion News: New Blog On The Scene Called -… ®

… ®

I am not sure what the company is about but from what I gather, they make custom (or customized) clothing. Allot of the stuff they got on there is pretty interesting. I like those jeans pictured above.

It always nice to see something new just starting up. What a customize fashion world we live in, h’uh? You can get a custom fitted, custom sneakers and now custom jeans and t-shirts. Your whole outfit can be some custom bird flying through the sky hitting a brick of a building looking design.

Don’t ask me what the masks are about… I guess its their thing. I will be defiantly be watching this blog to find out what they are doing. So far I like what I see and how they are letting the world know what they do.

Air Jordan Countdown Pack 18 + 4 = So Much Drama: Most Hated AJIV’s In The World?

As first seen on THE SHOE GAME and later seen on other blogs as well, the sneaker world is set ablaze by what looks like an Air Jordan IV that looks, smells and tastes like wack.

SneakGeekZ is back at it again, and he recently posted a new video. In this vid he gives us a detailed look at the upcoming Air Jordan 4 from the 4/19 Countdown Pack. We’ve seen some decent pics, but it’s nothing like seeing them up close and personal
Source: The Shoe Game

And the drama ensues. SneakGeekZ has some great videos that are have some real deal Jordans on them but when he shown these…. I immediately thought these can’t be real. Keep in mind that at the beginning of the video, he says that they (the company he bough them from) didn’t follow his instructions but took his money though. With that in mind the company he bought them from might not be on the up-and-up. If the sneakers are real (and many say they are), they look really cheap as in poorly made. My tough decision (and apparently on a few people agree) is that these can not be the final look (if they are the real thing). ANY sneaker seen before (especially month than a month before) its release date might look very different than what will actually release. I even think that what is seen in the video could even be what is called “a fake” as in anything that is just a variant, test production or sample sneaker (some samples that are test subjects are real and given to athletes, celebrities and company personal)

Here is another video that was made and seen first on The Shoe Game:

Here you see the comparison between the retro 99 AJIV and what will release in the countdown pack in July 2008. I still say that there is no way JB is gonna release those IV’s looking like that but we will see.

You guys got to read the comment… it went crazy. I will be updating this post so stay tuned.

For more check out the Shoe Game

Air Jordan 4 “Countdown Pack” Video

Hybrid Nike Air Max 97 x Air Max Plus (The Tn’s) Pics On

Sneakernews got pictures of both colorways of the new hybrid between the Air Max 97 and Air Max Plus aka Tuned Air aka Tn’s. While Air Tuned aka Tn’s did not do to well on the market and officially you just do not see them any more on any Nike sneaker, Nike has, at least, brought back the best style and colorways of the Tn series.

I loved the Air Tuned aka Tn’s (I’ll admit I do not know how they preformed on the track… I hear people just didn’t like it for what ever reason… more research on that later) and I really loved the Tn’s that came out back in the day. Now they are mixing the 2 and using WAY better colorways for the men. Personally I think the womens Tn’s looked way better as far as colorway was concerned.

When it comes to the air pillow, it seems to be all Air Max and no Tuned Air (but I am not sure yet). This would be in line with other hybrids that only slap on the bottoms of one sneaker line to the upper of another.

I tell you boy, these look good. And the blue and white, while not as flashy, is for the more understated gentleman type lol.

These would seem to be Footlocker Exclusives but I have yet to see them online so I guess you have to go to the stores to get them for now. Footlocker is a national chain so it shouldn’t be hard to find one close to you.


NIKE I wish you would combine the Tn’s with Air Max 360 please. You know how to do it! 360 on the bottom and the Tn’s on the top (upper) and make those colorways HOT thank you. Don’t forget to bring back some of the classic colorways that actually did well.

Nike Womens Blazer Hi and Low in Canvas or Tweed

A bunch of sneaker sites including sneakernews and sneakerfiles posted that these sneakers are coming out for the ladies. Check out the posts:

Plenty of pictures to take a look at so you ladies (and maybe some guys) can check out what is next for the Nike Blazer family of sneakers. I like the canvas olive khaki but I am more into tweed these days, so why can’t my woman have tweed too?

Based off of work done by the artist Piet Mondrian. I like Mondrian… I actually based some of my work off of his paintings including Broadway Boogie Woogie. Heck, I even have a Windowblinds skin based off of “Broadway” but explaining that is for another time.

EDIT says that some of these Mondrian sneaker have been released. More info here.

On Sale: Puma Suede Mid Weave on

From Puma Suede Mid Weave – Price $89.99

This caught my eye while browsing for those casual shoes that I can’t remember the name of… anyway, they style is cool and I like how they made it “weave” (I can’t tell from the pictures if it really is weaved) its weaved, just saw the close up d’uh. That’s one thing I can say about Zappos is that they really take pictures of what you are getting. Front back left right bottom… LOL They could use a couple more close up shots I guess, but they pretty much got the sneaker covered.

From what I see on the site, the sneaker has 2 styles. Both pretty much stand out but have a cool quality too. I haven’t seen these on other sneaker sites so I don’t know when they first came on the scene but there here now.

On Sale: Nike Mad Jibe on

As seen on, you can get these quite nice casual sneakers at (it is also available at Proper too). Not bad for $89.99

I think they look pretty nice. My Mom commented on them and was wondering if they came in a wide, but OF COURSE NIKE doesn’t make sneaker with widths (watch for a rant on this in the coming weeks) so she probably won’t be able to fit in them comfortably. As for me,I have been looking for a casual sneaker/shoe that I can chill in while still looking grown AND sexy and these might be it. They sort of look like those… man I can’t remember what they are called. Well, anyway, they are smooth and you can go to work in them and it won’t be a problem.

The Mad Jibe will have to wait for next year for me though, I already have those Vans for my chillin set and a pair of Creative Recreations will round out my sexy casual look. Although I do need a pair of sneaker shoes like these Mad Jibe’s though… I’ll have to think about it (probably get a mid-top timbo dress casual sneaker/shoe).

In Sneaker News: Is Apparel Doomed? Whats Goning On? And Why Did Mariah Marry Nick Cannon? LOL

With the economy going down… and then up… and then a little up… and then down again, people don’t have as much money to buy those sneakers, shoes, 22’s, suits shirts and pants. Apparel easily becomes the bastard child when it comes to peoples wallets. I mean, come on; if food prices go up, you still got to each and if gas goes up you still got to go to work and have hot water. So while this may be the Year of the Jordan, maybe, just maybe businesses in the world of clothes and footwear might take a hit.

After reading this article here on how apparel business might have a hard time this year, it looks like analysts are counting out businesses in retail and clothing due to all the reasons mentioned above and then some.

Say Good Bye to the 30 and 45 dollar t-shirt?

As you may or may not know last year was the year of color when it came to sneakers and in order to match, all you really had to do was get a t-shirt. In NYC the hottest t-shirt of 07 was the I Love NY t-shirt. You could get any color even though officially there are only 3 (black, white and pink off the official NYC Visitors site). You also still had the left over Brooklyn t-shirts from 06 still around as well in assorted colors. The question I have is what will happen this year? What will happen to the smaller cothing companies and niche brands? If Mariah married Nick Cannon, owner of PNB, will she be in the poor house? What happens to ALIFE, Todd Smith, Creative Recreation and other clothing and footwear lines?

When will it get better? Maybe after taxes come in for 2009. I do think though, that niche brands might not be in too much trouble cause of brand loyalty and he people they focus on has more discretionary money, but who knows. PNB Nation used to be a brand you could get everywhere, but now it is a highly focused clothing brand. Maybe all brands should think about that.

But it looks like Linens ‘n Things won’t make it that far.

For those getting that 300, 600 and 1200 dollar stimulus package rebates, there are PLENTY of businesses setting up to GET AT THAT PAPER offering 300, 600 and 1200 dollar gift certificates… WOWWOW.

Get Your HighLine Chalk Shoes!!! From the High Line Blog

(from The High Line Blog)

Just when you think that the Nike 360 and the Air Jordan 23 is as far as technology gets (don’t forget the New Balance End Cap… sometimes simple works better) you wake up and browse a bunch of wordpress blogs and see the Chalk Shoe. Talk about a shoe that you can tell where you have been (or just how far you have to go).

Why you ask was this made? Here is a clue:

A group of eighth-grade students from the Lab School will be leading the way… in brightly-colored “chalk shoes.” Brooklyn-based artist Julia Mandle will lead student performers through the streets of the Meatpacking District and Chelsea, in a performance commissioned by Friends of the High Line. As the students shuffle through the neighborhood on their platform-height “chalk shoes,” they will leave a green path on the sidewalks that will lead to the High Line’s future access points.

I wish I knew about this before. I would have definaitly have gone to at least see their handy work. I was actually off that day (last day of my vacation) and I could have easily went and maybe even invited a couple of people. I loved the High Line ever since I realised just how cool it was back in the early 90’s. Trains going through buildings seems to only happen in other cities, but in NYC? Wow! It is a real piece of NY history. Allot of the times I wonder why stuff like that isn’t used for achitectual special spaces instead of just being torn down.

I’m telling you that sometimes, I just do not believe that developers have ANY vision… no imagination. I surely can’t wait to start my real estate business and get my architectural license. I’ll show them a thing or 2 (well I’ll try at least).

You know what, I knew this is a footwear blog, but every once and a while I will post something from or about the High Line. Its just to good to let it die and become a square building… oh and just in case you guys need a reminder, EVERYTHING need to have some originality… what would the Manhattan street grid look like without Broadway? Look at all the spaces Broadway creates. The High Line is no different. NYC has character, don’t destroy it.



Original, aint it?

Anyway, you can read how the event concluded on The High Line blog and see all the lovely kids doing their part in the pictures taken during and after the event.

On Shape + Color: adidas grün “guerilla gardeners”

(from sneakerfreaker and Shape + Color)

What a cool find. While just browsing the WordPress blogs, I bumped into this blog that is into advertising, art and media (which is funny cause I do have a little fetish for that stuff too) and they mentioned this new thing adidas is doing called grün. Grün is green in German. The adidas grün is supposed to be the environmentally safe sneaker.

Sort of what Nike is doing…

Here is a quote snatched from Shape + Color:

Finally, everything in the “Recycled” line is exactly what it says – shoes and apparel made from 100% recycled plastic soda bottles, rubber, and others materials that otherwise would have sat in a landfill for eternity.


So basically, somewhat like the Air Jordan 23 “Considered”, here we have a sneaker that is totally recycled and I will assume biodegradable (or at least some parts are easily re-recycled).

Being that Shape + Color is a blog about advertising, art and media, they also show just how adidas markets the sneaker line. The images of one of their adverts (of which is actually the main story which is the guerilla gardeners) can be seen on Shape + Color.

Very interesting… I am going to have to look into this more and see what Nike does, as well as adidas and other sneaker (and shoe) brands.

On Sale at Air Jordan Countdown Pack 21 + 2 = Blah…

Jordan has released the next countdown Men’s Collezione Pack 21/2 pack… collezione, what an interesting name. I have to research that a little. This pac, to me, if for those who are real Jordan collectors and maybe for those who really wanted either the AJ2 or the AJ21. For me these are not that great. I like the 21’s (although they cool have looked better) but I am not that into the AJ2’s.

Well, to each his own. You can see more on The Shoe as well as other sneaker blog sites.

Oh and you might want to take a loo at some Countdown 21+2 cothing they have:

I like the t-shits and hat better than the pack itself.

Best Sneakers For Your Sport –

Best Sneakers For Your Sport –

 Adidas Mega Burst Running Shoe - White

Who can pass up a sneaker acticle about fitness? Here is a big quote from Forbes:


If something has inspired you to start a fitness regimen or get back into a sport you once played, do yourself a favor. As you prepare for that first outing, skip the trip to your closet for your two-year-old pair of sneakers.

Not only are they broken down,but they were probably never meant to support the type of motion you’re about to subject them to, whether it’s a long hike, a game of tennis or marathon training.

If you really want to succeed–and stave off runner’s knee, shin splints and tendonitis, not to mention the cost of rehabbing these injuries–you need the right shoes, says Gale Bernhardt, a coach for the 2004 Olympics’ U.S. mens’ and womens’ triathalon teams and a columnist for, an online community for people passionate about sports and recreational activities.

I saw sneaker and boot brand names that I never heard before in my life. As a person who ran track for like 7 years, I did reconize a couple… but the rest LMAO!Forbes is a busines/rich/upermiddle class destination so I would guess that there would be names of companies who make footwear products would be somewhat unknown, but I only recognized 2 or 3. And guess what people; NIKE was hardly mentioned lol