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This is Sneakers and Shoes!!! A blog that shows you what is going on in the sneaker (and shoe) blog world as well as what is currently cool on sale on sites like Zappos, Finishline, Eastbay, Macys and more. I also focus on the shoe scene, foot care, lifestyle fashion, sports and exercise. I am into collecting sneakers as well as shoes and have really just started in 2008. I enjoy writing about what is coming out, what is out (something that many blogs ignore for some reason… but then again that is allot to cover) and what looks cool that I think is being totally ignored.

Why visit Sneaker and Shoes?

Because who else is going to give your the in your face, honest, and straight opinions on what is going on in the game? Who else will say what is going on on OTHER sneaker blogs, show cool features from OTHER sneaker blogs, high light things going on on OTHER shoe blogs, focus on men AND women, flats AND high heels, FEATURE COMMENTS from here and OTHER blogs, interview commenters, and more.

Here at Sneakers and Shoes, we love to write about those who want to be sneaker designers, the custom artists of sneaker and shoes, news on the companies that make the sneakers and shoes (as well as the stores that sell them). So if you love Nike, you will not only find out about their designs and sneaker releases, you will find info on what Nike is doing busines wise. If you love shopping at Dr Jays, you will find locations, store hours and if service is really good there… or not.

I will admit that I am a little opinionated when it comes to the design and functionality of footwear (mostly design) and while I’m new to the game, I still make some of my opinions known. You will find a rant or 2 about sneaker companies not making sneakers with widths for example or companies making it difficult for people with big feet to find their size.

Hope you enjoy the visit. Sneakers and Shoes the blog and soon Sneaker and Shoes the website will be updated regularly and I eventually want it to be the place where you come to find out everything sneaker and shoes.


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  20. I need advice about Jordan X Chicago’s I bought them for my son from Finish LIne and when I got them the box had been opened (the actual shoe box) and all collectible items except the shoes had been taken out. The box was all creased from the obvious tampering so its ruined. Doesn’t that devalue the shoe as a collectible? Aside from the fact that it is part of why you buy these.. I wrote the company and they offered me $10.00…LOL! I said absolutely not! Replace period. Am I wrong?

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