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Coming BACK In November!!!

jetty feet sign wooden

Photo by Mabel Amber on

We going to give this thang a shot once more! Got some ideas, new mission (including to promote more mature styles such as mens shoes for work or business), and just in general its gonna be fun.

The main website will be up and running soon, the blog (as you can see) is open but updates won’t begin until November, we are on the Twitters, the Facebooks, and the Instagrams, and a couple other places as well (for example we on Tumblr… yeah when we say we gonna be experimenting, doing some new things, that’s what we mean)

Things are quite now but feel free to save some of this stuff to you favorites now. Here’s how the workflow will go:

Sneakers And Shoes – The Lifestyle and Culture of Kicks

blah blah blahh

  • cool beans yoo
  • More magazine style mixed with blog. Will only be updated in the beginning once a month for the first few months, then once a week starting in March on Tuesdays
  • Reviews on different footwear items
  • Includes big stories for the month or week, background stories on different footwear brands, lookbooks, and other more static content

Sneakers and Shoes – The Blog

  • Whats out now, what people are talking about, new styles, whats currently on sale around the net such as FinishLine and Eastbay, and super sales (footwear that’s 15% or more off from across the web).
  • Any random thing we find on the interwebzzzz
  • Updated at least 4 times a week Instagram and IGtv

  • So many pics and such little time!!! Sneakers from multiple brands, new stuff, old stuff, work wear, casual, highheels, and so forth.
  • IGtv Facebook

  • Get updates on the blog, website, and find out about givaways and there. Plus some snarky quickbits from the Sneakers and Shoes team on any number of topics TUMBLR

  • Focus on the culture of fashion and sneakers, related art, styles, and randomness that is Tumblr. No really go check it out! An easy way to pass the time for a few. YouTube

  • Going to be 3 types of vids on there coming in 2019 including Diggin’ In The Sneaker Crates, and The Weekly Super Sale

skrsandshoes Twitter

  • Find out what new posted on the website, interacting with other kick lovers, and random thoughts from the team.

snkrsandshoes Pintrest

  • A collection of styles, looks, and more randomness

Check us out. Eventually we will have an iPhone app as well for those who want it all in one place (but that’s gonna be a wait for that release, we just wanna give y’all a heads up). November 2018 going to a very interesting month!


What’s Out: Aquazzura Rainbow Striped Suede Sandal on Neiman Marcus

Aquazzura Rainbow Striped Suede Sanda


Maybe its too colorful or maybe not… I think a woman would look great with these on especially if she had the right outfit on. How hard would it be to find a matching dress or outfit with thiese when you have at least 4 definite colors to work with? LOL

Details of the shoe:

  • Aquazzura striped suede high-vamp sandal.
  • 4.3″ covered heel.
  • Open toe.
  • Glove vamp.
  • Self-tie back closure.
  • Leather lining and outsole.
  • “Rainbow” is made in Italy.

You can get it HERE AT Neiman Marcus. The price is high tho. This one id not for every budget that is for sure.

At Neiman Marcus: Maison Margiela Future Translucent High-Top

Maison Margiela Future Translucent High-Top

Is this what is next for sneakers? It like a love hate situation for me: I like that they are doing something different, while I don’t like plastic all over my sneakers and the price wow). Its def a fashion sneaker due to the fact that there is nothing to speak of in the way of technology. So if you are wearing these is can say that your fashion forward all the while saying that you got 1000+ dollars to spend to show how fashion forward you are.


  • Maison Margiela “Future” high-top sneaker in translucent polyurethane.
  • 1″ heel.
  • Approx. 5″H shaft.
  • Round toe.
  • Split vamp with padded grip-strap.
  • Dyed-to-match rubber outsole for traction.
  • Maison Margiela signature white stitched label detail on heel counter.
  • Made in Italy.

Made in Italy? For some reason I really like that part.

Maison Margiela Future Translucent High-Top Maison Margiela Future Translucent High-Top Maison Margiela Future Translucent High-Top

The sneaker is currently being sold HERE so if you want it, go and get it.

Whats Out Now: Under Armour Curry 2 at Eastbay


(the suit and tie still here)

I got one more good year of basketball playing in me (no tournaments, just a pick-up game here or there) and this is the sneaker I want to do it in (along with my still working Kobe 5 low tops… yeah they still do the trick even tho they years old and so does my AJ23’s). Why do I want to try on a pair of kicks from a company I never wear anything from before?


What’s Out Now: Girls Air Jordan 4 at Finishline

Why do the kids get the dope sneakers? Then again maybe its dope because its for the kids? Either way if the kids (or the parents of the kids) like Jordan’s, then these will definitely make them happy. Usually I don’t like denim on sneakers. It takes allot to make it work for me, but these work.

Currently at Finishline HERE

The Air Jordan Retro IV Basketball Shoe is an iconic shoe with a proven track record. In order to keep up with Jordan’s championship caliber play, the Air Jordan 4 debuted in 1989. The shoe matched his stellar season in which he achieved NBA All-Star, All Defense, and First Team honors.

I wonder why they didn’t release this before Christmas or before the start of the school year? Oh well… for the biggest sizes the price tops out at $139.99 and drops from their depending on what smaller size you end up getting.

Diggin In The Sneaker Crates: MajorDC x Reebok Pump 25


Ohhhh man I like these! ok ok ok I know my current waredrobe wouldn’t allow for such a brightly colored sneaker such as this… sky blue with stars on it? I would have a hard time working this.

But I still like it. There is just something about it.

Here are the details from about the kicks

This year marks 25 years of Reebok Pump technology. And while the focal point has been on the vector brand’s Insta Pump Fury with nearly too many collaborations to count, it’s nice to see that the original Reebok Pump will be getting some shine in a new collaboration with Major DC. In earlier previews we saw the vibrant blue sneaker light up with gold accents, but today we get our first full look at the silhouette. Set for a release date on September 13th, the metallic gold accented pair looks to be fairly limited

Since these came out in 2014, the only way you could get them is if you went to an auction site like eBay or something.

At Finishline: Air Jordan 2 “Radio Raheem”


Personally I hate hate hate the Air Jordan 2 in almost every colorway (originals and retro’s) and I can’t say I like these either but I will say that this colorway give these kicks some hope. They also have a historical point to them harking back to the movie “Do The Right Thing”. It also gets nostalgia points for those old head (like me) who watched the movie when it originally came out.

Considering these released sometime last week I guess I’m not the only one who is just not that into the Air Jordan 2.

If you want them Finishline has them currently for $189.99 HERE


More pics of the Radio Raheem AJ2 HERE

Technical Difficultes… AGIAN

ah geez guys - LeBron VS Clevland


I”m not worried though because most of the webzine articles are written, the sneaker photoshoots are done, and being that I had to reset allot of stuff, I have lots of little things to put together. But at least the blog peart is up and running. Wanted both at the same time but can’t win them all! Starting tomorrow snkrs&shoes starts posting on the blog. Whats out now, whats interesting… and junk.

The more I think about it the more fun I think I will have doing this. So many ideas. Hope people like some of them lol

Welcome to the Re-Re-Restart of Sneakers and Shoes


Of course I’ve been having troubles restart the fun but thats ok cause I can just start it here. The webzine part of Sneakers and Shes may still be down but the blog is up and might as well start posting some currently available footwear, sneaker type news, fashion talk and opinions.

What up on deck for the webzine…


What’s the story on the takedown of OnSmash?

[say whaaaaa????]


Don’t know what happened here, but when I know, I will definaitly be commenting on it. Stay tuned. More posts coming your way this evening!


So did you get your Air Force 1 Foamposite?

[nikestore still has them RIGHT NOW]


If you want them, then head over to NieStore because they are still available. I am sort of surprised since there was so much love for them on the sneakernets. Maybe it was the price that got people a little shook… who knows. If you want them head over HERE.


Michael Jordan’s Response To Lebron James What Should I Do Commercial… awww snap

[watch the video below]

Ok, ok… is actually NOT a responce from MJ himself, but a very clever fan made video. The sound bites come from a MJ commercial (I am sure some of you reconize it) from way back when and long before LJ came out with his.

So far the video has 600,000 plus views and its only been up since the begining of the Thanksgiving weekend from what I see. I am sure once everybody comes back from their stuffing break, they are going to want to see this one.

Kinda instpiring actually. What you see as a guy who has a “gift” is actually a guy who works VERY hard to make it look easy.


Preview of new site… I swear I spend way too much time on this stuff

(hmmmm… delicious)

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade… and then make it so well that other people want it too. main site coming soon (why? because there is just too much stuff to cover just to keep it all here lol)

Blurry Goodness – Nike Foamposite “Eggplant” Soles

Its blurry but it’s still good. Just felt like posting it for no reason what so ever other than its icey goodness.

Any Chance in Getting This Colorway? Air Jordan 2010

[colorway by BP]

I think it would be VERY nice of Brand Jordan to come up with these colorways. The white and grey with black is the vest but I wouldn’t mind that all white with just some hints of columbia blue… hmmmmm. mouth watering.

Can you imagine actually playing ball in these?

The Cole Haan Air Devyn Rainboot


These do not look pretty at all to me but for some reason I see MAAAAADDDD women wearing these type of boots. So if you are goning to wear them, why not get Nike Air technology in them? I keep hearing that Cole Haan are some very comfortable shoes (especially for woemn who want to wear those high heels)  so for those who want to wear big rubber boots this should be a no brainer.

On top of this the price has been marked down to $89.99 and you can get it at the Cole Haan website RIGHT HERE.

Yes, they are waterproof LOL


Extra dry style: our playful pairing of rubber waterproof protection and signature chic to keep the elements out and comfort in, decorated with Cole Haan black patent logo ornament.

  • Crafted in plumeria rubber
  • Concealed NIKE AIR Technology for coveted cushioning and maximum support
  • Fully lined in soft jersey
  • Fully padded fabric sock lining
  • Comfortable rubber sole for long wear
  • Source: Cole Haan

    Plus you can get TOTALLY matching tote RIGHT HERE as well. And then while your at it get a pair of matching shoes because who walks around in rubber boots all day long?

    On Sale: ASICS Procourt – AR Sneakers at LUISAVIAROMA


    Not much to say here. You want it? HERE it is…. but it will cost youuuuuu ($215 USD)

    On Sale: adidas Originals By ORIGINALS – METALLIC CALFSKIN High Tops

    (silver and gold is a good look… and its not even Christmas)

    Man, I can’t get enough of

    You can get these for $284 dollars. I can imagine seeing these being worn by someone in Williamsburg riding a skateboard in the subway… seriously… because I have. You can buy these HERE if you want them. be Original.

    HEY… you a Boxer? You Like adidas Originals? Here you go… LACE BOXING BOOT SNEAKERS

    (yes, this is a mens boot)

    So you are a boxer you say? FANTABULOUS because I have a boot by ORIGINALS from adidas that will knock you off your feet (especially when you realize you will pay 300+ dollars for it).

    Now that is a boot. They don’t come out until March of 2010 so you have a few weeks more to save up to be truly original. Not sure about the flowery details for a guy shoe/boot/sneaker (whatever the hell this is) but I think a guy can rock this if his fashion balls are big enough.

    Of course you can get them at my favorite site to look for the most interesting footwear HERE at for $303 dollars. THEY DON’T COME OUT TILL MARCH 2010 so start saving if you want them.

    ADIDAS Originals BY ORIGINALS – Multicolor Wing Sneakers @ LUISAVIAROMA

    (not my style but its still noteworthy)

    So do you think you have what it takes to wear wings on your feet? I dare you to skateboard in these bad boys lol

    And yes, Luisaviaroma strikes again…. get them HERE  for $340 if you wish.

    On Sale: adidas ORIGINALS – MULTICOLOR Calf High Metro Attitude at LUISAVIAROMA

    (I post this because I care…)

    Looking for a multicolor Metro with attitude? Then its a done deal cause here it is. Why wait when you can have this for 170 bucks? More info HERE.

    One day… Brand Jordan will retro the AJ2009 and this is what it should look like…

    (wish it was real)

    Brand jordan won’t be coming out with new colorways of the Air Jordan 2009 anytime soon, but if they do, please do the classic colorways like what 1and12 photoshopped right here.

    I peeped this from the NikeTalk thread HERE >> Nike Talk> Sneaker Art> ~~~Photoshop Contest 2009 vol.2~~~congrats sthebest!

    beGrown… beSexy MEN: CLOSED – Quilted Calf Suede Sneakers @ LUISAVIAROMA

    (for gentlemen only)

    Guys get your grown wieght up! You can’t only have sneakers in your closet. there has got to be some freakin shoes up in there, right? What? You don’t have a pair or your last pair only works with a suit? Not to worry, you now can get these and feel good knowing that the brand name you are buying probably has no reconition BUT is still a solid looking casual sneaker (that looks like a shoe)

    $342 dollars is the price and you can get them HERE.

    On Sale: adidas ORIGINALS – Printed Calf High Metro Attitude

    (the details on this sneaker are pretty nice)

    As per the usual, there are no details about this pair of kick on the LUISAVIAROMA but a nice search on Google… well actually that didn’t work either lol

    Anyway the point is that if you want to be a little original yourself, you may want to hop over to the site HERE and pick up a pair, but it will cost you $227 bucks to do it. While you are there, check out the adidas Originals category HERE. They currently have like 4 pairs of kicks, 3 of them are just different colorways of the ones above.