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If Only The Air Jordan 2010 Looked Like This

Project Bluefoot - air Jordan 25 aka 2010

(this would be freakin dope as hell)

Sneak Peak at Air jordan XXV aka Air Jordan 2010

(this on the other hand doesn’t look like it will be dope as hell)

The Project BLUEFOOT contest is going well and that top image is just one of the best. If only the Air Jordan 2010 would look like that I think I would be happy. Unfortunately it would seem that it will look more like the second picture… a big Jumpan in a circle on the side of a sneaker? Really? Any sneaker and overall footwear attict looks forward to the next Air Jordan top of the line sneak peak pics, but these are a little disappointing.

But the Project BLUEFOOT contest is no where near being disappointing. ake a look at what they got so far in the contest looks great. While I have no idea how he sneaker designs would actually perfform on the court (looking at one of them I have some doubts), I do know how that most look really good. Of course there are more o high performing sneakers than looks… but when was the last time you saw a high end car look bad? Not too often right? So why isn’t it that way for sneakers?


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    i wish that jordan could take a look at this shoe they are f…… ausome they look very nice one of the best………. p.s if the come out in stores

    July 4, 2010 at 10:25 am