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What If? Sample Concept of Concepts x Nike SB Dunk Low – Yellow Lobster

Concepts x Nike SB Dunk Low - Yellow Lobster Sample

(AWESOME… ok I really have to stop saying that…)

Concepts x Nike SB Dunk Low - Yellow Lobster

(could this possibly be the next Concept Lobster catch?)

Relax everybody. Don’t start planning on how you are going to stand on line for a pair of yellow sneakers (lol at the color choice but its still a hot sneaker). This is strictly a sample that was given to friends and family of Nike SB (according to Sneaker and there are only so many pairs of it made.

34 pairs to be precise.

The pics showed up on the sneakerwebz and and so far its been all love for the whole concept of Concepts Lobster line. And you know what really makes them special that I think sneaker (and shoe) companies need to get?

The box and goodies that come with just make the purchase a more happier occation.

Nike SB Lobster Dunk

(now isn’t that freshness how that looks?)

All I hope is that they don’t over do that, but having special boxes really is a way to say thank you for purchasing. I know that buying my almost  $190 (with out tax) Air Jordans just won’t be the same without a box that has something special bout it. What was the biggest complaint (well second biggest… I hated that they were so limited) for the Air Yeezy’s? The regular Nike box.

So lets have some Yellow Lobster in a really nice box! No more samples lol