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The Feet You Wear… no seriously, it actually looks like feet

Vibram FiveFingers KSO

(why didn’t anybody else think of this? LMAO)

Now this is just crazy! Nothing like adidas “foot you wear” system (of which I also like) and it has some details that just make the sneaker (?) even more interesting:

When you’re scrambling up a rocky bluff or bounding along a riverbank, the last thing you want is gravel and grit seeping into your FiveFingers. The KSO is an all-new design with thin, abrasion-resistant stretch polyamide and breathable stretch mesh that wraps your entire forefoot to “Keep Stuff Out.” A single hook-and-loop closure helps secure the fit. Non-marking Vibram TC1 performance rubber soles are razor-siped for a sure grip.

KSO IS BEST FOR: Light Trekking, Climbing, Canyoneering, Running, Fitness Training, Martial Arts, Yoga, Pilates, Sailing, Boating, Kayaking, Canoeing, Surfing, Flats Fishing, Travel

UPPER – abrasion-resistant stretch polyamide fabric & Hypalon® straps
SOLE- Vibram TC-1 performance rubber
FOOTBED- Antimicrobial microfiber

*Machine washable. Air dry.

Info from Action Sports. More info on sizing here.

And it just doesn’t stop there.

They got different colors and yes the ladies can get their own as well. If you are into going outdoors, mountain climbing and other type outdoor stuff, then maybe this is for you. At a price tag of $75 to $90 dollars, I don’t see people walking around the neighborhood in them but are they really for that?

Vibram FiveFingers Flow

(these right here cost $90.00 each)

If you want to know more and see al the styles check out ActionSportsWeb as well as Vibram website.

Even MORE details that I am sure you want to know about:

For the first time, active outdoor athletes and fitness professionals were able to experience the sensation and freedom of going barefoot with the protection and sure-footed grip of a Vibram sole. Their response exceeded our wildest expectations.

Some customers claimed they felt more connected to the earth and more in tune with their bodies. Others discovered an increased sense of balance and greater agility. And many reported health benefits like improved posture and less back pain. All were generous with their praise and their ideas, often suggesting new and creative uses for FiveFingers.

With the new 2009 Vibram FiveFingers collection, the patented barefooting concept continues to evolve.

Now you can choose from a variety of designs to cover the wide range of activities you would rather do barefoot; everything from fitness training and yoga, to running and trekking, to kayaking and sailing. Clearly, the barefooting revolution is alive and well.

(the wWired review is something you gotta watch)


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  1. Love Love Love FiveFingers! You can wear them anywhere! I wear them for running, hiking and even Yoga!

    August 7, 2009 at 10:20 am

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